Thursday, August 28, 2014

Overdrive Italia 2014- Prologue

Once there were three friends. One from the north who pleased the gods. One from the south who made beauty out of lights. And one who was lost in love and in his words. All three had beginnings and an end.

They met somewhere in a forest in Rome. In those days they were in search of God. In their pursuit of holiness, they saw each other. And their lives were woven together by divine grace and by God’s choice. In the following days, they shared bread, wine, and their lives. The rest was history.

They planned a trip together in the future. Nobody knew when. Nobody knew how. Nobody knew where. A decade passed, and the Renaissance Man found the way to make it happen.

They visited the northern cities. And they saw, they traveled, and they ate a lot. Buhay baboy na naman. Shet. 


  1. Impressive prologue I'm waiting for the epic :)

  2. ooh ito na ba ang istorya ng pasyal mo???

  3. bongga :) mala-pelikula na mala-docu na kaabang-abang! :)


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