Sunday, April 14, 2013

For Your Bleeding Noses Only

Last time I posted an article about politics, several bloggers said that their noses bled. It kind of startled me because their immediate response is to refuse to read further because it’s about politics. Their system refuses to ingest anything about politics. And for me, to know that bloggers of my community are gradually losing interest in current events and the political life of the country is quite alarming.

I can’t really blame them. The game of politics is just as dirty, as slimy, and as sickening as an STD infested unwashed vagina of a whore. That’s how sickening and disgusting it is- it makes you lose your appetite, even your boner.

Add to that the half-truths of politicians, the secret second lives of certain national leaders, the biased reports and stories of journalists, the whimsical propagandas, the inaccessibility of the public to government documents, and the lack of transparency of the legislature, the transcendental idiocy of show business, and the decline of the general culture of the people. It’s a salad of the ultimate idiosyncrasies of this planet.

So it’s really not that appealing and not easy to digest. Bloggers wouldn’t want to have a spoonful of politics. On the other hand this salad is the primary nourishment for that growing monster called political illiteracy and the staple of incumbent dynasties.

Here's what Bertolt Brecht, the great German dramatist, once said- 

"The worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesn’t know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, all depends on political decisions. The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics. The imbecile doesn’t know that, from his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and the worst thieves of all, the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies

Marami nang ganyan sa bansa natin. Mahirap at mayaman, jologs at coƱos, matanda at bata. In a time when information is available everywhere- internet, TV, radio, broadsheets and tabloids, and blogs- everything can be known by everyone. Internet, above all, has somehow emancipated the mass up to a certain degree.

Thus anybody who has internet access cannot justify his own political illiteracy. Those who have the luxury and privilege to get all kinds of information cannot deny the fact that they now have the duty to ask questions, to be informed, and to inform and educate others.

Filipino bloggers have a higher degree of privilege and responsibility as citizens of the Philippines. Our blogging experience has evolved from writing about our thoughts, petty issues of our lives, and our quirky lifestyles, to the creation of networks of friends and writers, literary competitions, and recently, making a difference not only in the blogosphere and in the literary world, but also in the community. It has brought you all from the ranks of average citizens to exceptional modern day leaders and agents of change of the neighbourhood.

Few days from now elections will be held in the Philippines. We will be choosing 12 new (or the same old) leaders to the Senate. I call on my fellow bloggers to create an atmosphere of awareness and ignite in others a flicker of interest to scrutinize candidates.

I believe that you’re all aware of what’s happening in the country but you’re not willing to discuss something that is exasperating and frustrating. But that’s the point. We have to tell them of our frustration. We have to tell them of our disappointments. This attitude of nonchalance must die in our system. It is a disease that will spread to all our people and it will eventually cripple democracy and justice.

Bloggers, do not be afraid to influence the outcome of the elections by letting people know what they ought to know. Do not be afraid to defy those who are in power. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Do not be afraid to demand answers. Do not be afraid to be at odds with other fellow bloggers and engage in a healthy debate on policies and ideas, instead of bitterly bad-mouthing each other with black propagandas.

Encourage others to go out and vote. Campaign for your candidates, whether you’re supporting the opposition or the administration. Explain to others the importance of scrutinizing politicians. Educate others of the basic political culture of our country. Explain to the youth their role and responsibility as citizens. 

 And finally, bloggers, you must all write. Write about your opinions and your stand on certain issues, at least for once in your lifetime. Write to your mayors and governors. Write to politicians on why you hate them so much, because you have the freedom to do it. Write to organizations and associations who are fighting for justice and freedom and the emancipation of minorities, the poor, women and youth. Write to congressmen and senators personally or collectively.

Do not underestimate the power of the pen. You must realize how powerful words can be. You must understand how much you can influence a generation.

We have seen how internet-users and bloggers scared the sh*t out of those senators who passively approved R.A. 10175 or the Anti-Cybercrime Act that limits the freedom of bloggers. A powerful tool is already in our hands. All you need is a heart with courage to push further and an unwavering faith that despite all the stupidities and the lies and problems we can still have a better government, a better senate, and a glorious Philippines.


  1. As a PolSci Major, I always want to blog about politics pero lagi siyang nilalangaw.

    People in general just want anything about humor. It is really alarming that most people don't care anymore. Iniisip nga siguro ng marami na hopeless case na kasi ang gov't natin. very wrong mindset!

