Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Pauper’s Trip, or Cheap Trips and Cheap Thrills in Luxury Land, or Some of the Trips a Penniless Blogger Would Do

My blood pressure just hit the roof. I’ve had enough of reading the news about the Philippine political scene. I thought of writing the “lores of ‘noble’ houses of the Philippines” but decided to stop because I get so mad at these assholes that it’s ruining my mood. So now I’m writing this.

So I got so fed up with paying fines (fucking assholes! Do they really expect me to park my car somewhere appropriate in a city as big as a can of sardines?) and my debts, and working all week long, that I decided to go do what any other penniless blogger would do- a trip to the most luxurious principality of Europe- MONACO. Yes, I need a vacation, a day-tripping somewhere else. I don’t need to get laid for now.

It’s a pauper’s trip. Just 35 euros and I get to see Monte Carlo and Nice in France.

I’m kind of risking my life here. Currently, my permit to stay in Europe is still in the Questura and they’re still processing my papers. Theoretically speaking, I am an alien whose legal status on European soil is uknown. They still to decide if I’m a legally existing individual or an illegal alien, thus I’m not supposed to go beyond the borders of Italy.

But fuck it. Everything’s been so fucked up from the very beginning. So I decided to take everything in my own hands. I’ll grab happiness like grabbing someone else’s crotch- daring and pleasing and fucked up all together.

This trip wasn’t really part of my big 2014 plan. I was supposed to go to the Aerosmith concert but nobody wanted to come with me to Rome (because they’re all probably fans of those goddamn twinks One Direction or Justin Bieber).

Then I saw Nicole Kidman’s Grace of Monaco, and the next day I heard that there was a group tour going to the French Riviera. So that was it. It was decided.

Despite my poverty, I still haven’t lost my princely arrogance and Doña Victorina-esque pomp. I’m gonna buy a fresh summer shirt, new pair of shoes, comfy and classic short pants, sky-blue underwear, and a hair-cut (believe it or not, I don’t even have the time to get a decent haircut). And to top it all, I rummaged in every inch of my dirty cell for every cent and euro so I have some money to squander on something indulging (other than paying fines and debts).

As I said, it was Nicole Kidman who urged me to visit the gambling centre of Europe. Yes, I am that shallow when it comes to Nicole Kidman. But I still haven’t lost my character as a culture vulture. Hope to see some interesting museum and palaces, enjoy the summer sun, and have a great time.


  1. Asan pictures? Eto naman, minsan na lang gagala wala ka pa sa picture o madamihang picture.

    1. masyado ka naman demanding.... eto na, nagsusulat na at naguupload na!


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