Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thinking About Mr. D

Some weeks ago a friend of mine called me to inform me that Mr. D, one of the famous bachelors of our country and actor, was visiting Italy for the Independence Day celebrations.

Naawa lang ako sa kanya dahil nagaksaya siya ng time at load para ibalita ang isang balita n asana ay hindi na ibinalita pa. Later on, may nakita akong message mula sa best friend ko na kasama daw niya si D.

Napaisip lang ako ng malalim. Bakit nga ba ako hindi masyadong interesado sa mga artista habang kapag natunugan ko na may congressman o senador, o ang vice president ng Pilipinas ay pupunta dito eh nagmamadali pa akong lumabas ng bahay. And they’re all fucking ugly, no sex appeal, and most of the time they blabber stupid ideas. Bilang sa sampung daliri ang mga good-looking politicians.

Ang mga artista naman- may hitsura, madalas mayaman, at may interesting personality at mabait na character, bakit hindi ako ma-attract sa kanila (maliban na lang siguro kay Nicole Kidman)?

Hanga din ako sa kaibigan kong iyon. Maraming contacts at marami nang na meet na artista. I used to think na sobra naman effort yan para sa mga taong ang purpose ay mag entertain. Pero naisip ko din na sila nga ang nag inspire sa marami, tulad ng best friend kong ito, na magkaroon ng hobby at maging productive sa passion nila.

Ganon talaga siguro ang trip ng kaibigan ko na isang fashion photographer. He’s always drawn by what is beautiful and stylish, while on the other hand I’m drawn by power, evil, and everything that fucked up humanity like politics and politicians. Kanya kanyang trip talaga. For some reason I can’t explain, my friend and I get along well.

Hindi ko nakita sa personal si Mr. D. Not a big deal. Naisip ko lang kasi na bakit nga ba baliw na baliw ang mga pinoy sa isang industriya na hindi man lang kayang makipag-compete internationally o sabihin na natin na walang originality. They keep on using the same formula in movie-making.  

Puro mabubuting salita ang binitiwan ng kaibigan ko tungkol kay Mr. D. I do not doubt that he’s a kind person, that he’s smart and that he’s very approachable. I just don’t believe that he’s an excellent artist that deserves to be taken seriously. I mean who really deserves to be considered an artist in this generation of actors and actresses in the Philippine movie industry?

Naniniwala naman ako na may talento talaga si Mr. D at may malaking potentials pero paano ito mapagyayaman sa paggawa ng mga movies na puro pa-cute ang storya at may predictable plot?

Pero sino nga ba ang puedeng humusga sa mga artista tulad ni Mr. D? Masasabi ko bang bulok na artista siya lalu na kung may mga die-hard fans siya, blockbuster hit ang mga movies niya, and at the same time, may endorsement pa ng best friend ko?

If netizens think that President Aquino has no sense of artistry or the wit to judge movie artists such as multi-awarded and internationally-acclaimed actress Nora Aunor and consider her as a National Artist, then perhaps I am not also in the position to pronounce judgements on Mr. D’s capabilities. But then, it’s Nora Aunor and Mr. D. It’s like comparing the monolithic intelligence of Miriam Defensor-Santiago to that of Jinggoy Estrada (for the sake of conversation, let’s say that the questionable senator has intelligence). 

In conclusion, artistas will always have a fine life. They would always be saints in the eyes of the people even if they become senators and embezzled billions of pesos, their fans would even thank them for that. And I think I can love and appreciate movie stars, as long as they keep out of politics and do what they can really do best-look good in the screen and make us dream on a life that is totally impossible without the help of companies and restaurants that keep on being endorsed in their so-called movies. 

The Princess and I, or The Unglamorous Pilgrimage Towards the Mecca of Glamour, or That Little State of Glitter and Sparkle, or How A Princely Pauper Was Discovered by a Blogger

My Monaco trip was an escape from my daily routine, and some sort an influence by Nicole Kidman’s movie highly criticized movie Grace of Monaco.

After watching the movie I decided to embark on a pilgrimage to Monaco and pay my respects to the late Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco.

I often visit medieval towns and castles and museums. But this is out of my ordinary trips. The trail that I followed was the way of the glamorous- the ultimate visit to the cities where the rich and famous tread.

The first stop was Nice, where I looked for that international fast food chain where I can dump my shit, literally. It was more than four hours of bus ride. Really can’t say anything much about the city except that it’s full of life and full of beautifully tanned blondes. The sea was nearby. I went to the beach to take some photos.

