Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lores of the Noble Houses of Esteros- The House of the Silver Screen or The Household Ruled by Dickheads and Assholes, Or The Macho Bloc

Truth be told, there’s nothing noble in the promiscuous House of the Silver Screen. It would be much better to say that this is the House of Dickheads, since the male relatives are sick, perverse, dickheads.

The sons of this Dickhead Household are deeply rooted within the chambers of legislation, or popularly known as the Princely Pigsty Council, once known to have housed the greatest minds and wise men of the land. There are still wise men and women amongst the councillors, but mostly, there are empty souls with great ambitions, great drama, and big words for grand-standing.

The family's banner...

The people love them, for the people could never distinguish the real from the act. The people would prefer to see big tears and alms, than hear clear ideas and plans for the future. 

It is said that they are mentally challenged men. Many have underestimated them. But never ever underestimate an empty skull with a black soul. Once upon a time, the greatest of these assholes became king, not only of the silver screen but of the state.

The wise and the haughty gifted people did not expect it. But when the ambitious stupid and the dumb come together, they became a force of nature that even God himself is forced to allow their will to prevail.

Let this be a lesson to all- never underestimate the power of idiots in groups.

Though they made it known that the princes under this household belong to different families, I believe that were all bred by one mentally challenged woman and one man who is the incarnation of that-bastard-assholic-husband.

 The Jellyfish King has been persecuting three of its princes. But the thing is, you may bring down three of them, but as long as the people proclaims them their own masters other than the rightful king, the household will continue to live on to breed more pretentious princes, or princesses. 

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