Saturday, November 28, 2015

Huwag si Duterte, Please

Nakita natin kung paano dumiskarte si Hon. Rodrigo Duterte sa famous hit song ni Regine, Urong-Sulong. Yun nga ang bagay na theme song sa kanya.

At ngayon, nalugod ang mga fans niya dahil official na siyang tatakbo for the highest office in the land.

So ito ngayon ang pakiusap ko sa inyong lahat. Huwag niyong iboto si Duterte. Oo. Please lang. Huwag si Duterte.

Bakit? Ano ba ang masama kay Duterte? Maganda ang na-achieve niya sa Davao, at compared sa ibang presidential candidates, wala siyang bahid na anong dumi at hindi siya maitim… I mean, hindi maitim ang budhi niya dahil wala naman siyang na-launch na black propaganda against other contenders. In fact, I saw one interview na binigyan pa niya ng papuri yung iba, even the candidate with the most unlikely attribute, binigyan niya ng positive comment.

But why not vote for Duterte?

Bakit nga ba hinangaan si Duterte? Naniniwala ako na humanga ang lahat sa strong and uncompromising character ni Duterte. Just like Miriam, pero talagang macho-politico ang approach niya- Duterte and Death walking like besties against the society’s beasts.

Kahit ako humanga. And not just his uncompromising character na kasing level ni Miriam, pati din ang progress ng Davao. So why am I against the idea of Duterte winning the presidency?

I don’t mind him becoming the president of the Philippines. I am not against him. I am against those people who encouraged him to run for president, dahil napahanga sila sa kanyang katigasan.

Philippines, handa ba talaga kayo para sa katulad ni Duterte? Iisa lang ang iniisip ko kung maging pangulo man si Duterte o si Miriam- mahihirapan sila sa pagpapalakad ng bansa, at mismong gobyerno nila ang unang-unang makakalaban nila.

Remember when Miriam was a Cabinet official, the whole bureau was against her when she started to clean up the mess and straighten up the acts of her officials. And they were successful to remove her from office.

Isipin niyo Pilipinas, they will implement DISCIPLINE- something that is basic to other countries but is totally an alien concept everywhere else in the archipelago.

Hindi ko minamaliit ang kapwa ko, pero tumingin ka lang sa iyong kaliwa at kanan at mauunawaan mo ang sinasabi ko.

I predict na once they start all the reforms and discipline, yung mga pumuri kay Duterte, they will be the same people who will cry out to crucify him, tatalikuran din nila si Duterte at sasabihin na malupit siyang Pangulo. This is not the first time in our history that our people betrayed the same man whom they voted for.

Panginoon, patawarin niyo po ang mga Pinoy, dahil hindi nila alam kung ano ang kanilang hinihingi.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Suitable Marriage

A Suitable Marriage

This is about the pursuit of my family to marry me off to some unfortunate girl. Of course, I am writing under the influence of my new obsession-Downton Abbey.

I have told you in a previous entry that I am, above all, the prime bearer of the family’s name who will continue the legacy of my mother’s and father’s families. In fact, my documents identify me with two family names (I dread the times that I have to fit four names in the columns when I am filling up forms).

Curious enough, my parents never bothered me with questions about when do I plan to get married, or if I am dating some fancy girl, or if I have any love-life at all. But I am perpetually pestered by uncles and aunts, and family friends, and members of our religious community, as if my personal life should be everybody’s concern.

It’s easy to dismiss inquiries and I am not bothered by it, but when they start forwarding phone numbers, setting me up with a girl, inviting me over for dinner or parties just to meet a particular girl, those are the times that my holy patience is being tested. I try to be nice enough to accept invitations and properly give hints that there’s no future at all for their attempts of marrying me off to some girl.

I look at myself in the mirror and ask why. I am not that handsome or rich. I do not consider myself to be professionally successful. Why all of a sudden I am being treated as one of the most sought after bachelor?

