Thursday, November 06, 2014

Save the Date

November 1 will be quite unforgettable. That’s the day I ruined the lives of four people in just one day. Yes, I am the ultimate curse for anybody who are going out on a date, and if I ever happen to be in your orbit, then shit’s gonna happen to you; unless we were destined to be at odds.

I was late for work and because of that, my colleague couldn’t leave and go out with her date. She had to call our director who was out on a dinner date with her fiancé (it was their anniversary). Four people were so fucking angry with me.

And I can do that. It’s not skill or talent. It’s a fucking gift goddamn it!

So that was the first day of November for me.

I really can’t help it. Being late is part of my genetic build up.

The following day our director came up to me and said that next time it happens it’s suspension for me. I just shut my mouth and said, ok. After all, I ruined her anniversary (seriously, November 1?) and I almost got a couple to break up.

So what’s next? I hope it will not involve my superiors or colleagues. Universe, how about messing up the lives of other assholes, eh?


  1. Replies
    1. Nako cyron... ang buhok ni madam director ko mahaba at marami pa.... pero ang pasensya niya konting konti na lang.... hahaha!

  2. Grabe naman sila, di mo naman sinasadya.

    At sa dinami dami ng araw, 364 pa ang pwede pag pilian (365 pag leap year) Nov 1 talaga ang anniv? Lol :)

    1. I know right.... it's really weird. Kapag makakagawa ako ng kapalpakan sa trabaho, laging naaapektuhan o nadadamay ang superior ko. Hindi talaga kami ginawang compatible ng tadhana.

  3. seriously nov 1 anniv? lol..kalowka naman! with late issue..It's not in my vocabulary pero l tried once at ang sayang lang...hahaha for a change:)

  4. kairita tlga mga latecomers! argh! i hate u na! hahaha


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