Monday, September 01, 2014

Overdrive Italia 2014- Second Day: Loveless in the City of Love

Verona is the official city of love. This is where the legendary teenage love of Romeo and Juliet came to life, and ended, not tragically, but in the most stupid manner possible. For opera enthusiasts, the city is known for its Roman arena where most operas and classical music concerts are held. But still, Verona is the city of love, stupid love.

The Roman Arena and my two talikogenic friends

We went to the super-vandalised House of Juliet, where we saw the over-crowded atrium where one can see Juliet’s famous balcony. According to my friend’s travel book, this is PRESUMABLY the Capuleti House, but no one has ever confirmed it. The tragedy must’ve been that alarming, that nobody ever attempted to tell the exact location of the the disgraced family's house. Nevertheless, couples and love-birds still pay a visit to this house.

The traditional vandalism of sworn statements of eternal love is still rampant. I stood before those walls and those lockets and cast a bitter curse on them all. Bitter talaga eh. Hahaha!

The walls of the corridor leading to the atrium of the Capuleti House.
Lockets galore! A curse upon those promises! Bwahaha!

I did write my ex’s name and mine on those walls the first time I made a quick visit in the city some years ago. We ended our relationship, also in the most stupid manner possible. At least not with suicide.

Meet Giulietta Capuleti.  
The balcony of Juliet's room....
Not even grabbing Juliet’s right breast could cheer me up. I wanted to grab something else. Hahaha! By the way, aside from vandalising world heritage sites for the sake of freakin love and tradition, another tradition that was said to bring good vibes to your love-life is to grab Juliet’s breast. 

The face is more obscene than the deed.

So there I was in the city of love. Single and loveless. Shet.

I was actually in such a sour mood that day. Siguro nga bitter lang. 

I wasn’t also in the mood because I was kind of tired and I was wearing contact lens. Hindi naman ako sanay. Buti na lang lumipas din. I can be quite moody sometimes especially when I’m tired and anxious; like a bitch during her period and in heat.

That evening, after eating a sumptuous meal at a pizzeria, we just hang out in the piazza near the arena and listened to our photographer friend’s MMK-esque story about his life.

All three- sharing each other’s stories under the silver moon and under the blanket of a starry night. It’s like when we were younger, in our ultimate pursuit of life; our pursuit of truth, freedom, beauty, and above all, the pursuit of love eternal.

Bachelors club or some sort of a Dead Poets Society? I don’t know. I don’t care. I was loveless in Verona, but I had incredible friends.

A word from Shakespeare


  1. Dito rin ba ynng sa letter for juliet na movie?

    1. I'm not sure Ms. Sunny Toast. Hindi ko pa rin napapanood yang movie na yan.

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    1. It's not really that romantic when you go there loveless. Isusumpa mo talaga yung mga declaration of love dun sa wall. hahahaha!

  3. sino ang humawak sa ano? hehehe :)


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