Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Middlesex: It’s Definitely Not Another Gay Novel

Akala ko noong una this is a gay novel. I found out that the author Jeffrey Eugenides wrote the story of the oddly moving film Virgin Suicides, I immediately grabbed a copy.

The title of the book seemed to imply about the gay people and their struggle as a minority. But it’s not like that because:

  1. It’s not about homosexuals but about a hermaphrodite.
  2. Actually, if you look around and observe more carefully, there are a lot of gays in the government, military, and the media, THUS, they shouldn’t be considered a minority but people who are part of our community, our society, who deserve respect and fair treatment.
  3. And this post will not deal about human rights and homosexuals after this point.

Middlesex is the story of Cal who was once Calliope and his/her genetic history.

It’s about:
  1. The main character’s Greek origins. How his special genetic formation was caused by the incestual nature of his grandparents’ relationship.
  2. Hermaphrodites and why they are not lesser human beings.
  3. Family and how it affects and shapes the character and destiny of a person.
  4. Immigration and the crazy, fun and nostalgic journey of his grandparents from Greece to America, in the land where dreams supposedly come true and were Philippines has a special extended territory in the states of California and Hawaii. Okay, Philippines has nothing to do with the story actually.
It’s a very interesting book. Somehow I can identify myself with some of the characters. Not that I’ve been validated for having a penis and a vagina, but since I am an expatriate, I sometimes understand the perspective of the characters, of seeing and observing things from an immigrant’s point of view, felt the strangeness of setting foot on a foreign land, the cultural shock, the oddity of the ways of the people of the host country, and the hopes and dreams of an expatriate.
Not only his family’s history is an epic tale, even his personal struggle and search of his identity will make you discover a different kind of world.
The novel is fun to read and very entertaining, and in some ways moving.
Five stars!


  1. The moment I read the line that said the book was written by Jeffrey Eugenides, I know this will be added to the list. Eugenides made an emotional impact with "The Virgin Suicides", not the typical story, I hope more parents could read that one.

    I also love the way you compared yourself with the characters, "You're the man".

    I'll scout for this book. It intrigues me.

    P.S..thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog. You're really reading them and that's something I should thank you for. Very much appreciated. :)

    1. Hi sey! I like your blog a lot. Madalas kasi nagiging decent ang mental process ko when I read your posts. hahaha! When I feel kinda gloomy I go to your blog. It enlightens me. Thanks for visiting!

  2. i could say a book is great if you can see yourself in it so guess this is a pretty good one

    1. Again, I would like to reiterate that I AM NOT A HERMAPHRODITE. I see myself in Cal as an expatriate. hehehe...

  3. when i get a job im gonna start reading book you recommend :P

    1. Why later? Start now! It's fun reading! Hehehe... ang nerd ko talaga!

  4. it's nice to read books we can relate to. it's another way of understanding (and maybe accepting) the part of us that maybe only the unconscious know. ^__^

    1. You're right. Minsan kasi akala lang natin pleasure lang o information ang nakukuha natin sa pagbasa, but reading also allows you to explore yourself. Soul-searching sabi nga nila. Salamat sa pagtambay!


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