Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Day I Met Jeon Do-yeon

She’s not as beautiful as our pseudo-actresses-wannabe-concert-queens-glitter-ass-half-breeds-who-are-nothing-but-a-bunch-of-girls-who-barely-learned-to-act-and-could-have-been-better-as-commercial-models-because-almost-all-of-our-movies-are-120-minute-advertisement-save-those-indie-movies. But one cannot deny her greatness in acting and versatility.

For those of you who didn’t recognize her, she starred in “Lovers in Prague”. I didn’t watch it though.

Anyway, she’s considered an A-list actress in South Korea. She’s the female counterpart of Song Kang-ho. She’s the muse of great Korean film makers such as Lee Chan-dong.

Italy has known her since 2007 when she won the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival 2007 for the movie “Secret Sunshine”. 

In 2010, Im Sang-soo’s movie “The Housemaid” was shown in movie theatres all over Italy, and that was the first time I saw her.

Actress Jeon Do-yeon receiving a recognition for her artistry , given by the organizers of the Festival

It is the story of a young woman who was hired as a nanny for a very rich family. Her sexy boss started making advances to her, seducing her. And who wouldn’t fall for a guy who looks like a model and wanders around her room half-naked showing his body and six-pack abs. Eventually, she went down on him, until she got pregnant.  Of course her boss’ wife and mother-in-law got pissed off. Who wouldn’t be? Someone’s screwing your husband while you’re asleep.

Because of the horniness of one guy, the women of the house- the nanny, the governess, the boss’ wife, the filthy rich mother-in-law are all mixed up in this vortex of hate, revenge, and perfidy. I liked the unique characters, especially the governess who was at the heart of all the conflicts.

It was actually a remake. The 1960’s The Housemaid is one of the greatest movie classics in South Korea. It was a great challenge for both the movie director Im Sang-soo and Jeon Do-Yeon to do a successful remake.

This is exactly the kind of movie I’d like to watch- sex, cold revenge, and malice all together.

'The Housemaid' film director Im Sang-soo with actress Jeon Do-yeon 

And Jeon was superb in her role as Eun-yi, the nanny. She said during the press conference that she did push herself beyond her limits by showing some flesh but she was happy to live up to the challenge.

Of the 52 movies show at the Festival, this is really one of the few films that really I liked.

An interview with her fans and the audience

Thursday, March 21, 2013

What If The Pope Were Filipino?

You can really see the adrenaline rush in the blood stream of Filipinos when Vatican observers and journalist mentioned the name Tagle as a possible candidate to be the next Pope.

I thought that it was quite impossible for Cardinal Tagle to be a Pope. Unthinkable. You simply can’t barge into the arena of ecclesiastical politics without being deeply rooted into its secrets, policies, factions and institutions within the Vatican. Too young. Too raw. He’ll be meat to hungry lions.

I have nothing against the Catholic Church. I’m one of those people labelled by conservative European clerics as apostates, heretics against the Holy Catholic Church, whose spiritual fathers were persecuted or slaughtered or mercilessly burned alive, branded as infidels, and most excommunicated in the Old Continent. Yes, I am a child of the Protestant Church. Even if I don’t agree with many of its fundamental doctrines, I have nothing against the Catholic Church. We protested. That’s all.
And I don’t really like your pope BUT I LOVE THE PAPACY. I’ve always been fascinated by the Papal Throne, its temporal and divine authority and its history. I’ve always been curious of the Vatican Archives, the scandals, the conspiracies and everything!

If fact when I was a kid, I dreamt of becoming a Pope, but then I realized that they don’t really have a sex life, so the rest is history. Hahahaha! Weeeh!

I just thought about it because I was doing some research and writing an article for a newsletter.

Here are some thoughts that popped in my mind if Tagle were Pope…

  1. RH Law would tread on a different path (really now, the world talks about the big black hole in the international markets, but we’re actually progressing and discussing other holes and other pipes to close). It’s currently walking on shaky path in the Supreme Court under the leadership of a born-again Christian chief justice. In some ways he could influence its outcome.
  2. Philippine artist Medeo Cruz could probably be excommunicated and be subjected to the harassment and persecution by a certain nobena faction, some sort of followers of the Nazareno who found his art disturbing and disrespectful of the Catholic faith.  
  3. Carlos Celdran would DEFINITELY BE FORGIVEN but would still GO TO JAIL. Because you really don’t mess with the friars…. Ehem… I mean, with the law. He’ll be excommunicated together with Cruz.
  4. There will be no more sexy steaming billboards in EDSA and Nyabachoi’s blog will be closed down because of her NAKAKABADING and NAKAKATIBO segments, to the dismay of many of us mga nababading na at nagiging tibo. Nyahahaha!
  5. Speaking of gay people, I guess Adam will have to wait longer to be married to Steve, and the same would be said to Aida and Eve.
  6. I might be reprimanded by many in the blogosphere and else where (again). Yes, I made fun of the Catholic Church. So what? Did I make it less dignified, given that certain leaked documents showed its gargantuan effort to hide paedophile priests, mafia-related investments (read a book about it too), and the power struggle within the Vatican. Tell me, how was my blog damaging the Vatican? It’s nothing compared to what the Church did to the Anabaptists, Huguenots, the Filipino people, Rizal, the Jews, Girolamo Savonarola, and Martin Luther. Okay, I’m exaggerating.
  7. Last but not the least, Mommy Dionisia will be bursting out again in national TV as she blabbers cryptic words and subliminal messages, calling out again to her son who went to the other (our) side, while she carries a huge cross on her right shoulder, wearing a tunic and a crown of thorns.

