Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Lores of the Noble Houses of Esteros or Laro ng mga Trono Sequel ng Gagong Pilot Episode na yan, or The History of the House of the Divine Hand,

This is the story of a country that has become putrid and hopeless. It was called the Esteros Islands.

Its realm is one of the happiest kingdoms of the world despite the fact that it is the realm of the blind, the mute, and the deaf. Everything done there, whether God’s will or the lurid and perverse fantasies of man, it is always more fun.

The rulers of this realm belong to the House of the Divine Hand. Its former matriarch once ruled over these lands and was known to be a very pious woman. Upon her death, it was said that a certain anointing was poured down her bloodline that the people loved her relatives so deeply, they have become astoundingly mindless; thus the name of the family, for they were chosen, not by the Creator, but by his princely clerics, and they have enchanted almost the whole nation.

The presumably head of the family is the sovereign King Jellyfish (spineless with a smooth head), well loved and venerated by the people. What great feat has he done to deserve the people’s love is a great mystery that no one, not even the wisest of men will be able to give an answer. Perhaps it’s true, that the matriarch passed on her charm and anointing to the members of this royal household.

As the King Jellyfish was beloved by the people and so was his sister, the Royal Vena, also known as Princess Vena Real. The white princess was well loved that she had a roster lovers, or aficionados of heiresses.

Their relatives are scattered in the most important palaces of the state, in the chambers of legislation (also known as the Princely Pigsty of Airheads) and in the business sector

But no one really knows the phantoms that hide in the shadows of these gleaming royal saints. There’s the Archduke of the Household who has his left hand over businesses and vast lands, and his right hand manoeuvring the wheels of politics, and was even rumoured to have assassinated to husband of The Saint Queen. There are the Witch-Princesses whose words are poison and manipulative. There are earls and barons who serve the king but are in constant feud with each other.

No one really knows what’s happening and what’s being said behind the yellow banner. The blind will never see the light of truth. The deaf will never hear the lies. The mute will understand the true colors in the realm, but will never have the chance to speak out.

The famous words of this family are “I serve only you", a phrase that is perpetually proclaimed and said by the King in public, but the question was he saying it to the people, or was he saying it to somebody who is higher than him, the one who is truly ruling over this realm?

I dare not mention any names, for as God is my witness, the yellow banner of the household is always washed in the blood of those who make fun of these fools.


  1. *haha* I love the name 'Esteros Islands'. It somehow fits.

    What about the house with the orange banner? The one who reigns over the 'Itchy Realm'? *wink*

  2. Clap! Clap! Ang totoong rancho ay isang estero.... :D taba talaga ng utak mo sir trips!


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