A friend of mine uploaded my photos in Nice. One of the bloggers I know grabbed it. Well, I almost said goodbye to anonymity. It’s only a question of days before he puts it somewhere in the blogosphere. Anyway, I’d like to kill that friend of mine. I really do.

The panorama was splendid.

This is how their shopping mall looks like

Window shopping…

After Nice, we went straight to Monaco, which was less than an hour bus ride from Nice.

In Monaco you’ll see sights like this one…

The first stop was at the Institut Oceanographique, a palatial museum

This is the rear part of the museum that is facing the sea

We rode along the street where the fastest cars in the world run in the Formula 1 races. And yes, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and many other sports cars are just as common as being rich in Monaco.

The principality is the gambling capital of Europe and houses one of the most famous and oldest casinos such as the (what’s the name of the casino?). Unlike Las Vegas where casinos have populist policies, here in Monaco one is always allowed to enter if you’re wearing a crisp summer shirt by some designer and a perfume that has the scent of the filthy rich. Otherwise, you’ll end up joining the horde of weary tourists taking pictures in front of the casino. In case you’re wondering, yes, they threw me into that horde.

This is where the famous Hotel de Paris is located.

Bad shot. I was on a tour bus.

These are the things you’ll see in their flea market.

And where in the world you’ll see a shopping centre that has freakin chandeliers? Only here in Metropole in Monte Carlo. It’s really delightful to have cappuccino and strudel while looking at these marvellous lights.

I wasn’t able to visit the Salle Garnier, their opera house, but I got a picture of this oddly placed little church that was standing in the middle of modern buildings and was facing the sea. I just learned that it was…… Once a year, a mass will be held in this little church where many Monegasques and the royal family will be attending.

Of course, I visited the Palace of Princes. The banner of the House of Grimaldi was raised high, and that means Prince Albert was in residence.

But this was actually the high point of my trip to Monaco- to visit the Cathédrale de Monaco where the remains of Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco can be found.

Loyal to one another until the end, the tomb of Prince Rainier III was beside his wife’s tomb.

One would ask why I am being shallow and corny. Well, like I said before, I am an enthusiast of histories of the royal heads of Europe. But sometimes I still can’t bring myself to believe that fairytales happen. They do come true sometimes. That sometimes, even in the most tragic stories of humanity, there was once love, and there will always be love until the end, whether it comes coated by things that glitter and glow, or by simple circumstances brought by poverty. Love is always there to see that there will be an ending, whether it is happy or seemingly happy.

Whatever. I’m watching Grace of Monaco again for the nth time. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Pauper’s Trip, or Cheap Trips and Cheap Thrills in Luxury Land, or Some of the Trips a Penniless Blogger Would Do

My blood pressure just hit the roof. I’ve had enough of reading the news about the Philippine political scene. I thought of writing the “lores of ‘noble’ houses of the Philippines” but decided to stop because I get so mad at these assholes that it’s ruining my mood. So now I’m writing this.

So I got so fed up with paying fines (fucking assholes! Do they really expect me to park my car somewhere appropriate in a city as big as a can of sardines?) and my debts, and working all week long, that I decided to go do what any other penniless blogger would do- a trip to the most luxurious principality of Europe- MONACO. Yes, I need a vacation, a day-tripping somewhere else. I don’t need to get laid for now.

It’s a pauper’s trip. Just 35 euros and I get to see Monte Carlo and Nice in France.

I’m kind of risking my life here. Currently, my permit to stay in Europe is still in the Questura and they’re still processing my papers. Theoretically speaking, I am an alien whose legal status on European soil is uknown. They still to decide if I’m a legally existing individual or an illegal alien, thus I’m not supposed to go beyond the borders of Italy.

But fuck it. Everything’s been so fucked up from the very beginning. So I decided to take everything in my own hands. I’ll grab happiness like grabbing someone else’s crotch- daring and pleasing and fucked up all together.

This trip wasn’t really part of my big 2014 plan. I was supposed to go to the Aerosmith concert but nobody wanted to come with me to Rome (because they’re all probably fans of those goddamn twinks One Direction or Justin Bieber).

Then I saw Nicole Kidman’s Grace of Monaco, and the next day I heard that there was a group tour going to the French Riviera. So that was it. It was decided.

Despite my poverty, I still haven’t lost my princely arrogance and Doña Victorina-esque pomp. I’m gonna buy a fresh summer shirt, new pair of shoes, comfy and classic short pants, sky-blue underwear, and a hair-cut (believe it or not, I don’t even have the time to get a decent haircut). And to top it all, I rummaged in every inch of my dirty cell for every cent and euro so I have some money to squander on something indulging (other than paying fines and debts).

