Monday, October 07, 2013

To All Women and Their Shoes

Finally after almost a year, the book is here! Tracce, or Traces in English, the anthology by the Small Room Cultural Association, featuring your very own TG as one of the 13 writers in this collection of short stories!

I can’t be modest. Yes, ako na ang maangas! Hehehe! I’m just too happy right now. My work is finally published and I’m going back to the Philippines.

So let me tell you something about my short story. This is my first short story in Italian to be published. As a matter of fact, it’s my one and only literary piece to be published in a book. Yung iba online under different aliases, hehehe!

Le Scarpe della Prima Donna (The Prima Donna’s Shoes) was inspired by many women in my life and their complex and undying love for shoes. And I’d like to thank the following:

First and foremost, to Imelda Marcos and her thousands of pairs of shoes, the most glamorous woman whom I will always love and hate in my life.

Special thanks to Ms. Editor and her pumps. Without your affection for high heels and precision in Italian grammar my short story would be a total massacre of the Italian language.

Special thanks to Lady Gaga and her shoes of oddities for keeping me going all throughout those wintry months of writing and loneliness. Thanks for keeping up the beat and those weird pumps of yours!

Thanks to all the prima donnas of the opera world, in particular, Maria Callas, Joan Sutherland, Anna Netrebko, Diana Damrau, and Monsterrat Caballe- for being the inspiration in creating my main female character as the most immaculate, loveliest and moving bitch of all time.

Thank you to Small Room Association for being generous enough to pick up my story and publish it, especially to my rockstar of a mentor and writer, Mirko. You’re one of the few men in my life whom I adore so much that it’s really so freakin’ gay.

Thank you to coffee and tea for keeping me awake and warm during the intense moments of research and reading. Thank you to wine and martini for keeping me clam and smooth during those evenings of workshops. Thank you to bitter rage and silence for being the driving force, the very batteries that kept me going during my creative phase.

Thanks to the fashion world, especially to Vogue, Christian Dior, Ferragamo, and Gucci, I learned so much about women’s shoes and for making me realize that there’s a little masochist in every woman obsessed with shoes.

Thanks to all the women in my family, especially to my mother, your stories and experiences, the pains and the struggles, your joys and happiness, gave my story a reason for being. The other female characters will not be buried and left behind. I will give voice to them so they’ll be heard.

And finally, thanks to my aunt for being the first person to buy a copy! Hehehe! Love your own sabi nga!

Kung makapag bigay ng acknowledgements kala mo novel na ang isinulat no, eh isang 1600-word short story lang naman. hahaha! The fact is it's a work in progress, a novel in the making. Ambitious right? Pero libre naman mangarap at masarap magsulat. Kaya sige, paninindigan ko na ang trip na ito.

Ah! 4:05 AM. Hindi ako makatulog. Konting oras na lang at pauwi na!

To my boss and colleagues....

Dear people in that sh*thole where I earn my living,

Thank you for the promotion and for the recommendations. I know that my role now is important and that we should be a team.

With the upcoming visit of the auditors, all the employees must be ready and well prepared.

So before I leave, I just want to say...

Friday, October 04, 2013

Provisions for a Balikbayan

After more than a decade, uuwi na rin ako. Mixed emotions. Hindi ko alam kung worried ako or excited. Biglaan din kasi ang pag-uwi ko. Ang original plan is next year ako uuwi. Travel around the Philippines and meet fellow bloggers, at yung coffee-date na pangako ko kay Senyor. Well, napako na yun this time.

Mahina na daw si Mommy. Lola ko ang nagpalaki sa akin, so she’s like my mother. She’s in her 80’s at hindi na rin talaga siya magtatagal. Last time we talked over the phone, I thought she’s still the same old vibrant old lady. Pero napaka fragile na daw niya at wala daw laging appetite. Siguro nalulungkot na siya. Lahat na kasi ng apo at anak nasa ibang bansa na.

I decided to come home as soon as possible, pero mukhang mahirap mangyari dahil:

  1. Walang ipon para sa sudden “vacation”- I actually have a mere € 150.00 in my account. I’m trying to convince my father na abonohan niya muna.
  2. I’m still a manager-in-training- this sudden vacation could jeopardize my promotion.
  3. Maraming naka leave sa management team sa trabaho.

Pero alam mo, when God really has something in mind and if He has a plan for you to do He provides. One night I asked the our director kung puede niya ako bigyan ng 20-day vacation, the following day inayos na niya agad ang mga schedules ng mga colleagues ko, at approved na yung request ko. My father bought my plane ticket. So all that’s left for me to think about is my allowance.

Hindi naman din siguro ako maggagala since I’m actually there para samahan lagi si Mommy. Pero who know what God has in store.

Matapos ako magpuputak ng bad words sa Internet all of a sudden ang holy at wholesome ko sa post na ito. Hehehe! It’s because of the fact that I’m coming home now after 13 years, and the provisions that are coming my way. Now, I’m confident that somebody will be financing my travels and shopping spree! Hahahaha!

Kung may time pa ako, I hope to see you all soon! Pero kung tatamarin ako, eh kitakits sa blogosphere!