It’s probably because in the community of our religious persuasion singlehood is a sign of spiritual and social failure. They don’t want to admit that so they steel up their hypocrisy by claiming blessed singleness, but you know and feel that they look down on you. (And this is where I lose all my gracious manners) FUCK YOUR HOLY SHITS IF YOU THINK I’M A LOSER. ST. PAUL WAS NEVER MARRIED, SO WAS JESUS, BUT NONE OF YOU ASSHOLES CLAIMED THAT THEY WERE WANKERS LIKE ME, YOU STUPID SONS OF BITCHES.

Back to regular programming.

I am supposed to be single, for now. I make no efforts at all to find a partner. I am still concerned with what would people say or think (at least the members of our holy community). And above all, what would happen to my family and my relationship with my family if I tell them “Mama, Papa, Sis, Lolas, uncles, and aunts, meet Mr. Right, I suck his cock every night and I truly love him”. They will definitely tear their clothes and put on rags, fall prostrate on the ground, put ashes on their heads, fast like demented prophets, as they cry out to God for forgiveness.

It could happen you know. I mean, I once made fun of Pacquiao and the church sent me a letter the following day telling me that I am suspended from my ministerial post. And my mother was mad and delirious.

I’ve heard the disgusted remarks of many of my cousins, so I guess I won’t be relying on their support. Not even my other best friend. He is convinced that I could change and that he is going to set me up on a date with some girl in Milan.

Recently, my sister has announced that she is finally pregnant. And the pressure on me to get married became even more oppressive. They were already offering me ugly girls. It doesn’t matter how they look. What matters is that I am set in an approved match and a suitable marriage. And it is really tiring.

What would be a suitable marriage for me?

In their opinion, I must marry a girl of our same faith, friend of the family, financially stable and be willing to become one of the Lord’s faithful servants.

And I spit on that.

I need to find a guy who is not necessarily rich but has the financial means to marry me in another European country where same-sex marriage is legal (we’re still waiting for it to be legalized here) and would accept me, an estranged individual who has no wealth, nor rank, nor family. As much as I fancy carrying on the family’s name, I would be forced to drop it and take the name of my future husband, and give my husband’s name to my children. But he must be willing to embrace the values and principles of my spiritual inclination. And he shouldn’t be a Muslim. Arab men are hot. But no. He must be a Christian too. But if he’s Arab and a member of the Orthodox Church, I can consider that.

But for now, I have myself. I am not unhappy. I have considered someone as my possible match, but nothing is official and sure for now.

Maybe I’m just being stupid and choosy? Maybe I have considered too many practical aspects?

Anyway, a suitable marriage is never easy to find or devise. That’s why I do not trust other people’s offers sometimes. It’s shitload full to the brim.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Downton Junkie Season 1, Ep. 6- Season of Love and Politics

Lady Sybil is beginning to get more involved in politics and the movement for women’s right to vote. Of course, it was unthinkable for an aristocratic lady to be involved in politics and have interest in it. So as the Dowager Countess puts it, “…her husband would tell her what her opinions are.”

Lord Grantham and the Dowager Countess were troubled by this, especially the Dowager Countess who thought this could be a problem when Lady Sybil would be presented to Their Majesties for the debut season.

I thought it was romantic the exchange between Branson and Lady Sybil in the car when they were talking about politics. I love guys who talk about politics.

She’s actually helping out a housemaid, Gwen, to get a job a secretary. When Gwen was losing all her hopes and dreams of a better life, Lady Sybil said, “And that’s why we must stick together. Your dream is my dream now. And I’ll make it come true.” And she’s not saying this as a charitable aristocrat but as a woman who struggles for the same dream- to be an emancipated creature.

As for the emotional weather report regarding the romance between Matthew and Lady Mary, well, they kissed! Finally, they admitted to themselves that they love each other. Lady Mary reported it to her mother who was delighted because her eldest child’s getting married AND the estate would not be given away. But Lady Mary decided that she would still tell Matthew of her secret, of what happened to her Turkish escapade.

