Friday, February 21, 2014

Ferragamo Part 2- The Grand Theory of Female Feet by Salvatore Ferragamo (or What You Wear in Your Feet Is What You Are, or the Size Says It All)

Here's what I learned during my visit to the museum. Ferragamo divided women into three categories.

Category #1- Cinderella Feet

Less than a size 6. Very feminine, loved jewels and everything that sparkle. They love furs also. They constantly need to be loved in order to be happy.

Marilyn Monroe- size 5

Here’s a woman who had affairs. Fame and fortune are not enough. These women need to be assured that they are loved.

Kylie Minogue- size 5

Category #2- Venus Feet

Botticelli Venus
this kind of  Venus or this other one 
or Lady Gaga Venus

Comfortable in a size 6. They’re usually beautiful and attractive although beneath their outer shell they hide a fragile woman who love the simple things in life.

Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga talaga? Hehehe… She always claimed to be sensitive and fragile.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Category #3- Aristocrat Feet

Larger than size 6. Very sensitive but liable to mood swings.

Lady Diana Spencer. Her feet explain it all.

Nicole Kidman- size 9

Ikaw? Ano size mo?


  1. Iba iba po eh. Sa RL, 6, sa Mendrez, 6.5, Janilyn, 7 sa shoebox, 6, sa merrell, 6... Haha., I feel so Lady Gaga and sexy like SJP.. Bwahahahaha...

    1. Nice. Miss Kat in the Hall of Fame of Feet Goddesses

  2. I wonder what Ferragamo will say about men's sizes.

    1. He really doesn't fancy them. But the dress shoes are awesome. Wish i could buy a pair one day!

  3. Naku depende sa brand ng shoes, pero size 6 talaga ako :) sa US: 5.5 to. galing ng info na to. :3


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