As I said, it was Nicole Kidman who urged me to visit the gambling centre of Europe. Yes, I am that shallow when it comes to Nicole Kidman. But I still haven’t lost my character as a culture vulture. Hope to see some interesting museum and palaces, enjoy the summer sun, and have a great time.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lores of the Noble Houses of Esteros- The House of the Silver Screen or The Household Ruled by Dickheads and Assholes, Or The Macho Bloc

Truth be told, there’s nothing noble in the promiscuous House of the Silver Screen. It would be much better to say that this is the House of Dickheads, since the male relatives are sick, perverse, dickheads.

The sons of this Dickhead Household are deeply rooted within the chambers of legislation, or popularly known as the Princely Pigsty Council, once known to have housed the greatest minds and wise men of the land. There are still wise men and women amongst the councillors, but mostly, there are empty souls with great ambitions, great drama, and big words for grand-standing.

The family's banner...

The people love them, for the people could never distinguish the real from the act. The people would prefer to see big tears and alms, than hear clear ideas and plans for the future. 

It is said that they are mentally challenged men. Many have underestimated them. But never ever underestimate an empty skull with a black soul. Once upon a time, the greatest of these assholes became king, not only of the silver screen but of the state.

The wise and the haughty gifted people did not expect it. But when the ambitious stupid and the dumb come together, they became a force of nature that even God himself is forced to allow their will to prevail.

Let this be a lesson to all- never underestimate the power of idiots in groups.

Though they made it known that the princes under this household belong to different families, I believe that were all bred by one mentally challenged woman and one man who is the incarnation of that-bastard-assholic-husband.

 The Jellyfish King has been persecuting three of its princes. But the thing is, you may bring down three of them, but as long as the people proclaims them their own masters other than the rightful king, the household will continue to live on to breed more pretentious princes, or princesses. 

The Lores of the Noble Houses of Esteros or Laro ng mga Trono Sequel ng Gagong Pilot Episode na yan, or The History of the House of the Divine Hand,

This is the story of a country that has become putrid and hopeless. It was called the Esteros Islands.

Its realm is one of the happiest kingdoms of the world despite the fact that it is the realm of the blind, the mute, and the deaf. Everything done there, whether God’s will or the lurid and perverse fantasies of man, it is always more fun.

The rulers of this realm belong to the House of the Divine Hand. Its former matriarch once ruled over these lands and was known to be a very pious woman. Upon her death, it was said that a certain anointing was poured down her bloodline that the people loved her relatives so deeply, they have become astoundingly mindless; thus the name of the family, for they were chosen, not by the Creator, but by his princely clerics, and they have enchanted almost the whole nation.

The presumably head of the family is the sovereign King Jellyfish (spineless with a smooth head), well loved and venerated by the people. What great feat has he done to deserve the people’s love is a great mystery that no one, not even the wisest of men will be able to give an answer. Perhaps it’s true, that the matriarch passed on her charm and anointing to the members of this royal household.

As the King Jellyfish was beloved by the people and so was his sister, the Royal Vena, also known as Princess Vena Real. The white princess was well loved that she had a roster lovers, or aficionados of heiresses.

Their relatives are scattered in the most important palaces of the state, in the chambers of legislation (also known as the Princely Pigsty of Airheads) and in the business sector

But no one really knows the phantoms that hide in the shadows of these gleaming royal saints. There’s the Archduke of the Household who has his left hand over businesses and vast lands, and his right hand manoeuvring the wheels of politics, and was even rumoured to have assassinated to husband of The Saint Queen. There are the Witch-Princesses whose words are poison and manipulative. There are earls and barons who serve the king but are in constant feud with each other.

No one really knows what’s happening and what’s being said behind the yellow banner. The blind will never see the light of truth. The deaf will never hear the lies. The mute will understand the true colors in the realm, but will never have the chance to speak out.

The famous words of this family are “I serve only you", a phrase that is perpetually proclaimed and said by the King in public, but the question was he saying it to the people, or was he saying it to somebody who is higher than him, the one who is truly ruling over this realm?