But it seemed all too easy. Something’s about to happen here that will abruptly hinder the growing love between Matthew and Mary.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Downton Junkie Season 1 Ep. 5. Sibling Rivalries

This episode highlights the desperate attempts of the Crawley family to marry off the eldest daughter, Lady Mary. And I do have to something to say about the matter in another entry.

So in earlier episodes, the heartless Lady Mary has dismissed Matthew Crawley as her possible husband. So here comes Lady Edith who is now investing in cousin Matthew. The problem is, blonde cutie Matthew’s feelings for Lady Mary are getting deeper by the day. And so the rivalry intensified.

In London, there was a rumour about Lady Mary’s misbehaviour with the handsome Turk, and this was shared by the malicious lady’s-maid O’brien to the bitter Lady Edith- an information she carefully concealed to herself, waiting for the right time to unveil it to destroy her sister.

In the meanwhile, the Crawleys invited the rich old bachelor, Sir Anthony Strallan, hoping that Lady Mary would entertain him and become a prospect. Of course, Lady Edith was there to get the old guy’s attention. I mean the two ladies were all over him after dinner at the drawing room. Lady Mary wasn’t just going to give in and leave the old man to her sister, and Lady Edith wasn’t going to let her sister have the last laugh.

And in all of this, poor Matthew was left in one corner, like a doll thrown away by a spoiled little girl when she found a new toy to play with.

Obviously, Lady Mary won this round of their sibling battles, but for Lady Edith, it wasn’t over. She wrote a letter to the Turkish Embassy- a letter that could possibly devastate the future of her sister.

Other highlights:

  1. Barrow and O’brien tried to frame Mr. Bates of stealing His Lordship’s snuff box.
  2. Anna confesses her love for Mr. Bates
  3. Mrs. Patmore caused a disaster at the dinner table because of her failing eyesight.
  4. The enmity between Lady Violet and Isobel Crawley, as the latter questions the frequency of the former’s victory at the village’s flower competition.

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Grand Debacle of Praying for Paris, or Those Motherfuckers Who Criticized the #prayforparis Movement, or Pray for Paris Thingy And I Fucked up The Title Because This Is Not Going to Be Something Deep and Serious

The City of Lights was bathed in blood and smoke. Tragedy and tears all over. Confusion and heroism. Hopelessness and determination to live. Paris was burning.

For some reason, everybody was affected. Some Filipinos started posting their pictures of their cool trips to France, selfies in some Parisian cafe, and many other shits that are quite disturbing. I mean it would’ve been appropriate to post pictures of the Eiffel tower and your face if the city of lights were destroyed. There were attacks and there were HUMAN casualties. There was something inappropriate about those photos.

But what I’m ranting about here is the call for prayer for Paris. I wasn’t really enthusiastic about calling for prayers. Muslims do that on Fridays, I think. And Christians have designated days and feasts with interminable prayers to saints and angels and David’s tower. But I did whisper a prayer the moment I saw the news on TV.

On Facebook I wrote something like- not just prayer, justice for Paris. I was calling for government action, community action, diplomatic protest, and such. And obviously, being an ignorant jackass, I was quite paranoid when there’s an ugly Arab guy around me (because I wouldn’t be if he were hot and handsome like the prince of Dubai). By Monday at work, we had a minute of silence for atheists and agnostics, a minute for prayers for the religious, and a minute of peaceful rest for the lazy assholes. 

#prayerforparis started trending eventually and the idea of putting the French colours (which is quite similar to the Filipino flag colours, only that we are so festive, we added stars and the yellow colour) on one’s profile photo was simply genius. And you know humans, it’s all about solidarity and unity and the common good. Until….

#prayforparis has brought from the shadows of anonymity all the ignorant assholes, the political animals, fear-mongers, the political-correctness police, grammar Nazis, genuine heroes and advocates of right causes, the religious righteous, the peace-loving-Islam-loving haters of Christianity, frustrated haters of the west who are living and benefiting freedoms and rights in the west, and of course, you, and me.

