Sunday, June 14, 2015

On Florence Korea Film Fest and Hot Professors

Scarlet Innocence is the only movie I saw at the 13th Florence Korea Film Fest this year, and it took me back to those years of my youth when I was a walking flesh of raging hormones who did nothing else but be nerdy and fantasize about his male professors.

It’s the story of an illicit affair between the handsome-but-pervy university professor and a dull-pero-nasa-loob-ang-kulo-na-medyo-malandi girl of a dreary small town. He was running away from a scandal (he was having an affair with one of his students) and she was trying to find any spark of inspiration in all four corners of her godforsaken hometown. The relationship ended badly once the sexy teacher has banged her mercilessly like a bunny in heat and had to go back to Seoul since the scandal was over.

And as a rule, never break the heart of a girl who broke her vagina for you for the very first time. She followed the bastard and planned her revenge very well. The hot professor was not only still banging young slutty students, he was already at the peak of his success as a writer. And from the heights of his fame, she dragged him down to failure by destroying everything he has, even his family. Unfortunately, she has no idea what’s in store for her as she slowly reach the final steps of her goal.

As always, Koreans did it again with this masterpiece by Yim Pil-sung. It is actually a modern day re-telling of a classic Korean folktale. The 2014 movie features actor Jung Woo-sung and Esom.

I never had a sexy literature professor. I didn’t have the need of one to be interested in literature. But there was this school teacher when I was in elementary. He was our beloved vice principal. He was handsome and so tall that when I was near him I had the chance to stare at his crotch all the time. I always came late for school and as punishment we had to face the vice principal. And he was so hot. I considered myself lucky to have the hot guy in a room talk to me while I was sitting on a chair and he was standing in front of me, with his crotch right in front of me, almost every morning. I salivated most of the time.

Ah memories of childhood!

And speaking of hot professors, ladies and gentle-lady-men, may I present to you the future of the youth- Prof. Pietro Boselli, the crème de la crème of Italian male beauty, and we really don’t care about his brains.

He’s a researcher and a lecturer at some American university. I mean he’s so hot I didn’t even cared to know the name of the university.

But even if he were my teacher, I don’t think I’ll be even interested in maths. I just hate it. But I would definitely be present everyday in his class.

If I were the president of the university, I’d fire him. This beauty is simply annoying, and distracting, and a real liability for a university!


  1. Nagagalingan ako sa takbo ng kwento ng ilang mga korean movies. Basta, may sarili silang style.

    Naalala ko tuloy yung post ng isa ring teacher sa fb, ang sabi - "Tandaan, ang pagtuturo ay wala sa hitsura. Maswerte ka na kung may itsura ka na, magaling ka pang magturo." Tapos, napaisip ako, itsura at galing sa pagtuturo? Saan ako banda? Wala? Hahaha.

    You're back! :)

    1. Banda rito banda roon. Hehehe! Mahalaga is thay you teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride. Lol!

  2. Kung ganito ang prof ko kagwapo noon, siguro ni-drop ko ang lahat ng mga extra-curricular activities ko at never aabsent sa mga classes ko sa kanya.. hahaha..

    Hmm.. I really never liked the endings of some Korean tales and movies but heck, pag sinabing tearjerker, tearjerker na tunay nga naman... I hope na maalala kong maghanap ng kopya ng movie na ito para malaman ko ang ending na binitin mo. haha

  3. I can never recall going to class because I like the face of my professor. What struck me with this post is the realization that you like men at a very young age and that you still remember him well.


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