I dare not mention any names, for as God is my witness, the yellow banner of the household is always washed in the blood of those who make fun of these fools.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kaninong Kaharian Ito? (Or Laro ng mga Trono Pinoy Version, Pilot Episode)

Sino ang Lakan Diyan? (O Laro ng mga Trono Pinoy Version Pilot Episode)

As an enthusiast of the histories of royal personalities and European noble houses, minsan naisip ko na ano kaya ang hitsura ng Pilipinas at ano ang mangyayari sa mamamayang Pilipino kung ang gobyerno ay mapapalitan ng monarchy?

Siguro mabilis na matatanggap ng majority ng mga Pilipino ang monarchy.

Unang-una our political culture is all about the politician and not the policy or idealism at all. Our political inclination and affiliation gravitates around the personality of a certain candidate or government official. Like what other senators and politicans say, walang totoong political party sa Pilipinas, except for the Communist Party.

We venerate our mayors, senators, governors, or the president. Even preachers of some certain denominations will preach against anybody practising his freedom of expression and his being opinionated because the authority of these temporal rulers are divine, God-given.

So there is also a church that would be willing to anoint anybody who would claim sovereignty over the Philippines.

Pero teka, siguradong hindi mawawala talaga ang iglesia sa larong ito.  

At dahil maraming magiging kandidato para sa trono, siguradong magkakagulo yan. Sigurado ang civil war.

Just like the War of the Roses, ang unification ng Italy, the succession crisis during Queen Elizabeth’s time, powerful families will be shedding blood of innocent people just to establish their rule.

And then there will be only one.

Of course, this is just my imagination. And in my imagination I am certain that I’ll be pledging my allegiance to some powerful family in our province just to be conferred a noble title and a land to rule over, and the chance to be present in a monarch’s court.

This is purely an imagination, kaya please walang mapipikon na church people since nadawit kayo sa imagination ko.

Pero sa present-day Philippines, nabubuhay pa ang mga tunay na dugong bughaw- ang mga datu ng Muslim territories, ang mga datu ng mga lumad, at ang mga anak ng mga pamilyang Principalia.

But you know, it was rumoured that there was this one lady from a prominent Filipino, certainly from a principalia family in the Visayas, who tried to marry her eldest daughter to an English royalty. And when she failed to do so, she had ambitions of becoming one in her own country. In fact she behaved like one- buying tiaras and jewels, etc. When everyone was getting luxury cars for the wedding for their children, it was said that this lady provided her daughter a majestic kalesa fit for a princess as a wedding gift. She even surrounded herself with her own entourage of ladies-in-waiting, something that would even rival the ladies-in-waiting of Queen Elizabeth or those of Queen Margrethe of Denmark.

Sinabi ko na noon sa isang entry na pinangarap kong maging dugong bughaw, at minsan ay sinubukan ko na rin hanapin sa genealogy ng pamilya namin kung nanggaling ba ang clan namin sa isang principalia ng Laguna o ng Batangas. Ngunit sadyang mga magsasaka lang talaga ang mga ninuno naming, mga ambisyosong magsasaka. Hahaha!

Wala pa rin magkakaiba kung tayo ay mapailalim sa korona o isang pamahalaang itinaguyod ayon sa kalooban ng mamamayan. Hangga’t walang hustisya, hangga’t hindi nagbabayad ang mga kurakot, hangga’t nasa kapangyarihan ang mga pumatay at nagnakaw, ang Pilipinas ay mananatiling Kaharian ng Bulag, ng Pipi, at ng Bingi.


Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Juan Fell Down and Broke His Crown

His Royal Highness Juan Carlos I is stepping down to give way to his son Su Alteza Real the Crown Prince Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos Los Santos de Borbon y de Grecia.

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia. Photo from

Yeah, I’m a royal observer, or better known as the geek of boring matters.

So what? Wapakels lang ang iba. Pero as an Asian royalist, I’m deeply affected by this turn of events, especially for us (the hampaslupang commoners, and people like me, nobles in their own delusional world).

He was Spain’s hero when the nation came out of the shadows of General Franco’s dictatorship. But recently he became one of the most vilified crown heads of Europe and most hated personalities in Spain.

While the kingdom was in economic ruins, he was shooting guns in an elephant hunting game in Botswana, or he was, allegedly, shooting his gun inside some German countess. Not to mention the corruption cases her daughter the Infanta Cristina of Spain in which she allegedly employed a Filipino-style of embezzling money.

He is to be replaced by the dashing and more popular Prince Felipe. As the Vatican Court is being revived with the populist reforms of His Holiness the Pope Francis I, the future king would probably do the same. But as the crisis rages on, the call for the fall of the House of Bourbon is getting louder than ever.