So now, a prayer can be a big issue for the great Internet Police Force of Political Correctness, also known as internet trolls and all those presumably big shots of the internet (a.k.a. internet trolls).

They were all like “Why not pray for Nigeria?”, “why didn’t you pray for Lebanon?”, and all other cities that were attacked by terrorists and warlords, and on and on they spewed out bullshits. These bastards started bitching bitterly in the internet over the appalling ignorance of many people who prayed for Paris.

Really now. All this time, what were they doing to diminish people’s ignorance about the terrorist attacks in Africa and Middle East? NADA. NIENTE. NOTHING. WALA. They didn’t even have the intention to do some information campaign, not even tried to educate friends and family. Instead they liked Facebook pages and criticized their fellow bastards. And I bet, they haven’t even donated a coin to help any humanitarian organizations. Husto lang sa Likes, kumbaga.

Most people are ignorant, not because they’re stupid, but because they are sometimes misled, and sometimes you really need to fan into flame their interest for certain issues. I think it should be their responsibility to inform people of the tragedies that are happening elsewhere, and it should be their fault if ignorance abounds.

Right now I am really confused because I can’t decide whether I should hate those pretentious PC fools or the general ignorance of the majority. But then, I hate humanity in general, so I guess I won’t take any side at all on this matter.

To end this shitty entry, I would like to share with everybody the words of most righteous girl of all time in the history of Philippine show business, Deniece Cornejo-

“I will still pray for you… na sana gumaling ka….”

Friday, November 13, 2015

Downton Junkie Season 1, Episode 4- Budding Love Upstairs, Budding Love Downstairs

In this episode the Crawley Family is dealing once again with it’s Great Matter- the estate, the inheritance and the future of the eldest daughter of the Earl of Grantham.

Of course, it’s always the great matter of the rich. While our great matter and struggle is how to keep our budget up until the last day of the month and save the last penny for our future, their great matter is how not to become less rich, not becoming poor, but less rich.

But what I really got interested here is the budding love upstairs and downstairs.

Budding love upstairs
  1. Matthew Crawley was asked by the Dowager Countess to look into the inheritance laws for any loophole that will favour her granddaughter’s claim- a move that was quite spiteful since it was Matthew Crawley’s right to have it. But cute cousin Matthew did what Lady Violet asked and couldn’t find anything to save Mary. But he was very sympathetic towards Mary, so sympathetic that he was showing too much emotion for an Englishman. In fact, he was showing signs that he was starting to have feelings for heartless Mary, who was crying all over again because dear old papa wasn’t doing anything to put up a fight for her claims. That is probably because cousin Matthew was already warming up to the Lord of Grantham.
  2. Lady Sybil and all her talk of women’s rights and politics made the new chauffeur, Branson, get interested in her. It will soon develop into something that we will look forward too. And besides, if I were in Lady Sybil’s shoes and elegant frock, I would fall for a cute Irish who is very political.

Budding love downstairs
  1. Anna has taken a sick leave for the day, and Mr. Bates brought her dinner. It’s hard to be romantic with someone like Mr. Bates. He’s not the handsome fellow that could brighten your day. But when a guy is very gallant, sympathetic and kind, one might also fall for that. Besides, Anna is like someone who is pure of heart. She is really a kind person. Perfect match!
  2. The William-Daisy-Thomas love triangle is starting to build up. William is making advances to get Daisy’s attention, who in turn is making advances to get Thomas Barrow’s attention who is not making any effort to be loved but does everything to aggravate other people’s dilemma.
  3. Elsie Hughes meets her former suitor who was a widower in this episode. She was delighted to meet her old flame. This is the part of the story that I really liked. There’s something about it that makes me feel euphoric. She may have loved him but she chose service. Will there be ever a Mr. Hughes?

And once again, the battle of wits between Isobel and Lady Violet!

