Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dinner Near Tiffany's

That’s how I imagined life should be- being engaged to somebody wearing a Tiffany ring, and you can afford it because you’re a young urban professional, living in style in one of those artsy lofts or apartments in the heart of the city. I was drifting again into one of my hazy imaginations while standing in front of Tiffany’s. Just like in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s when Holly was having breakfast while looking at the window shop of Tiffany’s, except that I was about to have a (very) late dinner.

That evening I was also quite anxious. It’s like having the mean reds- that sentiment of inexplicable anxiety. I heard it also from the movie, but I usually call it ‘mental regla’.

We were going to have dinner in an Apulian restaurant near Tiffany’s, as a despedida party for one of my dear friends, Ms. Clairvoyant and her husband.

It’s very rare for a Filipino to eat in one of those fancy restaurants in that area. Dining there is absurdly expensive. Nevertheless, the experience never fails to give you that elated sensation of being in a posh environment, the ultimate rush a social-climber could ever have. But I would be a hypocrite if I deny my true sentiment of being part of the Florentine night life scene and share in the glittery glory of being fashionably and glamorously superficial. But I’m just one of those awkward social climbers. It wasn’t really the right place for me- too expensive and fashionable for my poor and corny taste in life and style.

But I had to be there because the dinner was for my friends.

Ms. Clairvoyant is tall, pretty and youthful, and her husband is like the twin brother of a very handsome Filipino action star. Strange enough, my compadre didn’t show up that night, only Ms. Clairvoyant.

After the gruelling hours of waiting, the others have finally showed up beyond the appointed time, and way too early for Filipino time.

They were all there-stylish and smiling. I felt out of place, but the need to be nourished overcame embarrassment and stupid insecurities. Being there while having mental regal was like being in a haze so thick and suffocating. I swear it wasn’t the prosecco or the wine.

The scene was almost surreal- secret friends and hidden foes all in this convivial banquet. The true and the treacherous laughing in one vivacious chorus. Malicious talks and factions were set aside. That night was an exception. Everyone united in Ms. Clairvoyant’s honour.

All this glitter and glamour make me feel pathetic. But the feeling subsides when I look at her. It’s not like I’m in love with her. Looking at Ms. Clairvoyant, there’s this tenderness and warmth one feels in the heart that makes you forget everything and the muffled noise around you. She’s just so dear to me.

The Big Boss stood up after the dinner and drag everyone to this over-rated club near the Arno River. The girls there were like supermodels- tall and beautiful, smooth skin, slender bodies, classy dresses and flirtatious air. The guys were cocky metrosexuals- boisterous and playful, with their bulging fronts and lascivious looks and smiles.

After a round of martinis and a cuba libre, tongues were loosened up. Earlier at the restaurant, there were already some whisperings among the girls. Hints were being exchanged. Girl talk, I said to myself. I decided not to exert any effort to decipher their cryptic messages.

As we were about to leave to hit the road back home the Big Boss said that if she ever though of returning to Italy she will find her a suitable Latin Lover. And then it hit me. After putting all the pieces of puzzle together, I finally saw the big picture.

Comadre and compadre have come to the end of their trip.

I thought it was too early to be in such a crisis. It wasn’t the time for them to come to such dilemma, especially when they have a son. They never told me anything. And all this time I believed in love, true and eternal. They were good at hiding the huge gap between them.

We said our last goodbyes. The mean reds/mental regal getting nastier in me. I can now see clearer beyond this haze, but it’s still thick and suffocating.

I chauffeured one of my masters back to her home and we talked about life in the Philippines, both concealing the desire to exchange facts about Ms. Clairvoyant. It was better that way. We only keep the good things of her last moments here in Italy.

On my way home, I thought that dinner near Tiffany’s would be one of my saddest and most awkward of all memories. And life can never be like Tiffany diamonds- long lasting or forever. People are not Tiffany diamonds- we’re not genuine.

The truth is we would be always looking at the glass windows of that glamorous shop- always looking, always dreaming, always pretending, always drifting in that world of make-belief. Always yearning for that life, for that existence of undying love.

Meanwhile, the mean reds are still tormenting me.   


  1. "And life can never be like Tiffany diamonds- long lasting or forever. People are not Tiffany diamonds- we’re not genuine."

    This! remarkably truthful. It speaks for everyone even those who are in the money-making-business called showbiz industry.

    1. So as people in politics. ay oo nga pala... pareho na rin pala yun... hahaha!

  2. ka-nosebleed naman hehe.. pero kalungkot yung nagyari ke ms. clairvoyant and her husband...naalala ko tuloy yung nangyari sa friend ko and her husband.. nakakalungkot na yung mga anak ang magsusuffer.. pero anong magagawa naten sabi mo nga.. life can never be like tiffany diamonds, long lasting ang forever...

    1. It's really sad. And it really breaks my heart to see them apart. Hindi mo talaga maiisip na mangyayari yun sa kanila.