I believe it will affect the European politics and inflict more instability economically and socially speaking. But more than that, it’s really sad for me to see royal houses lose their significance in the hearts of people. 

Monday, June 02, 2014

Menor Issues part 02

Speaking of “Menor Issues”, hindi naman ako nagkaroon ng mga ganyang issue sa buhay. In my almost 29 years of existence, I never had a major major event in life. Napaka uneventful, due to the fact na I came from a conservative upbringing and that my family has a particular religious predisposition that made each member an above-reproach citizen and human being. So sexploits are virtually non-existent.

Hindi naman kami alien. Tao din naman ako. We’re just particular people. I’m a particular person. I could be boring and bland to your taste but I can still spice up things in bed you know. All I want to say is that I’m human too just like anybody else, but with proclivity towards sexual abstinence at celibacy.

I have established in my previous posts that I am attracted to people who are 5 to 10 years my senior. Kung 30 ok lang, malapit na rin ako sa edad na yan. Kung 40 ka na eh malakas ang appeal sa akin niyan. Kung 50, my hugis pa at maayos ang maintenance, at well-established ang career, eh malakas pa rin ang appeal. 55 and above.... we can be good friends. Hahaha!

It’s not really about the money. There’s a certain wisdom and confidence in people who are 5 or 10 years my senior that I find really attractive and sometimes quite sexy, lalu na kung may physique pa silang ipagmamalaki. Sabi nga sa American Pie 1 “Women, like a fine wine, get better with age.” Yan ang mga mapupulot mong aral sa mga katarantaduhang comedy movies ng US.

But there was one time that I went really crazy for a minor. Sexually attracted talaga non ako sa kanya at sa tingin ko eh kapag hindi ko nilandi siya eh masisiraan talaga ako ng bait. 17 pa siya noon. With the way teenagers dress up today, nagmumukha silang mas matanda sa edad nila at sa YOLO culture nila eh mas malandi pa sila sa akin noong 17 ako.

It all started as a little crush. Ok lang naman. It’s natural. Pero nung nagtatagal eh umiinit ang flame. Naging object siya ng aking sexual fantasies. To make things worse, distant relative ko pa, eh it feels like incest pa rin kahit malayong malayo siyang pinsan. My family, known as the House of Tempest, ay itinuturing na nakailalim sa isang household kasama ang kanyang pamilya, so we grew up to consider them as close relatives.

I was really ashamed of myself. I felt horrible because I was standing near the line that separates a horny guy and a pedophile. And it felt really wrong. Unlike others, I always try to run away from my sexual urges, especially if I feel that it is wrong. Not that I’m saying it is sinful (well, it depends on how you will act upon it), but I’m really scared of what I can do with it, and what I will do with it. Naniniwala ako na ang sex ay nakalaan sa dalawang consenting at responsible adults. 17-year-olds are not responsible or aware of their own choices and actions. Ang mga twentysometing nga eh puro palpak sa mga decision nila, eto pa kayang menor na edad na ito.

It was really a dilemma. Lalo nga lang ako nahihirapan kapag nilalayuan siya. Lalong tumitindi ang tawag ng laman. So I decided to face my fears.

One time nilapitan ko siya. Nagkakwentuhan kami more than usual. Suggestive touches and some squeezing.

And then, all the sexual attraction was gone. Na turn-off lang ako sa lack of substance ng aming conversation. Nasabi ko minsan sa isang ka chat ko (I really miss chatting with you Senyor! Hehehe!) na kung wala din namang substance ang kausap ko eh hindi naman din ako tinitigasan. Hahahaha!

I guess, this time, other people’s low intelligence saved me from myself. Hahaha! Hindi naman siya bobo. Pero bata pa lang talaga siya.

Every now and then, pumapasok pa rin siya sa pantasya ko UNTINTENTIONALLY. Medyo ok na rin kasi hindi na siya menor de edad. Yun nga lang. Kapamilya pa rin. So nevermind na lang.

Basta maghanap ng lang ng mature, sexy at may money. That’s the real thing!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Menor Issues- part 01

Kapag binata ka na walang boom-boom-pow action every now and then o walang kasuyo tuwing gabi, na masaya’t magkatabi, at walang kayakap sa buong magdamag kahit hindi mo alam ang pangalan ng iyong kalandian, malamang ay lumelevel up ang iyong wisdom, to the point na madalas nagiging philosophical ka dahil madalas mong obserbahan ang buhay ng ibang tao at madalas mong tanungin ang mga hindi tinatanong ng mga busy sa sex life at love life nila tulad ng “What is love?”, “Ano ang meaning ng life?”, “Bakit puro kagaguhan ang nakikita ko lately sa timeline ko? Dahil ba gago at bobo ang mga friends kong in a relationship? Nakaka bobo ba talaga ang love at sex?”.