    Prior to reading this though provoking thought of your, I have been wanting to post about the list of senators we should not vote and cite reasons why.

    I know politics is a form of masturbation for you and don't worry, lagi akong willing makipabsabayan sa 'yong magpalabas... ng mga kaisipang pampulitikang tunay na may sustansya!

    Na-imaging ko 'yung unwashed vagina of a whore... Kadirdirz...

    1. Ahahaha! Senyor talaga. We have the same proclivities. One day we might have a mutual session. Woah! hahaha! I was really expecting you here after posting this.

      After this post iniisip kong i-feature yung mga candidates na iboboto ko.

      I'm looking forward to your list of senators.

    2. Oh my... I am having hard time... 2 pa lang nasa list ko...

  2. tulad ng pansarili kong kampanya at panawagan, bigyan na lang ng pagkakataon 'yung mga bago pa lang sa pagsabak sa pulitika.. karamihan ng nariyan sa posisyon ngayon, tumanda na lang sa gobyerno, wala pa ring nagawa.. sa tingin ko, panahon na rin siguro ng mga bago, para maiba naman.. mas bago, mas agresibo sa pagbabago, mas may ambisyon para sa pagbabago.. malay natin..

    1. Grabe talaga. I checked out yung list ng mga candidates. Anak ng jueteng! Same old names, new mestizo fat faces din (except for Nancy Binay, LOL!).

      Political dynasties are now reaching their prime.

  3. True, nakakaumay na kasi ang politics, its all over the news on tv na so i dont bother writing about it na haha.

    And besides andami na din political blogs diyan, so i leave it to them nalang :-)

    1. Just do your best to vote and vote wisely!

  4. well then consider me as a political illiterate haha I just know nothing about politics maybe because i'm yet a voter or politics are just too broad for my narrow mind haha, but then I know that its's never too late to learn perhaps i'll start at our locals maybe and since it's election season i might be easier to gather informations

    by the way that's a disgusting comparison haha

    1. Oo, be informed, ask questions, and do your duty as a citizen.

  5. I can't blame others for their aversion to politics. It got so dirty and so mind-numbingly dumb that it almost seem pointless to even care. Paano magkakaroon ng pagbabago kung pare-pareho rin lang ang mga tumatakbo? I think the senate is in dire need of new blood.

    1. Well not just new blood. I think the senate needs honorable and excellent people.

  6. Well, naiinis lang ako sa mga di mawala walang mga epal at corrupt government official. Siguro himala na lang talaga kung one day eh bigla na lang silang mag vanish sa mundong ibabaw lols

  7. Isa ako sa mga guilty na tao or blogger na halos ayokong tingnan or tapunan man lang ng sulyap ang pulitika ng Pilipinas - literal na pinandidirihan ko sya as in! Grabe ang pagkamuhi ko sa kanya na halos na-appreciate ko pa ang pagbaha dito sa maynila kesa panahon ng election. Sana nga mangyari na lang yung sinasabi ni fiel kun - baka mag blow out pa ako.

    Pero ginagawa ko ang aking responsibilidad at pinag-aalayan ng oras ang pagpili ng aking iboboto. Pero sa ngayon halos ubos na ang oras ko parang wala pa rin akong maiboboto??? Ang hirap sa totoo lang! Ang mamili ng responsableng kandidadato dito sa PIlipinas! Kino-consider ko etong isang sumpa sa mga mamayang tulad ko sa twing darating ang election....

    Tuloy ang lagi kong nasa isip - ano ang isusulat ko tungkol sa pulitika? puro negatibo? Pano kung ang layunin ko sa aking pagsulat ay mag-imbita ng harmonidad? ng pag-asa? o pagiging positibo sa buhay? O maiparating sa ibang nasyon na masarap mamuhay sa aking bansa?

    Kaya nagpapasalamat ako sa mga taong tulad mo (at ni @HecklerForever) na buong tapang na tinatalakay ang mga katotohanan tungkol sa pulitika ng PIlipinas... Hindi naman sa ako'y hindi matapang sa ganitong bagay ngunit ang pakiramdam ko ay hindi eto para sa akin...

    Maraming salamat sa isang katulad mo. Mabuhay! (parang namgampanya lang ang dating lolz!)


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