Thursday, September 04, 2014

Overdrive Italia 2014- Third Day: Abano Terme, Padua

Overdrive Italia 2014- Third Day: Abano Terme, Padua

Nothing much. We just had to come to this youth convention in Abano Terme in Padua. Why?

First, I truly felt that God called me to go to that place for a certain purpose, even if I have given up on the ministry. But when God calls, you really can’t refuse because you know that if you disobeyed you are in for some big pile of shit. Ever heard of the prophet Jonah?

Secondly, the new chairman of this national youth organization is under-attacked by his own dogs. Those foolish dogs! You might consider me as the president emeritus of that organization. I was practically one of the main architects of the group. When I was around those treacherous dogs were simpletons, always quiet during meetings. And most of all, the leader of the band of rebels was one of the most inefficient members of the council during my stint as the organization’s president.

I went to the convention just to make my presence felt, and warn them that if they make another wrong step, I will raise hell and high water.

They were nothing. They knew nothing. And as national youth leaders, they delivered nothing. When I stepped down and stopped attending all meetings, they started grandstanding and behaved as if they knew everything.

They questioned the decisions of our bishop and they even bypassed the authority of the current president of the group.

Yes, that’s church politics for you. Not everyone’s a sheep inside the church. Some are bible-quoting wolves who are hailed as the kindest deacons of the church, but truth is they nothing but mere mentally-challenged spawn of unmarried antecedents.

I am foul-mouthed. My behaviour as a church deacon is questionable. And I am an abomination. I do not deny that. But these things don’t make them holier than me.

The thing about this is that those treacherous disgusting anonymous insects actually got away with what they did. My superiors advised me not to confront them and be gracious to them.

That’s what I really hate about these Christians. They do have a perverted sense of justice. It’s like they said that “Hey you can’t fight this battle. God is actually with them.”

It’s no wonder why many are switching to Islam.

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