Saturday, August 31, 2013

10 Reasons Why We Should Pray for the Philippines

10 Reasons Why We Should Pray for the Philippines

Due to the particular mood in my country, I would like to interrupt my series of posts on my social-climbing escapades, for fear that I might be linked also to any congressman, senator, blood-sucking politician, and that goddamn pork barrel. ******  this!

There are ten reasons why the Filipino people must ask God for mercy and salvation.
1.  We used our religions to tear apart a land that never belonged to any religious institution or denomination. The Philippines- its mountains and valleys, rivers and springs, islands and volcanoes, the animals that roam the sky and crawls on earth, its secrets underneath its hills and inside its caves- belongs to the Almighty who created heaven and earth. Why is it being shattered and claimed by warlords and mere human beings of flesh and blood?

  1.  We abdicated form our sovereign right to rule and denied the mandate given to us by the laws of heaven and earth to become good stewards of this blessed nation. We conceded our right and gave away the sceptre of power to certain undeserving families.
  2. The people ask their daily bread from TV networks, vices, and people like this guy. 
  3. We have created messiahs out of Manny Pacquiao, TV personalities, and local parasitic warlords and political icons. While God dictated His laws and justice from his High Mountain, we are all prostrate on the ground before filthy golden crocodiles, worshipping clans and mere human icons. 
  4. We think that the poor are natural-born criminals who don’t deserve help and compassion, but we show Christian mercy and consideration for the greed of the powerful, the filthy rich, and the undeservingly famous. In fact, many of us are groupies or bff’s of those hedonistic despots. O ano? Don’t just stigmatize the informal settlers! Mag tweet ka din sa mga ka-uri mong mayayaman na nakinabang sa mga kababuyan! Tweet pa! Nyeta! 
  5. We chose to forget these- Martial Law, junking FOI Bill, the CON-ASS and HR 1109, NBN-ZTE Deal, Marcos Family, 1949 elections, 2004 elections, Joc-Joc and fertilizer scam, Euro generals, at marami pa akong nakalimutan.
    Con-Ass scums, photo from
  6. We sanctified these. 
  7. We live up to the expectations of shrewd politicians, that we are gullible and mindless bleating herd of sheep, instead of training ourselves to become a thinking class, the Sovereign People of the Republic. 
  8. The Filipino youth are sick with the despicable social amnesia and deliberate stupidity. It’s already a pandemic, and we’re not even trying to cure them. 
  9.  We will lose our attention and concern about the pork barrel scam. We will try to be good Christians by forgiving these scums of the earth. And this too shall pass. We will forget that the Million March happened. Napoles will be pardoned. Her children will become venerated senators.

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Forgive me Lord for what I said in number 10. But what I said is true. Only a miracle and divine intervention will save the Filipino people from itself. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Breakfast at Gucci's

Dahil malakas ako mag trip at isa na rin ako sa mga tinaguriang garapal na social climber, naisipan kong na mag-breakfast sa Gucci. Yes, you can have a chocolate tart and a cup of cappuccino sa Gucci Museum.

It was a glorious morning indeed. You start the day breathing in the posh smell of the Gucci Museum and their limited-edition hand-bags, gazing at the sky-rocketing prices of leather goods which we normally don’t need but pretend as if they’re oxygen, and allowing oneself to be treated like royalty by the most obsequious creatures of the fashion industry- the sales-people-turned-snob-because-he/she-thinks-that-he/she-is-a-model-too.

Fashion never liked me. But that is not to say that I don’t like that world. It’s fun and fascinating. I was simply born with no style or sense of fashion at all.

But I admire the people who built this industry of senseless lust for the glamorously unnecessary and the artists who breathed in life to this avid monster.

I like fashion, whether it likes me or not. Whatever.

Anyway, it’s one of the most interesting places to visit here in Florence, if you’re really into fashion. It was set up to celebrate Gucci’s 90 years of quality service to the less than 10% of mankind.

It all started with a simple guy, Guccio Gucci. Young Guccio was working for a luxury hotel in London where he observed the culture of the rich and their fondness of travelling in style.

When he returned to Florence he put up a workshop that produces bags and luggage of exquisite style and design, and of outstanding quality. And the rest is history. 

Taking pictures inside is not allowed. It exhibits their collections of bags, other gadgets, shoes and gowns, their designs that established Gucci as the couturier of the world’s icons.

image from

image from

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What I really enjoyed the best is my breakfast with a friend of mine and their bookstore. 

That's my friend Marife a.k.a. Mariposa

ikaw na ang gumamit ng asukal na may tatak! hahaha!

I even bought a gift for me, pinabalot ko na rin! Hehehe!

Ah the experience is good. The cappuccino is even better!