Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What Do Pabebe Girls, Over Zealous Jesus Freaks, Stoned Assholes, and Noynoy Have in Common?

An empty skull.

The black propagandas of Christians are at it again. Ever since the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of the fabulous gay people, the Jesus-freaks have increased the pace of Hating-Fags-is-Not-A-Sin-Because-God-Is-Love Machinery fabricating falsehoods more than ever, circulating them around the world through internet; preaching their ultimate gospel- the world has become hopeless because of gay marriage.

I’ll get back on that issue later on. Let me take this issue at hand. It’s about Zondervan, publisher of the NIV Bible and the allegedly evil company owned by Harper Collins, publisher of “The Joy of Gay Sex” and the Satanic Bible.

They want to ban the use of NIV Bibles because it was published by a sinful company.

What’s wrong with their claim?

  1. They are plain stupid

The people behind this article are raising again the age-old debate among Protestant Christians- Which Bible should Christians read, the New International Version or the King James Version?

They claim that NIV is not reliable while KJV is authoritative and reliable.

An eminent Filipino bishop here in Italy, widely respected all over Europe, once said that NIV and KJV versions are okay. He didn’t make such a fuss over which is divinely sanctioned because HE DOESN’T FUCKING CARE BECAUSE IT SHOULDN’T BE SUCH A BIG DEAL.

Those who are usually very legalistic about KJV’s reliability are usually those assholes who claim to have spoken with Jesus and then cause the church’s schism and then doggy-style fuck all the ladies in the holy house, saying that it was his divine mandate.

The worst thing about this is that they really have no idea or even have the right understanding and training to interpret Scriptures correctly. How can they say that the NIV translation is corrupted or erroneous when they don’t even know Hebrew, Ancient Greek, or Aramaic? They have no knowledge of the Talmud. They have no idea of the basic principles of hermeneutics. And they have no brains at all!

  1. They are plain ignorant.

They know nothing of history. The history they know is from the beginning of the earth, up to the final words of John in Patmos, and up to what shit they did yesterday.

Between John in Patmos and yesterday is a black void in their memory. This is the result of being homeschooled by unqualified Jesus-freaks Christians. So far this is the best product of Christian home-schooling.

Yes, the gift of God to gaykind! Hallelujah!

My point is this- their advocacy is to stop Christians from using NIV Bibles because the publisher is somehow linked to the production of gay sex materials and Satanism, and yet, they fail to realize or remember or know that the KJV Bible is the fruit of the wisdom and intelligence of perhaps the most fabulous king of the United Kingdom, King James I &VI, the divine king who had his bedchamber connected, through a secret passage, to the bedchamber of his favourite male courtier, so they can have intense and sweaty nocturnal, erm, conversations on how to run the kingdom?

Now how’s that for an evil fruit of the devil?

3.      They are plain ignorant and stupid who are able to rally behind them the ignorant and stupid.

Whether it is an NIV or KJV, it is written nowhere in the Holy Scriptures that it is against the will of God for a man to use his common sense.

I have a feeling that these people do not actually read the Bible but only the commentaries of a bunch of greedy assholic televangelists.

Sometimes I wonder if redemption also requires stupidity other than Christ’s sacrifice.



  1. hay naku ayoko pagusapan ang christianity.

  2. super duper agree with you. Like anu ba? sa version ba ng bible tayu i jujudge ng Diyos? o sa kung paano tayu namumuhay? it's still on us after all diba?

    sobrang kikitid ng mga utak, me gawd!


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