Thursday, January 22, 2015

Royal Kembot Complex

And speaking of Dingdong-Marian wedding and all that brouhaha, royal wedding daw kamo. What's so majestic about these people?

In some ways, the event was the closest thing we could ever have to royalty- people pampered with power and privileges; people we adore, people we love, and people we worship. Politicians and celebrities and celebrities/politicians and celebrities-on-the-way-to-the-road-of-replacing-assholes-like-Jinggoy-and-Bong-Revilla, these are the new aristrocrats of the country and they're all around the event.

A prince can only establish his rule when it is blessed not only by peers but also by the princes of the holiest institution of the land. And as you all have witnessed, the great good shepherds of the Catholic Church, and yes, even those of my kind, of the Protestant persuasion, are very close and more than willing to bestow divine blessing upon these half-blood nouveau patricians.

Ah yes, beloved bishops- not only you have fucked little boys and us gays, you also fucked up the composition of our society.

Ano pa nga ba ang silbe ang demokrasya? I've been to certain places here in the Philippines, befriended some of the foulest political feudal lords, and one doesn't need a college degree to realize that the Filipino people have no use of democracy and their freedom, but could live under the rule of tyrants, or even foreign oppressors.

So please, crown them princes and princesses, pay tributes to our lords and duchesses, bow down in the presence of Queen Kris Aquino because you can never have enough of that bitch, and receive the graces of the holy bishops- champion-kuno of the poor, but most of all, merciful defenders of promiscuous senators and men who do not like to use condoms.

Basag trip mode- ON.

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