Saturday, September 22, 2012

Virgin Charlie Challenge Week #28- Stories from the Steambath

May steam bath sa gym namin. I like it the best after mag-workout. What I like the most about it ay yung mga kwentuhan ng mga napunta sa loob. Eavesdropping mode lagi ako dun dahilan na rin sa wala akong mga kasamang kakwentuhan. Kaya ayun, nakikichismis na lang ako. Hindi naman ako halatang nakiki-epal dahil sa hamog na pumapalibot sa amin.

Steam baths are usually the ideal place para mag exchange ng mga secrets o mga simpleng kwentuhan lang.

In 10 minutes you get great steamy stories. Yun ang advantage kapag foreigner ka. Madalas iniisip nila hindi ko naiintindihan language nila, kaya ayun kwentuhan sila. Mga utu-uto! Kaya nga lima ang pinag-aralan ko, masagap ko lang mga kwento ng buhay niyo! Hahaha!

Typical story line ng mga babae sa sauna-

Girl 1: So did you go for it?
Girl 2: Of course not! It’s our first date. I’m not a whore.

Naks! Good girl si Inday!

Another Girl 1: Bakit ba hindi niya maintindihan ang gusto kong mangyari?
Another Girl 2: Oo nga. They never want to understand.

The thing is, we try our best, it’s just that women are born complicated. Kayo nga eh, hindi niyo maintindihan sarili niyo, kami pa kaya!

Then I heard two girls talking about orgasms. I don’t want to reveal the details. Hearing the innermost secrets of women are so disturbing, entertaining and really puzzling. Hahaha!

Yes, women are interesting creatures. Beautiful, fragrant and impossible. The same wouldn’t be said with my own species who can be plain boring, stupid and be plain a**holes. Men are not strange. We are usually dumb. And that makes us odd species dwelling among so-called intelligent life forms.

The following are the line of stories shared by the male species according to their age groups- men (40 and above), guys (20-30), boys (16-19).

Group of men: all agreeing that the Democratic Party in Italy is not ready to govern. And then business or their careers. Then sports. This will be followed about their boring life in terms of domestic issues with wives. It usually ends with, “Hey did you notice that chic in the gym floor?”

Group of guys: Latest in sports, then their exercises and routines, followed by physical examination of each other (usually initiated by one guy, hmmm… hahahaha!), and then their sexcapades and talks about women as their ultimate sexual objects. Horn dogs.

Group of boys: Latest in sports, then exercises and routines, attempted physical examination of each other, no sex talk because some are too young but it’s usually about their girlfriends and how complicated they are, and then other girls whom they fantasy. But there’s a twist. They will talk about Pokemon, Dragon Ball or One Piece.

Alpha Males. See what I mean? But if you want my honest opinion- SQUIRTLE IS STILL THE BEST!


  1. Hi ka mahilig sa chismis for! minsan ganito rin ako but I have learned I guess to stop it:) for my own good and its not healthy for me:)

    1. Siguro nga I should stop also with my insistent eavesdropping...

  2. "Men are not strange. We are usually dumb. And that makes us odd species dwelling among so-called intelligent life forms." -tibay nitong cutable kowt. apir!

    Ba't may girls? woohoo. halo ba yung bath?

    Mas gusto ko si Charmander! XD

    1. gigly pop pa rin ako at psyduck :)

      oo nga, bakit co-ed ang steam bath room?

      PS nakakahilo ang prove you're not a robot. hassle :P

    2. Yep... sexy time nga lagi eh. hahah! Hindi naman. Kahit magkakasama ang mga lalaki at babae eh napaka discreet naman ng isa't-isa. Well, at least ako ganun. Hehehe...

  3. nag-eenjoy din akong maki-chismis sa mga strangers na nakakatabi ko minsan sa lrt o sa bus minsan nga nakikibasa pa ko ng text eh..tapos nagcocomment ako sa isip ko hahaha..

    we are being complicated because of you guys :P

    charmander pa rin ako :)

    1. Kasalanan pa ng boys ang inyong complexity. Talaga lang ha, sige hinahamon kita. Laban tayo, squirtle vs. charmander!

  4. Hay naku! Para sa akin, DIGIMON pa rin! bwahaha. Basta ang alam ko, hindi ako mahilig sa sports, exercise, at physical examination ng body parts ng iba. hehe.

  5. I agree that men aren't too complicated or strange. Pasok na pasok ang observation mo ng line of stories nila. I feel blessed sometimes that I'm gay because I get to be interesting. Haha, says me :)

    I beg to disagree pero mas the best si Jigglypuff!! Happy Monday! :)

    1. Gay people have the upper-hand on these matters since their comprehension go beyond their gender and orientation. If a gay person declares if one is really incapable of understanding (kung tanga ang lalaki) or if one is really complicated (kung luka luka talaga ang babae), such statement is authoritative among others up to a certain degree.

      But in terms of Pokemon, I'll just challenge your Jiggly Puff with my Squirtle...

  6. never pa ko nkapasok sa ganyn haha peo mhilig ako mkinig sa usapan ng iba haha

  7. maliit na steam bath palang ang napapasukan ko mas trip ko kasi sa sauna hirap huminga sa steam bath eh. tanong ko rin bakit may girls sa steam bath nyo co-ed?

    anyway..masarap ngang makichismis sa usapan ng iba haha

    1. Yes, sama sama naman dun. We're all required to wear bathing suits. Kaya ako, naka two piece lagi. hahaha!

  8. Lol!! haha.. this one really made me laugh.. never been to a steam bath before.. but wants to try one.. :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me


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