  3. my koment has nothin' to do w/ this post... i didn't even read this entry at all... but i actually back read on some of ur posts like i did nung last time na napunta akoh ditoh sa blog moh... like sabi koh sau non iwan ka nang bakas sa page koh para makabalik akoh ditoh kc i'm not updated w/ my blog... and yeah you did but after so many months... anyhoo.... oh yeah nalaman koh lang yon when i was backreading to ur entries.... nakita koh yung mala-entry kong koments sau noon... 'bout your sis and mga suitors nyah... itz just funny rereading that koment of mine... ehh hirit lang... dme dme kong sinasabi non na 'bout sa syota koh... which is my ex now na ipaglaban and at least choice koh nd nde family koh... so now that it ended eh see i didn't even blame any of 'em... kundi sarili koh lang... hangtanga lang kc... but itz ok... itz a decision that i made to choose him... gusto koh ngang sabihin sa kanyah sa ex koh na i was tryin' to hard to prove my family wrong but he just proved them all right...

    anyhoo... sori napadaldal lang... juz wanna say thanks kc for some reason natawa akoh sa komentz moh and natuwa ren... ewan koh bah... oh yeah why naughty ka ren bah??? lol... nd natuwa akoh kc medyo naeemo akoh kanina... tas biglang pumasok sa yutakz koh ang lintek na ex koh... lol so un mas napaemo akoh nang slight.. then i read ur komentz napasmile akoh... tas dahil natuwa akoh sau eh nagbackread akoh... then while i was backreading eh i found out that the firs time na naligaw akoh ditoh sa blog moh eh i was backreading too... so while i was backreading i found my komentz on ur entry backreading on ur entries too... did that even make sense??? lol...

    wala lang... thank you ren kc yun nga while i was on d' bus on the way home eh nagbabasa lang akoh nang mga old entries moh...not all of em yung medyo nagkainterest lang akoh... at least nde akoh na-bored on my way home... i love ur readin' ur entries... you've made my night... natuwa lang akoh... i almost missed my stop kababasa nang blog moh... lolz... oh yeah komentz koh non sau na i think ur really smart but di gano kawafuhan... erase naten yon... i still think ur really smart especially nabasa koh na ang dme mong mga books na nababasa... wow...daz all i can say... i love to read but may times na tinatamad... and mga boooks na ibang binabasa moh nosebleed... anyhoo... so i still think ur smart, nd i think ur good looking too... naks! upgraded ka tol... nd naughty! lolz... biro lang...

    anyhoo... sige tamad akoh lately... tamad akong mag-make nang new entry kaya ditoh na lang akoh nang new entry sa blog moh... dme koh pang gustong ikomentz sa mga nabasa kong entries moh kaso nahiya na akoh hanghaba na toh... wehe... sige tol... goodnite... btw oh yeah nabasa koh sa italy ka palah? how cool... one of our classmate dati lives there baka kilala moh... lol... nd we were plannin to visit there too but not this year i don't think... pag pumunta kme dyan eh pwede kitang imeet... feeling close? lolz.. *thinking* naputol thoughts koh... alam koh me hihirit pa akoh pero di koh na maisip... nasa dulo nang dila koh... anyhoo... yeah daz all for now mr.. tripster... i had fun readin' here... hanggang sa muli... now madadalaw dalaw koh na ulit tong blog moh since you visited my blog too... ok sige na i think i say the word blog like hundred times nah... lol... later peace out nd Godbless! =)

    p.s. typo error pakiintindi na lang po =)

    1. Ganito siguro ang pakiramdam ng mga taong nakakabasa ng comments ko na ganitong kahaba. hahaha! Well, salamat at na convince na kita na gwapo ako. hahaha!

  4. Diamonds na lang nga yata ang forever dito ngaun sa mundo :'(

    how i dream of all these things! the italian nightlife, dinner at a posh resto and glittering diamond ring on my finger... :P

    Gayunpaman, hindi magandang mangarap ng mga materyal na bagay na ito. Let me count my blessings and I have more than enough... Way more than the value of any cut of diamond can offer in exchange....

    Minsan tlga kahit sa mga pinakaclose nating kaibagan may mga bagay tayong itinatago hindi dahil wala tayong tiwala sa kanila kundi may mga bagay talgang tayo lamang ang makakapagbigay ng solutions para sa sarili natin, nagkataon siguro sa kanila, ito yun... They will start anew, find new love and live life to the fullest.

    1. Sa totoo lang ms. yccos, after finding yourself in the midst of this glamorous island, yun lang yon. akala ko may magbabago pero wala. ganun pa rin ako- SOCIAL CLIMBER. Hehehe!

  5. Its beautiful like diamonds in the sky! Ang pagiging glamoroso at bongga o di kaya angat ay masasabing may kalakip na kasiyahan!!!

    1. Masarap din at masaya... but not always. magastos eh!

  6. nakakanose bleed ka talaga sir tripster! haha
    anyway, di ako comfortable sa mga ganyang lugar
    manliiit talaga ko para kong di makahinga haha

    as for that situation it sure is an akward moment, kawawa naman si ms. clairvoyant
    wala na talagang nagtatagal lately no?

