Thursday, October 25, 2012

Liebster Mode On

Miss ko na talaga tumambay sa mga kalapitblogs ko. It’s been quite some time that I haven’t swarmed their comment boxes. Hehehehe…

I would like to thank The Pink Line for bestowing upon my little planet her graces and for mentioning me in her list of recipients of The Liebster Blog Award. It never occurred to me that there are people who appreciate my posts (pa-humble epek pa eh).

Ang landi naman ng colour!!!

I’m really grateful for this. I would also like to thank my fellow bloggers for visiting, commenting, and even their helpful suggestions in my darkest hour (yung panahon ng aking second puberty na kung saan pinutakti ang mukha ko ng tagihawat, salamat sa mga suggestions! Medyo bumabalik na ang histurang tao ko.)

The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. “Liebster” is the German word for “favorite”.

The rules are:

  1. Each person must list 11 things about themselves.
  2. Answer the 11 questions of the tagger and list 11 questions of your own for the 11 people you will nominate.
  3. Choose 11 bloggers linking them to your post.
  4. Inform them of the nomination.
  5. No tagging back. Tag bloggers with less than 200 followers.

11 Things You Should Know About Me

  1. I’m not Virgin. I’m a Cancer.
  2. I am really virgin.
  3. I have developed an intense aversion towards jejemons and their leader Sen. Tito Sotto.
  4. Eating to death WAS my favourite hobby.
  5. I’m a masochist- I love going to the gym.
  6. I am someone’s secret admirer for almost 10 years. Well, you all know this one already.
  7. Mahilig ako sa mabango. Mabilis akong ma-turn-on sa mabango.
  8. I love Nicole Kidman.
  9. Coffee is one of my favourite drugs, after politics.
  10.  Miriam Defensor-Santiago is my idol.
  11.  Si Ely Buendia ang nagiisang lalaki sa puso ko. Eraserheads forever!

Here are my answers to Ms. Pink Line’s questions:

  1. What do you think is the best thing about blogging?
It’s always better to talk to yourself than putting up a conversation with the local jejemon of the community. And having a blog is the best way to talk to yourself. Not only that, the blogosphere has provided a sanctuary for the remaining intelligent life forms of the planet to interact, have fun and exchange thoughts, opinions and information.

  1. Who do you admire in blogging and why?
I’ve always admired almost all of the bloggers that I’m following. They’re all creative and intelligent. Most of them are frustrated writers and some are really talented in weaving words together. Many have interesting thoughts and quirky lives. And most of all, I admire their persistence in writing, their resilience and inspiring stories, and sharing their lives with fellow bloggers.

But if I really have to choose one, it’s fashion blogger Jerome of The Chic Styler. I know the blogger personally. I used to say that there’s a big difference between “someone who has a blog” and a “blogger”. He’s a true fashion blogger and a very talented one. He has a very unique sense of fashion and style, a real trend-setter. We both started our blogs almost at the same time. His blog has grown and evolved so much. It also opened a job opportunity for him and a lots and lots of freebies.

But then, fashion blogs are of a different league, right?

Then there’s Ms. Joy of Gastronomy by Joy, because, as you all know, I’m a food-monger. She writes excellent and easy-to-cook recipes for wretched chef-wannabes like me and her amazing caffeine pilgrimages.

And then there’s Archieviner and his Chateau de Archieviner who made his blog purposeful and a banner to give us expatriates a voice in this planet.

  1. Whose blogspot you are always excited to read and why?
I always get excited whenever there are new posts from other bloggers, lalu na yung kay Ms. Pink Line (hehehe… palibhasa nabigyan ng award, hahaha!). It’s kind of hard to say kasi parang sinabi mo na rin na pumili ako kung sino ang pinakamamahal ko sa lahat kong anak.

  1. What is your dream job?
I’ve always wanted to become a lawyer or a legislator. But then, you see thousands of attorneys but no justice. Nowadays, making laws is not a serious profession. It’s being a stand-up comedian. I’ve considered entering politics, but that world is really full of ugly viscious leeches. Hindi naman ako ugly kaya ‘wag na lang!

So now my dream job is to become a journalist or a writer. But I don’t have the enough educational background kaya…


  1. Name three things you have or you would have on your bucket list
·        Publish a short story/novel
·        Sabihin ang tinatagong pagtingin sa aking minamahal
·        Road trip from north to the southernmost point of Italy in one summer.

  1. Mountian climbing or island hopping?
Mountain climbing. Hindi ako marunong maglangoy. Paano na kung lumubog ang barko sa aking pag-island-hopping?