Now off to the next episode!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Downton Junkie- Season 1, Episode 3- Turkish Delight and Deadly Sex

In this episode I had the pleasure to enjoy some Turkish delight.

Not that. I mean this Turkish delight.

Theo James as Mr. Kemal Pamuk
Evelyn Napier, one of the many fascinating suitors of the Lady Mary, visited Downton Abbey with his handsome friend, a Turkish envoy, Mr. Kemal Pamuk (played by Theo James), for a hunting party.

Of course, such male beauty would delight all female species of the household, including gay footman Thomas Barrow, who was assigned to be the diplomat’s valet. And he thought he was the luckiest bitch in the planet. In fact, I’d be glad to become a valet if I were to service such eye candy. Imagine, everyday dressing up such male beauty- dawn and dusk. The only downside of such profession would be having a sore boner all throughout the day for the rest of your life.

Moving on. That evening, while Mr. Pamuk was being dressed up for dinner, Barrow made advances to the foreigner but was abruptly rejected, telling the poor bitch that he likes vajayjays. Poor bitch. He insinuated that he could report his questionable behaviour, unless he helps him get to Lady Mary’s bed that night. And the poor bitch complied. That was understandable. At the time, homosexuality is a crime.

After dinner, at the drawing room (I love the concept of drawing rooms, ahahaha), Mary was being flirted by three men. Now that’s one lucky bitch. Of course, she preferred the company of the fairest of them all, Mr. Pamuk.

That night, with the help of Gay Barrow, Pamuk went to Mary’s room. Of course, the honourable maiden was shocked. And I think she was genuinely shocked. The idea of a man inside a lady’s room was quite a shocker at the time. It is for me, believe it or not. On a certain level and on certain issues, I am quite conservative and old-fashioned.

Lady Mary played hard to get of course. But not that hard, because eventually Mr. Pamuk, who was hard at that time, got on top of her. I don’t know exactly what transpired inside the lady’s chamber, but Mr. Pamuk died right after deflowering the hard-to-get lady. And I thought, is it really that deadly to have sex with a virgin? If that’s so, who will be the first guy to die in my arms on the night I lose it? hahaha!

With the help of her most trusted maid, Anna, and her mother, Lady Cora, they managed to carry the dead Turkish back to his room. But that wasn’t the end of Lady Mary’s tribulation. Lady Cora was furious and unforgiving, because she knew the magnitude of the damage that was done to the Crawley family. It’s interesting how people think in the early 1900’s and early 2000- when a guy gets laid, even in his deathbed, he is legend, but when a girl loses her virginity, she’s a bitch. But then, most of the time, girls who are that easy are generally bitches to the core.

So the three of them swore that they will keep it a secret. Unfortunately for them, the kitchen maid Daisy, partly saw them at dawn. What would Daisy do? What would happen to Lady Mary now?

Anyway, the lady is already damaged goods. And if society found out what happened, they are ruined. This incident has changed Mary’s life. But there’s a light in all of this gloominess- dearest cousin Matthew Crawley is starting to get interested in Mary. Kilig much!

Monday, November 09, 2015

Becoming a Sugar Daddy

This coming Christmas, I bought some stuff for boys. Yes. Not men. Boys. And not minors. I’m not a paedophile. And not just some stuff. Expensive items that have gone beyond the limits of my budget.

But then it is Christmas, and I’ve always believed that nothing is lost when you give to others, especially to handsome boys.

I didn’t pay them for sex and I did not reward them for some sexual favour. It has nothing to do with that. I felt generous this year and I simply wanted to give them gifts as a sign of my gratitude for their generosity and kindness to me, and for helping me out when I was in need. 

But there’s a certain pleasure in giving away such expensive gifts to handsome boys. It’s like I’m investing wealth in them. Because eventually, I received their graces and gratitude, and most of all, the attention and the companionship they are willing to offer. I did not expect it, but that’s what I got for being generous to them

And that made me think- am I becoming a sugar daddy?

