Saturday, August 18, 2012

Virgin Charlie Challenge Weeks #17-23 Recap- Bringing Sexy Back

I can’t believe that I indulged myself with “buhay baboy” for seven weeks. But it’s over now. I’m back from the Silent Period. I’ve turned the button “Be Overwhelmingly Sexy Now Mode” on. I’m bringing sexy back.

It’s not easy to restart again. I mean, first of all, I really don’t like fitness centers. Thank God there’s steam bath and a hydro-massage pool. Thank God for the rock music they play. Thank God for podcasts (thank God for Magic 89.9!). Thank God for all these things I mentioned that I’m able to stay there.

More Filipinos are becoming members of my gym. Thursday morning, after my training, a horde of Filipinos were there, a baranggay! I’m not a state of the art discriminator, but for some reason the presence of too many Filipinos, and any other human beings for that matter, really annoy me. That’s the reason why I always go in the mornings- less human beings, no chances of sharing any equipment with anybody. Yes, I’m greedy and evil, whatever. I don’t care. Nakaka-conscious din, and it’s distracting me.

I’ve started eating right- the right food, in the right time. I’ve spent quite some time doing research, consultations and stuff. Maybe next month, I might get a personal trainer, one who really wants to help me. I need to save some money for that.

Getting enough sleep is still a problem. It’s summer here. I can’t sleep in the evenings because of the sweltering heat, because of the books I’m reading, and because I write in the evenings.

Believe me, there are no shortcuts or magic to achieve a really healthy and strong body, and a sexy form.


#1. Lose fat (not weight, that’s different) and increase muscle mass. Get visible results by autumn.

#2. Long-term goal- Photo shoot with my friend Xian Gallardo, the making of the Tripster/Mishima Project (I’m also considering to learn kendo and another martial art).

#3. Train to join a marathon next year.

#4. Be a man-whore in Abercrombie or Hollister…. NOT! Hahaha!

I swear, by the Abercrombie shirt that I was finally able to wear, to fulfil all these self-centered goals in the allotted time of one year (or two!).


  1. This is exciting. don't forget to post semi-nude pictures of you ha. hehehe. AJA!!!

  2. Replies
    1. yes go for it man! ive been longing to be fit kaya lang tamad ako. nagpa-enroll ako ng gym at di ko ginagamit. ayos!


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