Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Casta Diva and the Tale of the Codex Alimentarius

It was another gate-crashing opportunity for me. It’s not like everyday you can be in one of those lavish Florentine palaces. I stood there in that beautiful hall where the Medici family used to dance and dine with the wealthy and influential.

And there I was, just like any other social-climber, rubbing elbows with diplomats, barristers, justices, merchants, socialites, intellectuals, and fellow social climbers.

How did I get there? Well, I’m lucky to have a friend who’s kind of drifting around these people, somehow connected to them but not necessarily part of that world. She once told me that she really hates politics and yet her job has something to do with the world of those thick-skinned blood-sucking creatures. I’m really jealous.

Everyone was there except for one person whom we always expect to show up in social events like this one- The Casta Diva. It was quite unthinkable that the Casta Diva would be absent in a very special event as this one.

It was a book-launching event, an important one endorsed by political figures that are helping poor communities in the Philippines. Others were invited. Others, because of their social status and political importance in Florence, were expected to be there. Others, because of their connections and ambition, tried to be there. People would think that I’m part of the latter. In one way yes, and in one way no. Yes, I was there because I had connections and I am ambitious. But I’m there because I have invested a considerable amount of time and energy to be part of that small group of people who faithfully translated that book.

That blessed codex was not supposed to be in the hands of common and titleless people like me and my friend and her husband.

A certain opulent barrister summoned the name of the Casta Diva who put his faith in her to make his Codex Alimentarius known in the orient. Casta Diva assured Opulent Barrister that she will use all her charms and powers to make his wish come true. The Opulent Barrister gave a large amount of money to the Casta Diva.

Time passed by but no deciphered codex came around and the Casta Diva was nowhere to be seen. This enraged the Opulent Barrister because he was allegedly cheated by the great woman.

It’s really a big deal because Casta Diva is known as one of the leading Filipino politicians in Florence. And now, apart from being a great diva, she’s gained a certain reputation- the runaway Casta Diva.

And this is probably the reason why she didn’t show up there. Too embarrassed? She should be thankful that His Excellency saved her ass. If it wasn’t for him, Opulent Barrister wouldn’t stop bad-mouthing her.

Once again she added more to her heap of enemies. But more than that, her own people should be ashamed. I mean, we’re already embarrassed with all the shitty ideas they always come up with and the whole circus they bring to the city.

They appear dignified and intelligent, they demand respect, and yet they act like clowns.
My friend advised me not to write anything about it. But I told her I would go on. If they want to be our community leaders then they should be accountable to us. They must answer the questions of the people. Besides, I’ve seen her go up and down, and I’ve seen many times how she has played tricks with those dim-witted fools.

After this storm, she would surely come out again all pristine and immaculate, shining in treacherous glory- The Casta Diva is come to lift again the Filipinos from misery to make a circus out of these people.



  1. No one can stop us from writing what our heart and soul ask us to express... Not even a friend! At least she had a hint... Tsk... kakagigil...

    1. nako, nakakasira ng bait ang mga pinaggagawa ng mga yan.

  2. Wow susyal talaga kayo sir.

    Naka attend na naman kayo sa isang pang mayaman na event haha!

    1. Ahahaha! Isang pobreng katulad ko kung saan saan nakakarating. Social climber lang talaga. Hahahaha!

  3. wow kaw na nakaattend sa event na ganyan haha!
    dame bumuhos na dugo habang nagbabasa ako haha

    di ka talaga dapat mga papigil haha

    1. Ahahaha! Pumunta ka agad sa pinakamalapit na blood bank!

  4. If there is something worthy of an expose, it should be written or exposed. Good thing you have the guts to do it. At least, if some of Casta Diva's "alipores" (if ever she has) would read this at least they can send this message across their boss hahaha - leading to Casta Diva's disgust. hahaha.

    In our world today, many are drown in to using people - such opportunistic attitude deserves to be thrown into a big hole in the deepest trenches of the earth hahaha- galit?

    1. She does have one faithful alipores. Some call him her Death-Eater. And if that death-eater happens to read this, well, he'll be having a hard time to track me down. hahahaha!

      I'll consider your proposal on how to dispose them. Hahahaha!

    2. And oh she has her alipores? OMG - I'm sure they always flock together hahaha. And my proposal is so grave hahaha.


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