When I was younger (And I am still young; I am still considered in the category of youth under the United Nations criteria), I used to look out for older men. And even now, I am willing to date a 50-year-old guy, as long as he’s good-looking, healthy, and wealthy.

I admit that my interest is triggered by wealth. But that’s not the only thing that catches my interest. I check out the physique of a guy. I mean, I wouldn’t date a mature guy who has heart-related sickness (he might die after I give him the best blow job in his lifetime) and who looks like saggy scrotum. And also I scrutinize his thoughts, manners, and if he has a sense of humour.

My point is, I admire rich men because of their skills and success, especially those who are self-made men. And I’m quite fond of men who are in power. That’s why I love Sen. Sonny Angara and Gov. Jonvic Remulla. Bong Revilla’s handsome and powerful too, but he’s the kind of dick that I wouldn’t suck. I’d rather eat a vajayjay than do Revilla.

Senator Cutie Pie Angara
Gov. Yummy Remulla

I still can’t see myself dating younger guys, unless they posses qualities that I am looking for a man- wealth or at least a vision in life, maturity (I need someone who is mature because I am immature and helpless), and a good sense of humour and common sense (because it’s not like I only need sexual gratification when I get back from work. I need a good conversation too).   

This could be me- the rich mature guy and my young man-slut
Now that I am in my late twenties (because 30 is in the late twenties, hahaha!), I think I’m becoming the mature daddy. But I don’t mind. I’d like to be one. I’d like to be rich and powerful, have a young husband who will live with me in my villa here in Florence, and keep a lover hidden in some apartment in Milan, and have wild sex with my boytoy in some house, near the Apostolic Palace, in Rome. The ultimate Italo-Filipino Latin Lover! Hehehe! But for now, I must comfort myself with  the acquaintances and male friends I have, my best friends and my hand, and my bleeding wallet and quasi empty bank account.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Downton Junkie- Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2- part 2, Random Thoughts


In the early 1900’s people were so scared of electricity. They demonized it by believing that it caused more perils than comfort. The Dowager Countess in fact was shielding her eyes with a fan. I think it’s human habit, that whenever something is hard to comprehend, people always think that it is associated with the devil.

The Gay Footman

One character in the series that caught my attention was Thomas Barrow, the footman. He’s one of the bad guys of the series. And he’s strikingly handsome. And he’s gay. At the time of Edwardian England, homosexuality is a crime (while in Italy, it was somehow accepted. Italians were so open-minded in the past and so Neanderthal today.)

He had an affair with a duke. But the relationship was off because the duke said it was only for a season in London and shouldn’t last long. Stupid duke. If I were rich and powerful, I wouldn’t mind hiring a valet who would be willing to serve me in the best of my interest and pleasure, in all ways and forms.

what a lovely exchange of tongues
Anyway, Mr. Barrow is truly spiteful, and it gets nastier when he plots with his ally, Mrs. O’brien, the personal maid of Lady Cora. Everybody hates the devilish duo. There is always that duet of the most hateful persons in the workplace.

Invisible Servants

In the first scenes of episode one, Daisy, the kitchen maid, was ordered to go downstairs as soon as possible before the family see her. I had a very interesting chat one time with a Polish count (I did some odd jobs for the disgraced nobleman), and he said that there was a time in their household that his grandfather did not want to see the lowest-ranking servants roaming around in their halls and that they were to be invisible-like when the nobles were around. Only the butler and footmen, and the ladies’ maids were allowed to be seen. Kitchen maids were the lowest of them all and they were to stay downstairs. And it was indeed the case in Downton Abbey. He said that if his grandfather saw me talking to him, he would have had me whipped. But that would be nice. Bondage and masochism. Just kidding!

Dinner with nobles

I’ve never had a meal with any noble, not even with the Polish count. Of course, I wasn’t allowed to eat with him. But there’s an interesting scene where Matthew Crawley was dining with his aristocratic cousins. He’s lucky that he’s from the upper middle-class and that he’s a relative, and he can be at ease with those kind of people.

