Monday, January 05, 2015

Goodnight My Someone

As usual, I was invited again to sing at a wedding in Pagudpud. My cousin’s wedding. I’m not a professional singer. I just like singing and, to my opinion, I have a decent voice. They asked me to do a special number for them.

I sang “When God Made You”. I wonder what God was thinking when he made the man that I love? Was he thinking, Hey let’s fuck up the brains of T.G. and frustrate his life! I’ll drink to that and say thank you very much.

I like old songs, the kind that kids of today wouldn’t be able to bear to hear. I particularly like “Goodnight My Someone”, that lovely song from the old classic movie “The Music Man” (especially the Mary Ford version).

And that’s me. Always the wedding singer. Always a part of the entourage. Never the one who is getting married. What else can I ask for? I have no one. And I belong to two countries that do not recognize gay marriage (fuck you Philippines! Fuck you Italy!).

The man I love is straight (why do I always have to fall for straight guys?!). It gets worse- I’m gonna be his Best Man. But that’s okay. I love him and I have come to accept the fact that there’s no hope of converting him.

I think I’m a desperate romantic, although I don’t think that I’m romantic enough. I am just… corny? Mapait na mais? Ganon? Hehehe!

Anyway, I still believe in finding true love. I am that cheesy, but I believe it. One day I will find you. One day I will kiss you, feel your arms around me, and make love to you. We will make a home for us, and our two three kids (one Asian, one African, and one Latino).

So goodnight my someone, good night.

Goodnight, my someone,
Goodnight, my love,
Sleep tight, my someone, 
Sleep tight, my love,
Our star is shining it's brightest light
For goodnight, my love, for goodnight.
Sweet dreams be yours, dear,
If dreams there be
Sweet dreams to carry you close to me.
I wish they may and I wish they might
Now goodnight, my someone, goodnight
True love can be whispered from heart to heart
When lovers are parted they say
But I must depend on a wish and a star
As long as my heart doesn't know who you are.
Sweet dreams be yours dear,
If dreams there be
Sweet dreams to carry you close to me.
I wish they may and I wish they might
Now goodnight, my someone, goodnight.


  1. natawa ako bigla dun sa mapait na mais.. oh well malay mo naman sa takdang panahon yung mabait na yun maging matamis na...

  2. To be present in the wedding of the person you love but doesn't love you is possibly the most heartbreaking moment a lover can experience.
    I have this feeling that the ending of my love life is either to attend the wedding of the person who doesn't reciprocate my love or to be married with him. I clearly doubt the second one.

    1. Ano ba? Inuman na 'to. Pass me the shot glass.... hahaha!

  3. Hahaha. Sana pala nagduet tau nung feb 6 nang malaman natin yang boses mo!

    1. Gusto mo ng private performance? Sumasayaw din po ako sir. Hahaha!


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