Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Story of a Dark Lord and Some Chinese Merchants

Not so long ago, some merchants from the east built a beautiful palace near the borders of the City of Hopefuls. These Chinese merchants named the palace the Pearl of Dreams. Inside the palace were apartments, big and small, where people could live a happy life with their family.

These merchants were trying to sell these apartments to the Hopeful citizens.

One day, as they were having tea, an ambassador from the nearby Principality of Avarizia came to visit them, carrying with him a letter from the Dark Prince.

The pompous Dark Lord of the other realm proposed to include the land where the Pearl of Dreams stood into his realm. In this manner, the people who live in that palace will enjoy the graces of the Dark Lord and find happiness in the bounty of the prince. On one condition, the merchants must give the best suites and chambers to the Dark Lord.

The merchants refused the proposal, because they felt they were going to be cheated and threatened at the same time. The family of the Dark Prince was known to be born with demonic greed and insatiable thirst for power and riches. Despite the immaculate and shining appearance of his realm, some merchants are never fooled by the perfidious tricks of the Dark Prince and his dark heirs.

The ambassador from the Realm of Avarizia never returned. Trading with the principality became even more difficult as it was frustrated by the evil powers of the Dark Lord. Soon the palace of the Pearl of Dreams started losing its glorious beauty and promises. The Hopeful citizens lost all their hopes. It was never a good idea to refuse the Dark Lord’s demands.

The merchants from East asked themselves if they made the right choice. They shook their heads and left the city, leaving behind the citizens of the City of Hopeful, a realm living near the menacing powers of the Dark Lord.

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