Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Princess and I, or The Unglamorous Pilgrimage Towards the Mecca of Glamour, or That Little State of Glitter and Sparkle, or How A Princely Pauper Was Discovered by a Blogger

My Monaco trip was an escape from my daily routine, and some sort an influence by Nicole Kidman’s movie highly criticized movie Grace of Monaco.

After watching the movie I decided to embark on a pilgrimage to Monaco and pay my respects to the late Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco.

I often visit medieval towns and castles and museums. But this is out of my ordinary trips. The trail that I followed was the way of the glamorous- the ultimate visit to the cities where the rich and famous tread.

The first stop was Nice, where I looked for that international fast food chain where I can dump my shit, literally. It was more than four hours of bus ride. Really can’t say anything much about the city except that it’s full of life and full of beautifully tanned blondes. The sea was nearby. I went to the beach to take some photos.

A friend of mine uploaded my photos in Nice. One of the bloggers I know grabbed it. Well, I almost said goodbye to anonymity. It’s only a question of days before he puts it somewhere in the blogosphere. Anyway, I’d like to kill that friend of mine. I really do.

The panorama was splendid.

This is how their shopping mall looks like

Window shopping…

After Nice, we went straight to Monaco, which was less than an hour bus ride from Nice.

In Monaco you’ll see sights like this one…

The first stop was at the Institut Oceanographique, a palatial museum

This is the rear part of the museum that is facing the sea

We rode along the street where the fastest cars in the world run in the Formula 1 races. And yes, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and many other sports cars are just as common as being rich in Monaco.

The principality is the gambling capital of Europe and houses one of the most famous and oldest casinos such as the (what’s the name of the casino?). Unlike Las Vegas where casinos have populist policies, here in Monaco one is always allowed to enter if you’re wearing a crisp summer shirt by some designer and a perfume that has the scent of the filthy rich. Otherwise, you’ll end up joining the horde of weary tourists taking pictures in front of the casino. In case you’re wondering, yes, they threw me into that horde.

This is where the famous Hotel de Paris is located.

Bad shot. I was on a tour bus.

These are the things you’ll see in their flea market.

And where in the world you’ll see a shopping centre that has freakin chandeliers? Only here in Metropole in Monte Carlo. It’s really delightful to have cappuccino and strudel while looking at these marvellous lights.

I wasn’t able to visit the Salle Garnier, their opera house, but I got a picture of this oddly placed little church that was standing in the middle of modern buildings and was facing the sea. I just learned that it was…… Once a year, a mass will be held in this little church where many Monegasques and the royal family will be attending.

Of course, I visited the Palace of Princes. The banner of the House of Grimaldi was raised high, and that means Prince Albert was in residence.

But this was actually the high point of my trip to Monaco- to visit the Cathédrale de Monaco where the remains of Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco can be found.

Loyal to one another until the end, the tomb of Prince Rainier III was beside his wife’s tomb.

One would ask why I am being shallow and corny. Well, like I said before, I am an enthusiast of histories of the royal heads of Europe. But sometimes I still can’t bring myself to believe that fairytales happen. They do come true sometimes. That sometimes, even in the most tragic stories of humanity, there was once love, and there will always be love until the end, whether it comes coated by things that glitter and glow, or by simple circumstances brought by poverty. Love is always there to see that there will be an ending, whether it is happy or seemingly happy.

Whatever. I’m watching Grace of Monaco again for the nth time. 


  1. I'm happy for you Mr. Tripster! A trip to the grand Monaco! Wow!

    I am still waiting for my download of Grace of Monaco to finish - then I can relate to your love for the film.

    Thanks for sharing your trip, the pictures and all.

  2. Nako, i hope ma enchant ka ni Nicole Kidman sa movie niya kahit medyo flop. hhehehe!


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