  1. What is your favourite movie quote?
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.” – Moulin Rouge.

  1. If you’re going to be half a billion richer by winning the lottery, what’s the first thing you would buy?
A loft in Milan.

  1. If you could live anywhere besides where you do now, where would it be?
I’ve always wanted to live in Paris. Or maybe in Beijing, China. They say that China’s one of the most exciting place to be now.

  1.  If given all the resources, what kind of business would you want to establish and why?
A jazz/rock music club because I like jazz and rock music. They’re sexy. Oo sexy din ang rock music. And maybe because I’ve always been influenced by the books of Haruki Murakami and the beatniks.

  1. Describe yourself in 2 words
Cyber-criminal; Epal

And here’s my magnificent 11-

  1. Ms. Joy Calipes-Felizardo of Gastronomy by Joy
  2. Meowfie
  3. Ron of Cigarette Butts and Senseless Tangentialities
  4. Mark Patatas of Tonto Potato
  5. Jep Buendia of Korta Bistang Tibobos
  6. Nyabachoi of Mga Kwento ni Nyabachoi
  7. Atty. Mico of Musings of a Lost Soul
  8. Jaderated
  9. Jelai of Sugary and Bittery
  10.  Batoytoy in the City
  11. Marvin of Just My Two Cents

Dahil na rin sa iisang network natin lahat, I think most of bloggers I follow ay meron nang ganitong recognition. Anyway, hopefully sumagot sila sa mga sumusunod na tanong. Kung hindi eh di kayo na lang. Besides, I can’t think straight right now, puro kagaguhan ang mga questions na ito.

  1. If you were to break the provisions in Republic Act 10175- Anti-Cyber Crime Act at makukulong ka, sino ang ISANG blogger ang gusto mong makasama sa presinto (note: wag niyo na ako piliin. By that time, hinihintay ko na lang kayo sa loob ng selda. Naunahan ko na kayo)? Bakit siya ang napili mo?
  1. From 1 to 10, gaano ka katalino compared kay Sen. Tito Sotto?
  1. Describe yourself in 150 characters.
  1.  Whose picture do you keep in your wallet/purse and why do you keep his/her picture? Kung maraming photos, bakit mo naman ginawang photo album ang wallet mo?
  1. What turns you on?
  1. What/Who is your obsession?
  1. What’s the song that describes your emotion/status right now?
  1. What/Who is the major influence/inspiration in your blogging life?
  1. If the network of blogs to which you belong was a baranggay or a country, who should be the president/baranggay captain and why?
  1.  How many ex’s have you had in your life?
  1. Complete the sentence LOVE IS….. (if it’s difficult then here’s the alternative- TITO SOTTO IS T_NG_, you can only buy vowels, please be reminded of RA 10175). 

Thanks a lot guys and congratulations to the Chosen 11!


  1. nobela ang mga sagot mo tol! haha. congrats at nakatanggap ka din, muntik na kitang ilagay sa list ko, buti nakapost ka na.

    bothered lang ako dun sa 10 years mo nang minamahal. ang lupet pre! sobrang martyr! baka it's time na para sabihin mong stripper este yung nararamdaman mo...

    1. Congrats din sayo. Ikaw din sana ang ilalagay ko sa list pero na tag ka na rin ni Ms. Pink Line.

      Nakaka-bother ba? Minsan nga iniisip ko, sa tinagal na eh mukhang obsession na ito at hindi secret admiration. hahaha!

  2. congrats sa award at isang malaking hug from me ... jajajaja ... at ang sagot ha mukhang pinaghandaan ...

    1. Thanks for the hug! And thank you for visiting. You deserve the award to. You always entertain us, especially the "Deo Chronicles". hahahaha! Napurol nga ang mga neurons ko sa pagisip sa mga sagot. Hehehehe!

  3. natouch naman ako dito! salamat sa award na ito! sasagutan ko to mamaya kung may energy pa ako (aka - tinatamad). haha.

    1. You're welcome. I think a blogger who has the power to confuse the sexual orientation of anybody deserve such award. Congrats! Hindi na namin alam kung lalaki pa kami o babae! hahaha!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Nice to know u sir. Huwaw at nabanggit ako sa most admire bloggers mo. Di ko akalain to. Nagsusulat lang naman ako sa kung ano ako kaya puro OFW ang naisusulat ko. Sayang naman ang pangarap mong maging lawyer. Virgin kapa talaga? di nga? lol Congrats satin. Natawa ako sa 11 questions mo. :)

    1. We expatriates should support one another. Alam kasi natin ang mga pinagdadaanan ng isa't-isa. Hindi na kita naisama sa list ko kasi you were already tagged. And yes, minsan nanghihinayang ako sa naglahong pangarap, lalu na kapag nakikita ko ang kapwa kong minamaliit ng puti, dahilan na rin sa kakulangan ng alam sa batas eh nagpapa-exploit na lang ng basta-basta, hindi na lumalaban.

