Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Nightmarish Dream Wedding

The Dingdong-Marian wedding? This is the ultimate nightmare for all bridezillas out there who understood that the bar has been raised again on how ideal weddings should be- less solemnity, less reality, less spirituality, more glamour, more detail-oriented preparation, image-centered ceremony, and full of scripted romance and glitter.

Yes, dear grooms, your brides will have bigger expectations.

I sometimes think that weddings are really for the brides. All those glitter and flair could never ever be conceived by any straight guy, at least not all men.

I am not against weddings. I, too, dream of wearing an immaculate white suit like a virgin touched for the very first time, exchanging a vow to be committed heart and soul to my one and only beloved man, who is rich and sexy, and I'll be wearing that golden band with a diamond. But it's only a fantasy.

The trend nowadays is to compel the wedding ceremony to proceed according to the dictates of the master-script of the wedding coordinator, no matter how sacred the ceremony is. I used to think that a wedding's master of ceremony is the officiating minister, who was appointed by the Sovereign Almighty to bless the union of two hearts. Now we have wedding coordinators acting like film directors, telling everyone in the ceremony on how to act, what to say, and what to do. Not to mention the transformation of the bridal march into a pageantry, or a scene that must be captured by cameramen who were hired to produce a 20-minute video which will be shared through Facebook, because nobody has a gray matter with the adequate capacity to remember details and memories which they can share with others, like a sacred oral history passed down from one generation to the next. Now, their memories are encapsulated in those Facebook links which will be shared relentlessly for the next two weeks and be forgotten for ever.

So what is my problem? What is my fucking problem with that? Why am I being so bitter? Why am I bitching so much after watching Dingdong-Marian wedding? I think I'm getting a bit preoccupied this year about three weddings; and none of them is mine.

Ewan ko nga ba. Is it less of a wedding, if we don't look like those flimsy actors in the Rivera-Dante nuptial? Is marriage ruined if it is not as grand as our imagination? Can we just keep things sacred and solemn- the symbolic march of the bride to the groom, the sincere exchange of vows, the earnest witnessing by the godparents of the newly weds, the authority of the minister over the whole ritual?


  1. Hahaha :) Baka nga epekto lang ito ng mga napuntahan mong weddings.
    Pero may punto ka hehehe :)

  2. Oo nga, parang naging pelikula yung wedding. Unlike other weddings hindi ako kinilig dito, I don’t know why. Well, wish ko na lang sana na tumagal sila.

  3. well may malaking fact kasi na malupit ang sponsorship program nila dingdong at marian. plus the fact na ginawa siyang mainevent na parang last hurrah ng GMA magka followers at viewers before giving the management to San Miguel owners.

  4. I wish them well, but i did not care for their wedding at all.

    and i like watching weddings. baka nasobrahan lang sa coverage. i don't know.


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