Saturday, June 20, 2015

Balikan Natin si Manny

Nung natalo si Manny Pacquiao, wala akong ginawa kundi mag update ng status ko kung gaano ako kasaya. I even organized a small party sa bahay dedicated to his defeat. Obviously walang pumunta, ako na lang uminon ng champagne at ng sushi rolls na ginawa ko.

Malaki ang problema ko kasi kay Manny. As an athlete I do respect him and honor him. Pero I hate him as one of the leaders of the Philippines.

He’s an absentee congressman. Kung sincere ka talaga na gusto mong iahon ang Pilipinas mula sa kagaguhan all around us, you have to be in the plenary or be present in committee hearings to defend your bills.

He has authored/sponsored a total of 14 bills and resolutions, all of which are pending in the House of Representatives. Isama pa natin diyan ang kanyang opposition sa RH Law.

Ang nakakainis kasi dito ay ang pagkakaunawa ng marami na ang trabaho ng congressman ay maging guest speaker sa graduations at inaugurations, mamudmod ng pera, at mag finance ng mga NGO’s.

Well, nakita naman natin na hindi talaga dapat ganon (remember Napoles and her minions and barkadas?). A congressman MUST LEGISLATE, DEFEND HIS BILLS ON THE FLOOR, AND MAKE SURE THOSE BILLS BECOME LAWS THAT WILL BE RESPECTED, EXECUTED, AND OBSERVED.

Kaso busy sa pagpapapogi. Hindi porket born-again ka na eh mabait ka na. These pastors must admit that even their champion is nothing but an ambitious power-monger. And the church must stop encouraging all these shenanigans.

I see another Joseph Estrada in all of this. Hallelujah, praise the Lord!


  1. Very well said. Kapag popular kasi, puwede nang tumakbo pero wala namang alam. Ako na teacher, puwede ba akong tumakbo eh wala akong alam sa politika? Hindi! ,dahil sa pagtuturo ako mag shine so sa pagtuturo ako nakatuon. Maraming Manny sa gobyerno.

    1. Did you know thati was suspended from my church ministry because I was too critical of Manny Pacquiao? Diyan pa lang, kita mo na ang kahihinatnan ng kapalaran ng Pilipinas....

    2. Ang lupit! Church po yan at tao lang si Manny. I used to go to an Evangelical Church in here. After all those sermons about being nice, friendly, accepting, etc., I left because I saw from the people around me, in that same church, favoritism, racism, and I dont care attitude. Mabait lang sa services. There must be a big, big difference in how we perceive our country because we had been living outside. We wanted the best for our country and we cannot help but compare because we wanted improvements and growth. Eh maraming bulag bulagan.

  2. Well may point ka naman doon ☺

  3. The separation of the state and the church is a big lie. Politics is everywhere.

    Having Manny as a Christian is a big, big, big, big campaign material.

    I had always wanted him to lose. Always. I should have put my bet on this game nga eh. hahaha..

    My dad used to be a strong supporter of our church, sending us, his kids, to music and voice lessons just so we can be exposed and volunteer for the church. Then later on, he began to mellow down. Sa ngayon, he would still help in the bookkeeping/auditing of the church's finances, but no more extra mile steps.

    Sir Trips, ramdam kong sobrang mahal mo ang Pilipinas.


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