Friday, February 20, 2015

The Unveiling of the Big Fat Buddha

I will always remember these 50 days of vacation in the Philippines. I've been to many places, ate all kinds of food like there's no tomorrow, and did many things I never thought I would do (except getting laid; I'll get to that part later on, perhaps here in Italy).

The best of these experiences was when I finally met some bloggers that I've been following for a long time.

I met the Olympian matriarch who has made a mark in our blogger community. She chatted with me for hours and gifted me with words of the Universal Potentate Jessica Zafra.

I met the young lady who could've been my girlfriend if it weren't for my proclivity for penises. I thought of her as the perfect academician to head the ministry of education as we shared our frustrations over the future of the school and students, and of course, our frustration over our own quasi-existing love-life.

I met the fairest pink lady who manages her wealth well and promises to be a future magnate and wife.

I met the clever and accomplished writer among the multitude of bloggers.

I finally met my idol- he who shares with me the utmost hatred for Nancy Binay; he who shares with me the love for anything that is hateful in politics; he who shares with me the hatred for jejemons and anything stupid; the wittiest and funniest of them all; he who exudes humour among friends, and could spit venomous fire against enemies (read: Bianca Gonzalez)

And last but not the least, he who is as pleasing as the pine-scented morning breeze of Baguio. He who had this idea of going to Sagada, but I didn't want to, because I was afraid I might fall… off the cliff. And now I feel bewitched, bothered, and bewildered.

Great moments are meant to be shared with wonderful people. Thank you for the time. Thank you for the gifts. And I hope this could be the start of a meaningful friendship. Because who knows, one day baka maka-utang din ako sa inyo ng walang interes. Hehehe!


  1. its nice to know that you're able to meet of the few people na sinusubaybayan mo ☺

  2. I met some of them too last year and it was an amazing experience! Hope you can share the pictures!

  3. Awesome description of the bloggers you met :) 50 days of vacation is Wow!!! Good to know that you had a great time.

    #BackShot #HastaLaVista :)

  4. Akala ko pa naman ay haharap ka na sa picture hehehe :)
    Ang swerte naman ng mga na-meet mong bloggers! Samantalang kami (or ako lang hahaha) ay di maarok kung sino ba si Mr. Tripster hehehe :)

  5. ayun oh, sayang di tayo nagkatagpo sa Juego.... Di bale mukhang naging masaya naman ang mga ganap mo sa 50 days mo sa Pinas eh..


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