If we are in the same club of dashing bachelors, aminin mo- ganyan ang dialogue mo. My intelligence is due to the fact that my penis has not ventured into any other’s orifices. Bwahaha!

The thing is, kapag ang pag-ibig talaga ay pumasok sa iyong buhay, lalu na kung ito yung tipong ipinagbabawal o yung parang ketchup na kung saan ang lahat ay nakikisawsaw, maraming bagay at maraming tao ang maapektuhan.

Tulad na lang ng ating hinahangaan na si Freddie Aguilar. Last month nabalitaan ko na pupunta si Pareng Freddie dito sa aming lungsod. Mag perform siya kasama ang isang banda para sa isang benefit concert, at part na rin ng kanilang supposedly European tour.

Now, I’m not really a big fan of Freddie Aguilar pero sa tingin ko ang musical experience ng isang rock music lover ay hindi makukumpleto if you’re not going to pay respect to one of the living old pinoy rock music royalties (yes, it is debatable but I still consider Freddie Aguilar as one of the pillars of Filipino classic rock and country rock music). So I bought a VIP ticket to see the legendary music artist and the most controversial music artist of today in the Philippine music industry scene. Grabe naman si lolo, matanda na nga eh hume-headline pa sa mga gossip news.

Anyway, I was all set for that concert and ready to hear “Anak”, “Bayan Ko”, and “Estudyante Blues”.  Nadismaya lang ako ng mabalitaan ko a week before ng concert na cancelled daw.

Ayon sa aking kaibigan, tawagin na lang natin siyang si Ms. Insider, humingi daw ang manager ng mas mataas na fee. He doubled the price.

I said, Shet naman! Sa concert ni Alanis Morissette nagbayad lang ako ng 40 euros. Tapos nakalibre nga ako sa concert ng legendary rock icon Iggy Pop.  Eh magbayad ako ng 50 para kay Freddie Aguilar?! Hello?! International artist ka ba? Medyo kalokohan talaga.

Para hindi magalit ang mga nakabili ng ticket, kinuha na lang ng mga organizers si Ate Gay and Co. para mag set up ng isang show.

Na bad trip nako. Hindi nako pumunta. Hindi ko na rin ipina-refund yung ticket since para sa charity naman.

Matapos neto, may nabalitaan naman ako mula sa Pilipinas. Nagkaroon daw ng dramatic episode with matching layasan sa Casa Aguilar.

I put the pieces together. Kung tutuusin naman, ma-afford siguro ng mga organizers ang ang elevated talent fee at kaya naman siguro i-compensate ng mga sold tickets ang lahat ng expenses. Ready na nga daw lahat pati ang mga visa ng buong banda. Pero hindi kaya ang tunay na dahilan ng cancellation ay dahil nasabit na naman ang love-team ni Freddie Aguilar at ng kanyang menor de edad na nobya sa isang family battle at naapektuhan ang concert na ito?

Napakalaki ng posibilidad. Kaya ko naman naisipan ang bagay na ito- that love could really mess up certain things in your life. I hope naman na hindi maging ruin niya ang minor niyang girlfriend.

I don’t want to judge Mr. Freddie Aguilar. Para sa akin kasi, hindi dapat hadlangan ng sinumang tao ang pagmamahalan ng dalawang mag-irog, maliban na lang na kung ito ay labag sa batas at kung ito’y labag sa utos ng Maykapal. (Eto na, lumalalim na ang usapan!)

May isa akong kaibigan na nagkaroon din ng girlfriend na menor de edad. I did not approved it sa simula. I even tried to persuade him to relent from this kind of relationship dahil maaaring maapektuhan nito ang kanyang paglilingkod sa simbahan at isa pa, hindi ito itinataguyod ng batas ng tao. But in the end, wala din naman nakapagili sa dalawa.

Pero naniniwala ako na ang pag-ibig ay dapat mangyari sa tamang panahon at tamang lugar, otherwise, madaming problema ang dadating at madaming maaapektuhan na epal tulad ko.

Ito yung mga tinatawag kong “Minor Issue”, mga issue ng pag-ibig na may kinalaman ang isang matanda at isang menor de edad.

Hay pag-ibig nga naman!