Thursday, March 21, 2013

What If The Pope Were Filipino?

You can really see the adrenaline rush in the blood stream of Filipinos when Vatican observers and journalist mentioned the name Tagle as a possible candidate to be the next Pope.

I thought that it was quite impossible for Cardinal Tagle to be a Pope. Unthinkable. You simply can’t barge into the arena of ecclesiastical politics without being deeply rooted into its secrets, policies, factions and institutions within the Vatican. Too young. Too raw. He’ll be meat to hungry lions.

I have nothing against the Catholic Church. I’m one of those people labelled by conservative European clerics as apostates, heretics against the Holy Catholic Church, whose spiritual fathers were persecuted or slaughtered or mercilessly burned alive, branded as infidels, and most excommunicated in the Old Continent. Yes, I am a child of the Protestant Church. Even if I don’t agree with many of its fundamental doctrines, I have nothing against the Catholic Church. We protested. That’s all.
And I don’t really like your pope BUT I LOVE THE PAPACY. I’ve always been fascinated by the Papal Throne, its temporal and divine authority and its history. I’ve always been curious of the Vatican Archives, the scandals, the conspiracies and everything!

If fact when I was a kid, I dreamt of becoming a Pope, but then I realized that they don’t really have a sex life, so the rest is history. Hahahaha! Weeeh!

I just thought about it because I was doing some research and writing an article for a newsletter.

Here are some thoughts that popped in my mind if Tagle were Pope…

  1. RH Law would tread on a different path (really now, the world talks about the big black hole in the international markets, but we’re actually progressing and discussing other holes and other pipes to close). It’s currently walking on shaky path in the Supreme Court under the leadership of a born-again Christian chief justice. In some ways he could influence its outcome.
  2. Philippine artist Medeo Cruz could probably be excommunicated and be subjected to the harassment and persecution by a certain nobena faction, some sort of followers of the Nazareno who found his art disturbing and disrespectful of the Catholic faith.  
  3. Carlos Celdran would DEFINITELY BE FORGIVEN but would still GO TO JAIL. Because you really don’t mess with the friars…. Ehem… I mean, with the law. He’ll be excommunicated together with Cruz.
  4. There will be no more sexy steaming billboards in EDSA and Nyabachoi’s blog will be closed down because of her NAKAKABADING and NAKAKATIBO segments, to the dismay of many of us mga nababading na at nagiging tibo. Nyahahaha!
  5. Speaking of gay people, I guess Adam will have to wait longer to be married to Steve, and the same would be said to Aida and Eve.
  6. I might be reprimanded by many in the blogosphere and else where (again). Yes, I made fun of the Catholic Church. So what? Did I make it less dignified, given that certain leaked documents showed its gargantuan effort to hide paedophile priests, mafia-related investments (read a book about it too), and the power struggle within the Vatican. Tell me, how was my blog damaging the Vatican? It’s nothing compared to what the Church did to the Anabaptists, Huguenots, the Filipino people, Rizal, the Jews, Girolamo Savonarola, and Martin Luther. Okay, I’m exaggerating.
  7. Last but not the least, Mommy Dionisia will be bursting out again in national TV as she blabbers cryptic words and subliminal messages, calling out again to her son who went to the other (our) side, while she carries a huge cross on her right shoulder, wearing a tunic and a crown of thorns.

But these are just crazy thoughts of a blogger who just recovered from a fever and probably suffering delirium and paranoia.

Anyway, if I were Cardinal Tagle, I wouldn’t even dream of replacing the Pope Emeritus. God knows how big the challenge is, and we’re not just talking about the minimal size of the


  1. you had me at #4... i love nyabachoi!!!

    1. Nakakasira ng sexual orientation, hahaha!

  2. Nakakatuwa, andami-dami mo talagang alam sa balita. :)

    Kahit sya naman daw ayaw nya maging pope, he went to Vatican to vote for a new pope and not to be one.

    Although may kung sya nga ang naging pope, siguradong maraming Pilipino ang magiging proud.

    Kakatuwa ang enumerations mo! haha! :)))

    1. Hindi talaga ambitious si Cardinal Tagle. Simple but has a big heart for the ministry- something that I really admire about him.

  3. Hmmmnnn... pasintabi lang Mr. Trster Guy... Hindi mawawala ang paggalang ko sa iyo bilang isang magaling na manunulat at kaibigang bolgero pero dahil sa ako ay Kaanaib ng relihiyong iyong naturan, may slight akong naramdaman sa post na ito... basta medyo lang naman at uber very light lang... hurt... hehehe

    Maganda at nakakatawa naman ang mga kaisipang iyong ibinahagi pero sa ganang akin, may kung anong ewan lang na bahagyang nasagi sa aking puso....may ganun? Siguro the truth hurts noh?

    Hanga ako sa iyong mapangahas at masustansyang opinyon...

    1. I was expecting you'd show up. Hindi ito sigurado magiging isa sa mga popular posts ko. Or baka maging notorious pa nga ito.

      nagdalawang isip nga ako kung i-post ko ito or keep it in my journal. I thought, "Eto na naman ako, parang tulad lang din sa unang blog ko."

