Monday, February 25, 2013

To My Country of 7.1% GDP

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of a people 
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start 
When tomorrow comes!

- from the musical "Les Miserables"

The shadows of our dark past are back, lingering in the treacherous halls of power 
and glory where valiant men and heroes once tread, and they're feeding on our
indifference, on our deliberate ignorance, and hypocrisy.

Now the once glorious days are turning grey,
the Parasites are bloated,
the people are lost in dementia and deprivation.
The poor calls on the names of mere men who reek of deceit and malice.
The youth are living in the barren lands of frivolity, entertainment,
clinging on the icons of half-breed harlots and foreign princes.
The 110 fools are poised to establish their petty little realms.

The Whore, the Abominable Lady from the ashes, is rejuvenated, hailed as queen
and blessed by our own people, as they spit on the tombs of our martyrs
and heroes, and Her spawn and sycophants bask in the graces of the Lord of the Land.
The usurpers have grown in glory, strength, and power.
They shine ever more in their coats of gold and silver, casting veils of shadows all
over the earth, and skies, and waters.

And you smell not the decaying soil.
You hear not the rumors and moans of the souls who wrestle underneath.
You taste not the bitterness of terror and falsehoods.
You feel not the numbing cold of betrayal.
You see not the deep blackness of the shadows.

27 winters have passed. It's still cold. Our battle song of then is still our battle
song today. Some have faltered. Some chose to forget.

But there are some who still sing the song of our fathers. Do you hear them sing?
And they will sing lest we forget.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Dear XXX,

Alam kong masaya ka na ngayon at ikakasal ka na. Bilang kaibigan, and with all sincerity, I’m very happy for you. Nagpapasalamat ako sa Diyos na matapos ako makipaghiwalay sayo binigyan ka niya ng isang better guy na magbibigay sa’yo ng kaligayahan.

Imagine, kung tayo pa you’d still be someone who’s been waiting for me to pop out the big question for four years, and counting.

I was really such a bad lover. Alam ko na napaka immature ko din noon.

I still cherish the good times we had and the songs that we shared. I still remember the bad times and learn from it, because I want to be a better person.

Leaving you made me one of the worst assholes in this planet. I’ve never given you a full account of what went in my head. But time will come when you will understand everything. God knows when.

Again, I was wrong to hurt you. I hope you’ve forgiven me for all the sufferings I caused you.

But now you’re getting married. Both of us have moved on with our lives. You’re marrying one of the best guys I know, since he’s also a friend of mine. And I think (and hope) we can be good friends despite our history.

I’ll be at the wedding, but I think I’ll be waiting at the reception area. Madaming mga echosero at echosera sigurado doon sa wedding ceremony. Sila pa man din ang hindi maka move on. 

Wishing you all the happiness in the world,

T. G.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

To the Lady Formerly Known as My Teenage Sweetheart

Dear Lady Formerly  Known As My Teenage Sweetheart,

Siguro mababasa mo din ito. Alam ko tumatambay ka din dito minsan. Pero hindi nako mahihiyang ilahad ang mga awkward at embarassing na bagay about our history. ‘Wag kang mag-alala, ako lang naman ang kahiya-hiya ditto, hehehe.

Alam mo nung first time na makita kita nagka-interest agad ako. Akala ko kasi noon mas matanda ka sa akin (I have this thing for people older than me). Mataas at matalino. At siyempre may kagandahan din taglay. It turned out na mas bata ka sakin pero di bale na. TL ako noon sa’yo (True Love, at puede din Tulo Laway). But we were young. I was so immature and stupid.

Akala ko noon M.U. na tayo. Hindi pala! Ako tuloy ang nag-iisang M.U.- mukhang ulol! Hahahaha! After that, I did say some things really terrible against you. I’m really sorry. I was angry. I was mad about you. Pero wala talaga eh. Ipinagpalit mo ako sa isang tall, dark and handsome (and now he happens to be my superior). Sino nga naman ang papatol sa katulad kong short, fat, and one with an overwhelmingly sexy personality?!

But I think it turned out well for the both of us. Friends and co-workers in the same church ministry. Salamat sa lahat ng support at sa pag-edit ng short story ko. Salamat at napatawad mo ang aking immaturity.

On my part, I wish you all the best and success in life. You’re beautiful, impressive and intelligent, and I’m saying this with all honesty. ‘Wag kang feeling. Hindi ako naghahabol, hahaha!

Ang iyong lingkod,



I’ll be asking your boyfriend out on a date. Kung gusto mo puede ka na din sumama, kung gusto mo lang ha, hindi ako namimilit.

Friday, February 08, 2013

To My Childhood Crush

Dear Childhood Crush,

Ikaw ang kauna-unahang crush ko. Napatibok mo talaga ang puso ko noon kahit nasa kindergarten lang tayo noon.

Tandang-tanda ko pa noon na laging natatameme ako kapag nagkakatabi tayo. Mulat na mulat ang mga mata ko kapag nag recite ka sa harap ng klase. Kahit noon pa mabilis ako magkagusto sa matatalino.

I liked the idea na magkalapit lagi ang pangalan natin sa bulletin kapag na announce na ang honor roll students, noong nasa elementary tayo. Number 1 ka, number 2 naman ako.

Labis ang paghanga ko sayo noon. Inggit na inggit ako dun sa mga classmates natin na lagi mong kasama. Palibhasa mas cool sila at mas cute sakin, laging nakadikit ka sa kanila. I tried hard to be the best student at sinalihan ko lahat ng clubs at competitions para mapansin mo ako. Pero failure din ang lahat dahil hindi talaga ako ang type mo.

Sa’yo ko din natutunan for the first time ang masaktan ang puso, kahit puppy love lang naman yon. Natatawa na lang ako ngayon.

Hinanap kita sa Friendster noon, at kahit sa Facebook. Nasaang lupalop ng mundo ka nab a nananatili? Don’t worry, hindi naman ako umaasa. Naalala lang kita.

Ang dati mong number 1 admirer,

T. G. 

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Letter to Cupid

Dear Cupid,

I’ve really had enough of you. Is it me or is it you who’s making me hear Barbra Streisand and Sharon Cuneta sing inside my head every February every year, or is it my inner diva screaming inside me, struggling to get out?

Whatever the case is, I hate you and I have no desire of becoming a dancing drag queen diva.

Marami ka nang atraso sa akin. Posible ba talaga na may kamalasang taglay ang lahat ng pana mo na sumapol sa puso ko at sa puso ng aking mga nakaraan?

Gusto kong isumbat lahat sa’yo ang mga malungkot kong nakaraan, pero hindi mo naman kasalanan talaga ang lahat. Gayun pa man, ito lang ang hiling ko sa’yo ngayong Pebrero- LAYUAN MO AKO, KUNG HINDI IBABALIK KITA SA SINAPUPUNAN NG MALANDI MONG NANAY.


T. G.