    1. Meron din naman nagtatagal... HOPES...

    Why Ms. Clairvoyant? Why she's so dear to you?

    "On my way home, I thought that dinner near Tiffany’s would be one of my saddest and most awkward of all memories."

    Why it's the saddest?
    Is it because she's your Holly and you're Paul?
    Is Ms. Clairvoyant the subject behind your "Dear Object of my Fantasy" post?

    Sensya naman "echoserang froglet" ako (mana sayo). It takes "Ms. Clairvoyant" pala to cause Mr. Tripster to write something not anti-government-satirical-radical-mala-rebel-na-post"

    What an effin good use of rhetorics you have in this post. Ganyan talaga pag inlab he he

    May nagtatagal I can assure you that (wink*). If people can just handle on how to get out of the fairy tales they are putting themselves into... or get out of the ambition of having Breakfast at Tiffany" or owning a "Tiffany".

    ♫ Moon river, wider than a mile
    I'm crossing you in style someday ♫

    1. Ms. Balut iniintriga pa ako. Comadre ka siya, at kahit separated sila wala akong intention na sumingit sa istoryang ito.

      Ms. Clairvoyant is a nice person and a good friend. I'm loyal and committed to her and her ex.

      At ibang tao ang naging object ng fantasy ko...

  8. With your wisdom and knowledge, you can fit everywhere. Glamour or not.
    Anyway, wala talaga sa ganda ng girl ang pag last ng relationship. It must be true love in between. Only God's love is forever.
    Anyway, you never fail to amaze me with your words.it is like" where did it came from" thought everytime I read your writings. Wishing that I can just half of your wisdom:)
    Dont get me wrong. I am happy with what God has given me, but I always admire intelligent people young and old.
    So I hope that one day you will be blessed by God a life together with someone you love.

    1. Salamat Mommy Joy! Fallible talaga ang pag-ibig ng tao. Kung Diyos lang ang magbubuklod sa dalawang tao, anuman ang harapin nila eh magtatagal pa rin.

  9. i finally read ur entry... nahiya naman akoh sa komentz koh sa taas ano ano lang pinagsasabi koh... eniweiz... wow nosebleed hanggaling! nde koh na kokomentan.... like sabi ni ms. joy sa taas.... amazing writing! and same here i admire intelligent people... i admire you! naks... me fan ka nah... lolz... anyhoo... sige un lang po... nd yeah bday moh this month tapos na bah or malapit nah....somewhere around 20th to 27th tama bah? eniweiz belated advance happy birthday... nd you'll be 28? so yeah... hanggang sa muli nd Godbless!

  10. sori makulit tlgah akoh and blog moh ang napagtritripan kong dalawin... so bear with me... sana ren lang replayan moh para naman kahit papaano worth it ang effort at kakulitan koh ditoh... lolz... wala lang... i read ur other entry bout u goin' to ur ex's wedding... wow! wala lang... napaisip lang akoh... will i go? hmmm.... i dunno... yon lang sagot koh for now... i'll go to his sister's wedding... but i don't think i'll go to his wedding... sinagot koh ren ang tanong koh lol.. since im a woman... ang hirap kc baka magreplay lang lahat nang memories sa yutakz koh na dapat kme yon kinakasal... lolz.. wala lang sige peace out! =)

  11. hmmm read ur other entry again... so ur d one actually broke up w/ her... w/ my case nobody really did the break up... it just ended.... you probably have a slight idea of d' reason why... i'm actually not hurting as bad as before....we are actually cool... pretending to be friends but probably not... we are cool but we don't talk no more... you know wat i've been wanting to do... i guess i'm still kinda bitter on the inside but i know this is meant to happen and we are not meant to be together.... so yeah i've been wanting to write him a letter... just say everything i wanna say... say all my bitterness.. and how bad i was hurt.. and of course never send the letter to him... BUT... tinatamad akoh ehh.... yep... so yonz... =)

    1. My God Dhianz, you really need some help. Hehehe! Come on girl, life must go on. The show must go on.

  12. 'yun lang.. hindi talaga ako nakakasabay sa mga akdang ingles, dre, gustuhin ko mang basahin ng buo, olats eh.. hehehe

    1. Di bale na. Masaya na rin ako at tumambay ka na rin dito.

  13. When I met some bloggers just a few weeks ago, they all asked me if I know you and I said no. They recommended me to read your postings so here I am.

    My, my, what grandeur with the usage of words and imagery, I am overwhelmed. I like to write like this so I am going to be your follower from now on. I always wanted to develop many styles of writing and obviously you are the one to emulate.

    I had been a silent witness to many failed relationships between husbands and wives. I pity the children but life is not all roses. I had experienced brushing elbows with the rich but it was all immaterial to me, I wasn't gaining anything but envy. Life will never be like a Tiffany for me, I am happy to settle for anything less but happy.

    Will back read!


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