Saturday, May 24, 2014

Her Gracious Flopness?

As usual, I went to the movie theatre alone to meet again an old flame, Nicole Kidman. I wanted to see her again after a very long time; this time in the person of Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco.

Grace of Monaco didn’t receive such great movie reviews SIMPLY BECAUSE IT’S POLITICALLY MOTIVATED AND THOSE CRITICS ARE PURE-BREED ASSHOLES. How can you hate something so beautiful and divine as Nicole Kidman?

Well, the movie is ├╝ber melodramatic. It’s backed up by stringed instruments and tinge of a Maria Callas’ divine voice. It’s glamorous. There’s a beautiful palace. And it’s the story of a girl who became a princess. Predictable, but you simply can’t say that Nicole Kidman’s acting is bland!

It’s a movie full of emotions and romanticism. And it’s all pure beauty.

Thanks to this movie, I have clearer idea of the difference between Monaco and Monte Carlo; an idea as clear as the realization of the shit you find in the reviews of growling critics.

Only Geoffrey Macnad of the Independent gave justice to this movie.

But come to think of it, after Moulin Rouge and The Hours, Nicole’s succeeding movies were, uhm, flop.

But who cares what people think? I look at the silver screen. I don’t see the diva of flops which those assholes keep on writing about. I see a beautiful lady, Her Serene Highness Princess Nicole Kidman of my Heart.

Anyway, Monaco, I'll be seeing you next month!


  1. A friend is visiting Monaco now and told me it is a wonderful place. Sosyal daw with lots of high end cars and Pinay nannies. I like Nicole Kidman as well but haven't heard about this movie. Will watch it one day.

    1. Of course, pinay nannies.... how can the rich live without them. Hehehehe! The controversy behind the movie is much more popular than the movie itself. It's actually the opening movie of this year's Cannes Film Festival.

      Anyway, I liked it.

  2. I recently grew a curiosity for Grace Kelly after seeing a movie of hers - Rear Window and To Catch A Thief. She was beyond beautiful and I thought she was much like Nicole in certain aspects - elegance, looks. Then tada, I found out Nicole played her for a movie! Perfect casting.

    Can't wait to see the movie, ikaw enjoy mo ang Monaco, hangang Malabon lang kaya ko e hehe :)

    1. Oh yes I will. I'm looking forward to that one day trip to Monaco. Need some break from daily routine!


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