Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Best Friend the Bugaw

My bestfriend is always concerned about my social life and my love-life. He always has a roster of the fairest men of the land to offer me every now and then. They’re mostly young urban professionals from the Philippines or from somewhere in Italy and Europe.

One time I told him as a joke if he could find me a guy because I’m too busy to hangout around clubs and bars, or too tired to go out. And then he started showing me pictures of sexy and cute guys. Recently, he asked me if I would be interested to check out this young doctor in the Philippines who is gay, very intelligent, likes politics, and über rich (yes, I can really be a cheap whore when I am financially desperate). Take note: a friend of his.

Right now he’s in the Philippines, hanging around with this doctor.

Sometimes I wonder if he’s really straight. I mean he is always in the company of some gay guy when he travels abroad or whenever he’s in the Philippines. Add the fact also that I, his bestfriend, am gay. The cute guys (both straight and gay) are always drawn to him for some reason, and he always befriend the cute guys (supladito din kasi). The ever increasing number of pamintas and confirmed queens in his social circle really puts his sexual persuasion in doubt.

He’s an aficionado of show business and entertainment. If I am the political animal who dwells in the show business of the ugly, he’s the one who persists in the world of the beautiful and glamorous. I guess that’s how a photographer would live his life- surrounded by beauty. And in the business of vanity and beauty, gay people are the masters of the secrets of such world, so I guess it’s inevitable for him to have gay friends. Maybe I’m just envious because he always gets the attention.

He’s really a head-turner. Whenever we go down town, some pimanta would simply stare at him. He’s tall and good-looking too, cool and stylish. Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to make eye-contact with guys and your prospect is distracted by your better-looking friend?

Or maybe he simply has the eyes for beauty. He had girlfriends and courted girls who look like models, including a cousin of mine. He never had a history of going out with an average-looking girl. He had handsome male protégés like this douchebag from England and even that cousin of mine who has been my object of lust for a certain period of time was always all over him. Argh! My goddamn friends!

I really wouldn’t mind if he were gay. If he were, then I’d be happy and I’ll try to distance myself from him when I’m on the hunt for a man, because I wouldn’t win against him. But if he’s straight, I am ok with it, since he accepted me for who I am, and he’s been very patient with me being an asshole most of the time.

Whatever the case is, I still love this guy. He’s very kind and very thoughtful. He is one of my finest treasures in life (and I hope he would make me rich somebody, somehow). I owe a lot to him and I really feel like my life wouldn’t be complete without him. It’s not like I’m in love with him. I’m in love with my other best friend but that’s another story. It’s just that I think we have a special relationship because we’re both so different and yet it feels like we were made for each other to become best buds, just like the image here- me, the shit, and him, the perfumed, ultra-soft, hypo-allergenic, resistant toilet paper. 


  1. ang cute ng story nyong dalawa hahaha :)
    gusto ko yung metaphor sa ending lol :)

  2. Oks yang bestfriend mo dahil siguro oks ka ring kasama. I heard this from someone, " pumili ka nang kaibigang less pogi sa iyo para ikaw lagi ang bida."

  3. Well I guess just enjoy what you have now, what you have with him Mr.Tripster :)

    Ang kulit ng image at comparison ha, pwede namang hindi ka shit..pwede namang cum na lang haha


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