I had a teacher who taught me French and she invited me for lunch at her house. She didn’t say that her house was a large Tuscan villa, and she didn’t say that she descended from some local noble family. I felt awkward and out of place when I learned that I was to meet other members of the family. I think she does it as charity and not because I was a bright student.

I know some table manners and etiquette, luckily, and managed to get through it. Madame Teacher was pleased. But I refused the invitation to dinner for the following week. I wasn’t ready for that… yet. Hahaha! But it was a pleasant experience though. 

Downton Junkie- Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2- The Beginning of an Addictive Journey part 01

Addictive elements-

1.      The Highclere Castle- the castle is my dream home-stately, imperious, beautiful. I always dream of buying a castle or a palace. But what are my chances? At least libre ang mangarap. Kaya naman sa bawat kayod, yang dream house na yan ang nasa isip ko. It’s funny to think that the characters call it a house. When we speak of houses, we think of a average-looking building with a roof, enough for a family of four. Pero sabi lagi nila, bakit ka mangangarap ng malaking palasyo kung kalungkutan naman ang kapalit nito. Well I’d rather be tragic inside a palatial home, because right now, I am not being cheerful inside my rat hole. But think positive. With the right mind and right thinking, things will come out just as planned. Yes!

2.      The English Aristocracy- I’ve always been interested in the lives of aristocrats. They are so gracious and the English aristocracy is quite famous. Even here in Europe we know little of the nobilities of other European realms. Their values and etiquette are so interesting and different- quite a culture of its own. While those of the Italian, French and Spanish are quite similar. Perhaps this singularity of the English aristocratic culture and etiquette that made it stood out. 

3.      Inheritance Issues- The death of a rich family’s patriarch or matriarch always leads to interesting stories concerning its children, cousins, and illegitimate spawns and the struggle for money and financial redemption. I remember the inheritance brawl of the pigs of the patrician family, the Madrigals. Episode one started with the death of the heir apparent of Lord Robert, the Earl of Grantham. Because of some stupid inheritance law, the whole estate could not be granted to his eldest daughter, the beautiful heartless bitch Lady Mary Crawley, because the law states that it must be given to a male heir. Those were the years that women of all classes were regarded only as trophies and nothing more. So they plot and plot and plot on how save the estate and their wealth.

4.      Lady Mary- she is a heartless bitch and a real snob. Pretty much how we envision rich bitches and luxurious brats. But she’s a very interesting character.

5.      The Countess of Grantham, Lady Cora- She is the rich American who married Lord Robert. Lady Cora is very enchanting, gracious, and the perfect lady- her style, her etiquette, her manners, everything. And she’s American, which really got me puzzled. From what I have gathered in the first two episodes, the wealth of the Crawley family was founded on Cora’s dowry. I did some research and I found out that there was a time many British and other European noblemen went abroad, in particular, in America, in search of wives from prominent multi-millionaire families. And I think this is the case. In fact, Lord Robert, in a discussion with his mother, Lady Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham, admitted that he was a fortune-hunter and that he married Cora for her wealth.

6.      Matthew Crawley- Oh the prince who came to save the fortune of the Crawleys, except that he is not really a prince. 

He’s a middle-class man and a distant relative of Lord Robert. He is cute and blond and I already like him. But to Lady Mary, he’s an arrogant bastard who doesn’t deserve her or the estate and title of earl. The plotters (Lady Cora and the Dowager Countess) think that the only way to save the estate is to marry Lady Mary to Matthew, the heir apparent. The only thing is that Matthew views the aristocratic life as frivolous and absurd, and refuses to live the life of a lord. I think he’s being absurd. Life is handing out to you happiness on a silver plate and you spit on it? The actor is charming in this episode. But look at him now.
Dan Stevens looking not-so-gentlemanly

7.      Lady Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess- Dowager is the title added to widow nobles. In these first two episodes, she is the epitome of subtle snobbery and witticism. I loved it when she inquired, “What is a weekend?”. Ah, snootiness at its finest!