Friday, May 23, 2014

A Diadem of a Demented Diva

I’m a sucker for histories of royal heads of Europe and the imperial dynasties of the Orient. They feed my delusions of establishing my own house of nobility, even if there’s no trace of royalty in my veins. Siguro naman sa buhay niyo minsan niyo na rin pinangarap maging isang hari, reyna, prinsipe o prinsesa.

In my previous post you have read the official titles and styles I have formulated for myself. That’s actually shorter than the previous one, hehehe!

Anyway, I was watching a documentary about the royal jewels, because I thought if I’m wearing the One Black Ring what other royals are wearing?

I landed on this interesting documentary about the jewels of the Russian imperial family. The treasures of the tsars and tsarinas, the Faberge eggs of princes, and the tiaras and diadems of the matriarchal Russian grand duchesses- nothing could rival them.

There’s one particular jewel I saw that had a very peculiar impression on me. This one.

It’s the favourite diadem of Empress Maria Fedorovna of Russia, mother of the last Russian tsar. It was made by Bolin and was sold by the Soviet government in the 1920’s. At first I thought that I saw this diadem before. Then one of the grandchildren of the imperial family narrated that the diadem passed from one royal owner to another, then to wives of tycoons, and finally it the diadem landed on our very own feelingerang royalty Madam Imeldemented Marcos.

I remember in an interview when asked why she bought tiaras and diadems, she said that these jewels were forms of investments for the Philippines. Well, I’m a stupid person, but I didn’t fall for that bullshit.

Now it is clear to me about the truth in certain theories about the demented minds of the Marcoses, especially that of Imelda- they did aspire to become, or perhaps create an image of, crowned heads of the archipelago. See how drunk they’ve become of power, greed and delusion?

I also read in a book that Imelda even attempted to pair up one of her daughters to some English nobleman or even to the heirs to the British royal throne.

Almost all of the rest of the imperial jewels were lost- either sold by the Soviet Union or by the exiled Russian nobilities. As for this diadem, well, it’s in a vault, maybe under the custody of the Philippine Commission on Good Governance or in the greedy care of Imelda herself. Nobody knows.

Creating a title for oneself is one thing (that’s being a dreamer), but squandering the people’s money for diadems and tiaras just to become a monarch of an oppressed nation is another (that’s fucking delusional bullshit).


  1. Naah! Never in my life that I dreamt of being a queen or princess. I'm happy just being a pauper.

    And I never liked expensive jewelries. My face is just enough to adorn myself. LMAO! #confident #feelingdyosa

    1. Nanliliit ako sa confidence levels mo.... ahahaha!

  2. Ganyan talaga pag ambisyosa. Lahat gagawin for power and fame. Ano kaya kung malaman mo eventually lost lost son ka pala nila? lels

  3. Not really. Ninang ko lang siya. hahahaha!

  4. Nung bata ako gusto ko lang na maging 'close' sa isang maharlikang pamilya hahaha.

    Wow napunta pala kay Imelda ang koronang ito. At gusto pa talaga niya maging katulad ng mga 'dugong bughaw' sa ibang bansa...
    Amazing ambition lols...

  5. saksak nya sa baga nya. LOL


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