Monday, August 03, 2015

China, From Where I Stand

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. China is the future. And if we do not get along well with this upcoming super-power, we won’t be part of that future at all. I have no statistics or any political study to prove my theory. Just look at their major cities and how they are performing, and you will understand the possibility of the return of the dragon empire. Just look at every labels of any object around you and you will understand how it difficult it would be to live in a made-in-China-less world.

I have always been mesmerized by the beauty and history of China and its people (particularly, I have an intense interest in the Chinese male landscape, but that’s another story), its food, and the contemporary scenes of Chinese metropolitan life. I have always keen interest in their empire building, then and now. Empire building is something I would certainly enjoy doing in the near future.

Having said this, I still do not understand why sovereign people of the Philippines are always hostile towards the advances of China but are very servile when approached by the white peoples of the West?

China, in the recent past, offered to invest on massive projects in our country, but were all fucked up in the end by their Filipino counterparts. The situation was even more aggravated by the stubborn Aquino II administration, by cancelling all those projects (they said all those investments were ill-conceived since they were all done under the Arroyo administration). Obviously, the Chinese government was really pissed off because they lost a lot of money. So now they are back with much vigour and aggression, to the surprise of the pinoys, a people who is all talk but no game at all.

I think if we set the table for negotiations and business dealings which would benefit both countries, we will get along well. And we could be part of that glorious and prosperous future which the Chinese aim to achieve.

Instead, we choose to dim our reasoning with hate and stupid urban beliefs, and claim that the Chinese eat foetuses for breakfast and have dogs and cats as their main dish for their festivals. At least that’s how the dog-eaters and balut-mongers of the archipelago view them.

We choose to stand by the side of the Americans who promised us prosperity since…. since the word ‘never’ came into being. How many years have we traded with the Americans and listened to their promises, believing them to be our white brother, and we’re still swimming in the same pool of shit? Of course, there’s the corruption blah blah blah, but unfortunately we inherited that from our beloved US. Have we really benefited from Philippine-American trade relations? How many times has the US acted and meddled in our history and politics just to protect their interests or pursue causes that would benefit American interests, while we suffer and die?

Ok, let’s say we’ve driven out the Chinese. And the disputed seas and islands, what are we going to do with that? We will open our doors to let US, Australia, or Japan or somebody else to exploit them. How many times have we done something like this? And we would usually argue that we are opening up to investors that would generate jobs. Yeah right.

I am not a Communist, but I think it’s quite obvious that it is high time to look for a new partner. I used to say it’s time to be with China.

But things have changed for me since my visit in the Philippines earlier this year. I now have a very particular interest in the province of Palawan that I am compelled to speak out and offer any support to suppress Chinese invasion.

It’s really funny how one’s fiery passion for an idea is easily smothered when personal interests are threatened. And this had me thinking, the simple fishermen would definitely want China out of those territories because their livelihood is threatened. I want China out because they are establishing their presence near Palawan, and my interest is threatened.

How about the Philippine government? What prompted our government to act right now but not way before when China has settled elements of its presence earlier? Why now and not before? China didn’t act quickly. Their presence was already there way long before.

I am no traitor. I love the Philippines. But I do not intend to wage war against another foreign power just to be betrayed by my own brothers.

I am no traitor if I say that I will do business with the Chinese, if ever the time comes that they will invade our country. Traitors are those patrician families who have compromised our liberties and our history with foreign rulers in the past while they are exalted by our own kind in the hallow chambers of law and power. In the future you will see me with the Chinese, together with those men and women who bear the ancient names of landlords and tycoons; people decorated with words such as patriots, nationalists, and heroes. They will be seated with me as we buy and sell lands and titles of our future imperialist masters.

History will denounce me for my treason while it will honour those Filipino patricians and mestizos, even if they gave away the archipelago on a wholesale price.

Yes, it is a product of my imagination; it doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen in the past.


  1. So far this is the only pro-China post I had read. Hindi malayo that China is gonna take over. And yes, if ever magkaron ng pagsisimula ng Fil-Chinese war, people of Palawan ang unang maapektuhan. Wag naman sana. Masisira ang isang paraiso.

  2. As I was walking through immigration just an hour ago, there were throngs of Chinese people queueing up and it was a riot. I called it, the invasion of the Chinese people, he,he,he.

    They are everywhere, even in me.


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