Thursday, April 02, 2015

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was kind of gay....

So much holiness going around this season of piety and penitence. All of a sudden, the worldly are all like, “I’m not eating anything organic or meat, I am all fish and fasting, all that shit. Amen. Hallelujah.” And the more conservatives are like, “I am going beyond fasting and prayers. I am not gonna have sex with my husband/wife. I am condemning abortion, condoms, Lady Gaga and I’m bashing the next door fag.”

And my title is nothing short of a blasphemy.

Really. Because the holiest of all sacred acts and things will be bashing the next-door fag (after being intoxicated with alcohol and banging the fairy’s bubble butt, or that time when those conservative men accidentally stuck out their dicks for a free blow).

I am not a ruthless polemicist who will rant about church practices and denounce unscriptural doctrines. The never ending and irreconcilable differences of Protestants and Catholics, and our bloody history- yes, and they are the ones who usually preach against divorce. Ah the hypocrisy!

And I have this against all Christianity. Yes, you heard me. I am taking down in this entry, not only my own, but the others as well. You are all hypocrites. You dare to taunt and decry and denounce us gays and our fabulous lives, you don’t even know that your weapon was commissioned by the most fabulous alleged fag in history, His Royal Highness and Most Fabulous Majesty King James.

from Wikipedia
King James VI and I was the king of Scotland, and later on, king of England and Ireland. He inherited the throne after Elizabeth I died, and eventually ruled over three thrones. And he happens to be one of my favourite historical monarchs for being ruler over many kingdoms.

He wasn’t a powerhouse like his predecessors. But he was very conciliatory towards Catholics and establish a reign with a certain degree of tolerance. Note: this king who commissioned our Bible, dear Bible-believing freaks, practiced the culture of tolerance. At the time, Catholics and other Protestants had fucked up the whole system and all his kingdoms that he had to commission a new bible because all God’s men were fucked up with their own holy bibles.

James himself was a learned man and literature flourished during his reign, producing great men such as Shakespeare and Francis Bacon.

And the most interesting thing was his scandal-ridden court. Although the king was married a Danish princess, Anne of Denmark, and sired three children who survived adulthood, he was surrounded by pretty boys and handsome noblemen, and had a roster of male favourites, who are not only smart but also well-versed in all learning.

It’s funny to think how preachers condemn gays and lesbians by quoting from the holy scripture commissioned by a sovereign who made his bed chambers with tunnels leading to the sleeping quarters of his male favourites. Alam na this.

But these are all stories. I mean, no holy man has ever admitted to buggering their male companions, the way those hardcore Muslim Talibans are savagely butt-fucking those young Afghan boys but still manage to pray five times a day. No, as God is their witness, they do not commit abominable acts. So go, quote and quote from King James’ Bible. Quote pa more!


  1. Nahiwagaan naman ako kay King James! :)
    Natawa ako sa "Alam na this." hahaha
    ...may ganun pala.

    Pwede ka na maging researcher Mr. Tripster!

    1. Mga tsismis lang yan ng nakaraan, ngayon at isa nang kasaysayan. Hehehe!

  2. oh yeah... the art of hypocrisy!

    1. Religions have mastered it skillfully,. I am really sorry to say this.

  3. Ang intense naman ng topic mo. Nabored ako! Bwahahaha

    Di ako makarelate kasi straight ako!


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