Friday, January 02, 2015

The 20 Last Things of 2014

1.      The last nerdy achievement- read 30 books this year.
2.      The last phone call- my beloved best friend.
3.      The last entry in my agenda- list of expenses
4.      The last thing I did with my phone- Took a selfie

5.      The last guilty pleasure- self-loving while watching some extreme and crazy Japanese porn
6.      The last porn actor to come across my fantasy that day- Koh Masaki (dedicated that one final squeeze to him).

7.      The last trip- Zurich, where everything is so fucking expensive, my bank account was bleeding.

8.      The last promise I made- I’ll be there.
9.      The last lie I said- I’ll be there.
10. The last lousy words I uttered- I’m coming.
11.  The last aggravating thing that happened to me right before midnight- Speed up some paper work for the annual report. Ah that company I work for- asshole.
12.  The last person I talked to personally- a colleague at work (yes, always at work).
13.  The last party I’ve been to- a dinner party for five with friends.
14.   The last music artist I listened to- Beatles

15.   The last book I read- Desaparesidos by Lualhati Bautista

16.  The last movie I saw (apart from that porn movie)- The Desolation of Smaug

17.  The last food I shoved down my throat- Cheese with whiskey, ginger and mango
18.   The last bothering thought that plagued my thinking- budget for my trip to the Philippines
19.  The last bullshit I said- “May you have a happy new year!”

20.  The last greater bullshit I said- my new year’s resolutions


  1. The first thing I did when I woke up - check my blogspot to see updates and saw this so now I am commenting. Happy New Year and enjoy your trip in the Philippines. I am intrigued by # 5.

    1. Thanks sir, and as for number 5, number 5 lang talaga ang pagpiyestahan sa entry na ito? hahaha!

  2. Naintriga tuloy si sir Jonathan sa no.5 mo Mr. Tripster :)

    30 books! Ako 2 lang hahaha :)

    Si Koh Masaki ay 'deadz' na, ayon sa aking na-google.

    Happy new Year sa iyo! :)

  3. Koh Masaki. mental note. too bad he already died? :(

    1. Yep. One year na yata nakalipas. A great loss for all gay porn aficionados. He is sorely missed by wankers. Hahaha!

  4. Ang busy mo huh.

    Happy New Year sa’yo!! :)

  5. naiyak ako kay koh masaki. shet crush na crush ko pa naman yan. wala tigpay na talaga siya. sure na kasi nagtweet ang jowawits niya. nyeta.


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