But these are just crazy thoughts of a blogger who just recovered from a fever and probably suffering delirium and paranoia.

Anyway, if I were Cardinal Tagle, I wouldn’t even dream of replacing the Pope Emeritus. God knows how big the challenge is, and we’re not just talking about the minimal size of the

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Big Brother

Madalas kong sinasabi na hindi ako na-highblood sa kinakain ko kundi sa kapatid kong ubod ng kulit. Yung kakulitan na minsan nakakainit ng ulo. Madalas sa mga kinakainisan ko sa kanya eh yung kapag kailangan ko mag focus sa isang bagay at kailangan ko ng katahimikan tapos dadating siya at magsasalita at magkukwento . Yung ingay niyang yon ay katumbas ng isang palengke.

Madalas din kami mag-away. Mga maliit na issues nga eh. Magsisimula kami sa kaunting asaran, tapos magkakapikunan, hanggang sa mauwi kami sa isa na naming shouting match. Mabilis lumipas sa kanya ang galit niya. Ako itong medyo matanimin.

Minsan naging matindi ang away namin. Sa sobrang galit ko sa kanya, naibili ko noon siya ng iPhone 4. Walang biro ito. Noong nakalipas na ‘yon sabi ko sa kanya, kapag dumating na sa punto na gusto ko na siyang sakalin, siguro kotse naman ang ibibili ko sa kanya.

Ganoon talaga kaming magkapatid. Madalang ang bangayan, at madalas din ang kulitan. Hindi mo maiisip na 25 na si bunso at malapit na ako mag 30 kapag nagkukulitan kami.

Daddy’s girl din ang kapatid ko. Laging naka-check si Papa sa mga binatang lumalapit kay little sis. Minsan tinanong ako ni Papa kung may itinatagong boyfriend ang kapatid ko. Tinawanan ko na lang ang tatay ko. Nakalimutan niya yata na hindi na teenager ang anak niya.

Ito din namang kapatid ko, maganda kasi (love your own). Madaming mga naging manliligaw eh walang pumasa. Mas bata kasi yung mga suitors, eh si kapatid precocious girl at no-nonsense person. Hindi tumatalab sa kanya yung mga pa-impress at pa-cute. Most of the time yung mga nagugustuhan niya ay mas matanda sa kanya at hindi siya pinapansin.

Kaya NBSB siya- no boyfriend since birth. Hindi din kasi siya malandi na katulad ko. Hahahaha!

I really believed that I’m not concerned much about my sister and her life, until...

May ipinakilala sa kanya yung isa naming minsan na taga-Canada. The following days nakaka-chat niya sa Facebook at it seems na may blessing pa ni Papa. Palibhasa thousands of miles ang layo ng lalaki sa kanyang daughter. Hindi ko masyado pinapansin. Sabi ko, it’s going to be the same old story. Siya din naman ang nagsabi na walang patutunguhan yung chat nila. Hindi naman din siya basta basta kinikilig. Kung sa iba siguro in-love na ‘yun. So ayun, wala pa rin akong pakialam sa kanya.

Tapos lately nagkakausap na sila sa telepono. Bigla yatang na-activate yung pagiging kuya inside me. All of a sudden, I find myself evaluating the guy inside my head, judging kung mapagkakatiwalaan ba siya o hindi, at kung mag-work-out ang isang relationship between them, since malayo sila sa isa’t-isa at hindi sila magkakilala ng lubusan.

I really don’t trust the guy. Hindi ko sinasabi sa kanya ang mga saloobin ko. Hinayaan ko na lang siya mag practice kung paano makipaglandian sa isang guy. LOL!

I never thought I’d say this pero yung paguusap nila sa telepono ay hindi ko magustuhan. I’m worried dahil baka lokohin ang luka-luka kong kapatid.
Naging katulad ko na ang tatay ko. Siguro dapat ko na lang hayaan siya. Masaya naman si sis eh. Boh! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Florence Korea Film Fest 2013!

Bad trip! Nagkalimutan siguro na nag request ako ng one week na bakasyon para sa Korea Film Fest this year. Oo ganon ako ka-fanatic sa mga Koreano, hahaha! Hindi nga ako humihingi ng bakasyon kapag Christmas o New Year, kapag may film festivals lang at kapag may mga conferences akong pupuntahan. Malakas talaga ang trip ko.

This year’s edition is even more exciting! Film directors will come. Hindi ko na isusulat kasi hindi ko matandaan ang mga names nila. Basta alam ko magaling sila! Hehehe…

More than that darating din si Jeon Do-Yeon, the actress in the highly praised movie in Italy, “The Housemaid”. And the return of the quirky indie band Annyeong Bada or Bye Bye Sea! Napupuspos yata ako!

Plus, may bagong section sa movies ngayon. Maliban sa K-thrillers at K-horror, may special section na ang K-eros! Nakakalaway na iniisip ko pa lang! hahahaha! Promise talaga, hindi ako manonood niyan. Hehehe!

I’m not a big fan of celebrities pero gusto ko na rin makita yung actress para may masabi lang hahaha! And she will be speaking in a press conference so I’d like to be there.

Nasabi ko naman sa inyo na epaloids ako. Last year I had a special pass sa isang press con kahit wala akong credentials. I just told the organizers na blogger ako, so ayun they gave me a special pass. Hehehe! Try ko ulit na maisahan sila ngayon!

 Daming happenings lang this March....