      Dun sa unang blog ko eh I was more critical of my own church. "Kinausap" nila ako tungkol dun. Because of my situation and status, napilitin din akong i-close down yun at mag start nito na mas "wholesome". Pero bumabalik na naman ang dati kong pangangahas.

      Again, it's an opinion. I'm just trying to be uhm, satirical?

      Pero please feel free to express opinion kung may error akong naisulat.

      And forgive me if you found it offensive. To err is human, to forgive is divine.

      Pero remember no church is perfect. marami ding sablay ang iglesiya namin...

    2. Naku Mr Tripster Guy, no offense meant but I also wanted to be upfront with what you posted... Sa akin lang naman iyon and I didn't mean to start any argument especially about church.

      Nice nga kasi you made me think and really react sa post na ito. You're right, it's only an opinion. Though I find it's really a strong one, okay lang cuase that's what I love about your blog. If I were you, just let it out and we are all mature naman to process it.

      Cheers! This is a good birthday read for me! lol

    3. I love the exchange of intellectual opinions and freedom of expressions between the two of you! It's very informative and enlightening...

      I'm born, raised and an observing Roman Catholic. But I do respect all religion and belief kahit pa isa kang "|Iglesia ni Bruno Mars" lolz. Kaya when it comes to religion/belief I refused to comment, argue and criticize. I listen, observe and analyze.

  4. well it is given na di perpekto ang simbahan at napakaraming mga bagay na di naman talagang necessary sa pananampalataya,
    pero sa tingin ko naman kung sa pamamagitan ng mga bagay na ito ee mahihikayat ang mga taong sumampalataya ee hayaan na lang natin,
    naiintindihan ko ang iyong opinion, bagamat sa king palagay ee ang pagiging papa ee isang mahalagang bagay sa mga katolikong katulad ko dahil minsan tulad ng walis tingting kinakailangan ng isang taling magbubuklod.

    about naman kay tagle, di ko din namn inasahang soua ang mapipili dahil sa napakadaming disadvantages nya para manalo
    pero sa tingin ko angmga issue na yan nga ang kanyang mahaharap kung sakali sya nga ang napili

    anyway tulad ni senyor hanga ko sa tapang mo

    1. You're right Mecoy. Kahit ako protestant, I also believe that the Pope will play in important role in my life.

      But certain issues should be addressed.


  5. With great power, comes a great responsibility. Masaya na mahirap ang maging isang Pope. Imagine naman, kargo mo ang responsibilidad ng Simbahang Katoliko at ang halos 1 billion followers nito sa buong mundo. Mahirap din gumawa ng mga hakbang at desisyon dahil laging may mga matang naka masid.

    Pero kung si Cardinal Tagle ang naging Pope, naku parang nanalo sa world cup ang Pilipinas kung nagkataon. Gusto ko din yung masayahing character ni Tagle. Parang ang gaan gaan lang ng feeling pag nakikita mo syang laging naka ngiti.

    1. Yep, he's a very heart-warming sight. Good smile. Ratzinger's smile is creepy, but his mind is quite sharp. Francis looks like a good fellow too.

    2. Ok I had to agree with you on Ratzinger's smile, I noticed that too lolz :P

  6. thank God at di sia naging pope hahahahaha :) calling ladlad a mga sisteret ko

    1. Dissenter? Hehehe! Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Replies
    1. The religious movement that started in 1517, when Martin Luther presented to the world his 95 Theses, refuting major doctrines of the 16th century Catholic Church. That was the time when the movement became the 'protestant movement' because they protested against the papacy and certain Catholic doctrines.

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  9. ako rin fascinated ever sa politics inside vatican. how's possible na me favorites diba? siguro maraming friends yung mga napipili at tanyag or involve sa ibat ibang activities ng church. amazed na amazed nga ako sa angels and demons ni dan brown. ganun pala siguro pag magtatalaga ng bagong papa

  10. it was dan brown and nat geo who really made me want to see the insides of vatican....the opus die, the illuminati and the likes... alam kaya yun ni tagle? hahaha..totoo kaya yun?
    I grew up in a non-catholic household and we just shrug our shoulders on news like this. But definitely, if Tagle had been or would probably have his time, maraming maapektuhan lalo na dito sa Pilipinas because the separation of the church and the state had never been or would ever happen. Look at the RH Law implementation, it's currently suspended.

  11. Ako lang ba, o putol yung post? I cant read the last part... =(

  12. Ako lang ba, o putol yung post? I cant read the last part... =(

  13. i kinda second motion your thoughts and opinions. at pakiramdam ko lilipas pa ang maraming dekada bago talaga magkaroon ng isang pilipinong papa. bakit wala pang nagiging santo papa sa ibang kontinente bukod sa europa? kasi ibang iba ang pananaw nila sa katoliko pero pareparehas naman katoliko. si Francis Papa he may be born argentinian but he's still italian. pakiramdam ko hindi pa ganon kahanda sila na magkaroon ng papa sa ibang kontinente. ayaw din nila magbago ng ganon lang ang mga nakagawian na tradisyon at kultura sa pagpili ng santo papa.


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