      And as for the virgin thing. Well, that depends on how you define it. Hehehehe!

  6. Nadouble ang comment ko. Iyan binura ko ang isa :P

  7. Lol talgang kailangan kasama ako sa 11 .... lol

    sige sige gagawin kuh mamaya ;)

    1. Of course naman. Ikaw pa mawala! Lagi akong nakatambay sa blog mo din.

    2. Ginawa ko na di mo naman pinansin ...Hmmp! :P

  8. nice hahaha congratss :) di pa ko nakakagawa ng post ko para dito

    1. Well, you should. You've been tagged by someone else. Maalala ko nga pala, binigyan mo noon ako ng Versatile Blogger Award. Hindi nako nakagawa ng post. Hehehe! Sorry! Salamat nga pala!

  9. haha..sobrang naaliw ako sa mga sagot mo..parang gusto ko pang magatanong ng marami..sabihin mo na kasi dyan sa minamahal mo na mahal mo sya ano bang balak mo paabutin ng century? charot!
    nice to know you more mr. Tripster :)
    bet ko yang dream job mo :P
    namiss kita :)

    1. Ms. Pink Line! So glad to see you drop by in my little realm. Hindi naman! Siguro bago ako magkaroon ng apo eh masasabi ko na rin sa kanya. hahaha!

      Bet mo rin ba dream job ko? Gusto mo pareho tayo? Hahaha!

  10. Super curious ako sa secret admiree mo, hehe! At talaga bang gusto mong maging stripper? haha..

    Namiss din kita! Thanks din sa generous comments mo sa blog ko! Isa ka sa mga nagpapangiti saken basta makita ko pa lang na may comment ka! :D

    Congrats sa award!

    1. Nabola lang kita, ngiti ka na agad. hahaha! Joke lang! And yes, there's a generous amount of sincerity in my comments. Salamat sa lahat and thanks for sharing your stories and life with us!

  11. I love this types of awards - we get to know trivial yet fun things about our fave bloggers! Sana matupad ang dream mong maging stripper! woohooo! :)

    Love ko din si Nicole Kidman, she's my number favorite actress :)

    1. Hahaha! Kayo naman. The truth is, ang personality lang ang sexy sa akin. The rest... well, still under construction, kaya light-years away ang pangarap na maging stripper.

      Nicole is really the best. I cried so hard sa Moulin Rouge. I'm not ashamed to admit it. But i do cry a lot whenever I watch the movie.

  12. Road trip from north to the southernmost point of Italy in one summer gusto ko rin 2! lets go! sago! at goodluck sa pangarap mo maging stripper!

    1. Sama ka Ms. Sunny Toast! I'm sure you'll enjoy a summer Italiano!

  13. nobela ang sagot pang beauty pageant. nakakaloka pa yung 11 questions mo wahahaha =D

    anyway..gusto mong maging stripper di ba? sample naman dyan!*insert evil laugh* =D

    1. Mabenta ba yung questions? Hehehe... masyado niyo naman sineryoso yung pagiging stripper ko. hahaha!

  14. panalo ang mga sagot hehehe.
    wuy paris pangarap ko makapunta dun.
    kung sakaling tumira ka doon, isama mo ako hehehe :D

  15. Congratulations! What have you been up to at parang busy ka ngayon? :D

    1. Nako, nag baby-sit sa mga pamangkin, tapos may workshop ako sa creative writing. Para naman magkaroon ng kaunting creativity ang mga pinagsusulat kong ka-ekekan. Hanggang december at laging may homework every week. Tapos may trabaho pa ako.

  16. astig pareng tripster. may mga ilang bagay na pareho tayo tulad sa katakawan at ang kagustujan maging published writer. hehe.

  17. Nakakaaliw basahin ang post na ito... Palagi naman palang nakakaaliw sa blog mo. Hehe. Namiss ko dito. Weee :>

  18. ano bah nagawa ni tito sotto sau? hehehe(kunwari di ako galit) me cybercrime law kasi. pero diba me tro na yun, so chox to go lang ang tira. me isa akong blog na tinira ko talaga sya.natakot ako kaya pinalitan ko yung title with the question mark instead of exclamation point. hahaha

  19. mejo related dream job natin. ikaw stripper, ako naman pornstar. hehe.

    yung iniwan mo naman comment sa blog ko, sige tulungan kita magbagong buhay, pero pashotin mo muna ko.. haha..


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