Thursday, March 12, 2015

Goodreads so far of 2015...

The past two months gave me a chance to read the best reads so far of this year
  1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets- There’s no need for me to elaborate on this or write down a review. Hello? It’s the Harry Potter series. I’m planning to finish the whole saga this year.
  2. Manananggal Terrorizes Manila and Other Stories by Jessica Zafra- thank you so much Ms. Balut for this wonderful gift. This is a collection of Zafra’s best short stories. They will make you cry, they will make you wonder, and they will make you wander in a world created by Her Universal Potentate Jessica of the Universe.
  3. The 500 People You Meet in Hell by Jessica Zafra- again another hilarious book that will truly quench your longing for revenge. It is as if she condemned all the assholes in your life to the place where they truly belong.
  4. Darth Vader and Son- Here’s a treat for all the Star Wars fans and geeks out there. It’s a comic book about the early years of Darth Vader as a loving father and his little brat Luke Skywalker. Simply hilarious.
  5. Predator by Patricia Cornwell- the book was ok. Just that. Not as exciting as her early works but it’s ok.
  6. Lucrezia Borgia by Maria Bellonci- A nice history book. However I wasn’t able to finish this. I left it somewhere in Batangas during our trip there, together with my favourite gold-plated Coptic Church cross bookmark.
  7. Duchessina by Carolyn Meyer- An interesting book that enriched the shelf of my beloved princess stories. The dramatized story of the early years of the richest European princess, Catherine de’ Medici, Duchess of Urbino, and a princess of Florence.

I am two books ahead of my Book Challenge 2015.

Currently reading- Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami


  1. Mahilig ako magbasa pero tamad pagdating sa nobela. Bilib ako sa'yo at sa iba na ang sisipag magbasa ng pagkahaba-haba. Sana sapian din ako ng espiritu ng kasipagan :)

  2. Hala! great list of books! this reminds me na may tatapusin pa pala akong basahin kahit ung Si ni Bob Ong hindi ko pa nababasa. hahahaha :D



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