Friday, December 05, 2014

Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered

I am bewitched.

Bewitched by Lady Gaga’s cover of Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered song, which eventually led me to Ella Fitzgerald’s version that was a lot better than Gaga’s, which prompted me to do my own cover, which led me to do more research and found out that the song is a soundtrack of this interesting movie (sort of a gay flick) “History Boys”, and eventually urged me to buy a DVD copy, and finally had me crying like a girl in a hormonal-wreck-kind-of-having-that-menstruation-kind-of-situation condition while watching the movie; an I can’t explain why. In the long run, to let all these things pass away, I watched Nicole Kidman’s flop-movie Bewitched, because she’s awesome.

I am bothered.

It’s December and the climate’s like autumn, and it’s depressing; depressing because it’s the second week of the month and salary and Christmas bonus are nowhere to be found, and the insurance company’s asking why I’m not depositing money in my policy account since March; more than that I look at myself in the mirror and I don’t see a Santa look-alike, but I see an ogre; a fucking big fat ogre, and I’m going back to the Philippines next month, and it’s gonna be travel, travel, food, and food and lot’s pigging around until February, and it’s December, and it’s fucking Christmas, and I’ll be singing the blues again, and please don’t let me be blue while I’m in Zurich!

I am bewildered.

Three weeks in a different workplace, and I'll be staying here until February next year; I’m a man on a mission, and the whole team is an absurd combination of personalities and characters that crash into one another, contradictions, and politics and all those stupid suck-ups, and as usual, I’m a big politician as ever, everybody’s friend and the biggest ass-kisser in the workplace, again; and I am trying to get a date and stop obsessing with my bestfriend; but I really have no time for my love-life because there’s a list of people who will receive gifts from my bounty, and Santa’s not coming to town anymore, taxes fucked up everything that’s why, AND THREE CHRISTMAS PARTIES, THREE! and as usual I am forced to be there, join the sex games (oversexed again?), and the who monito-monita brouhaha, and what the hell am I saying?

Ella sing to me darling!


  1. Wow! Uwi ka ng Pinas:) Well, just be thankful that you have food to eat, the richness is shown in your body and you have job to go to. Then maybe you won't be so sad:)

  2. Advance Merry Christmas sayo. God bless!


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