Monday, January 05, 2015

Five Years

Five years of writing rants, comments, and many other things.

After five years, this blog is still a mess. You really can’t say what it’s all about. One can say it’s about all the journeys and the phases I’ve been through.

I spent the first year of blogging in Wordpress. Shared it with some friends, and eventually it was read by repugnant assholes who have no sense of humor. I was compelled to shut it down.

But I continued here in, and had more fun.

The last three years were quite productive I guess. And now, I’m going to meet some of the stars of the blogosphere (well, they are star-bloggers in my eyes), and I’m gonna have the chance of seeing them in person and not just stalking them in the internet.

Anyway, five years. I thought of doing a small party with some friends who actually read my shit. But I was too busy. Doing what? More shit.

And I’m supposed to be preparing my luggage. Bye for now! See you later Philippines! See you later Ilocos!


  1. After five years, meet up time! Have a safe journey and I will just see you in Italy, he,he,he.

  2. Nako sir jonathan, kung pupunta ka dito sabihin mo agad para makahingi ako ng bakasyon at maipasyal kita..

  3. Enjoy your vacation here!

    Ako na lang pwede mo ipasyal diyan sa Italy? Gustong-gusto ko kasi pumunta diyan eh. Ayy teka, wala pala akong pera. Haha.

  4. Happy 5 years Mr. Tripster! :)

    Have a safe and fun trip! :)

  5. congrats sa five years! have fun sa pagbabalik bayan! ikaw na!

  6. :) :) Hoping for another year of reading your posts :)

  7. HHAHAH! Happy Birthday sa blog! Wishing to read more and more and more hitik na blog entries! :) GBU!


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