Monday, November 09, 2015

Becoming a Sugar Daddy

This coming Christmas, I bought some stuff for boys. Yes. Not men. Boys. And not minors. I’m not a paedophile. And not just some stuff. Expensive items that have gone beyond the limits of my budget.

But then it is Christmas, and I’ve always believed that nothing is lost when you give to others, especially to handsome boys.

I didn’t pay them for sex and I did not reward them for some sexual favour. It has nothing to do with that. I felt generous this year and I simply wanted to give them gifts as a sign of my gratitude for their generosity and kindness to me, and for helping me out when I was in need. 

But there’s a certain pleasure in giving away such expensive gifts to handsome boys. It’s like I’m investing wealth in them. Because eventually, I received their graces and gratitude, and most of all, the attention and the companionship they are willing to offer. I did not expect it, but that’s what I got for being generous to them

And that made me think- am I becoming a sugar daddy?

When I was younger (And I am still young; I am still considered in the category of youth under the United Nations criteria), I used to look out for older men. And even now, I am willing to date a 50-year-old guy, as long as he’s good-looking, healthy, and wealthy.

I admit that my interest is triggered by wealth. But that’s not the only thing that catches my interest. I check out the physique of a guy. I mean, I wouldn’t date a mature guy who has heart-related sickness (he might die after I give him the best blow job in his lifetime) and who looks like saggy scrotum. And also I scrutinize his thoughts, manners, and if he has a sense of humour.

My point is, I admire rich men because of their skills and success, especially those who are self-made men. And I’m quite fond of men who are in power. That’s why I love Sen. Sonny Angara and Gov. Jonvic Remulla. Bong Revilla’s handsome and powerful too, but he’s the kind of dick that I wouldn’t suck. I’d rather eat a vajayjay than do Revilla.

Senator Cutie Pie Angara
Gov. Yummy Remulla

I still can’t see myself dating younger guys, unless they posses qualities that I am looking for a man- wealth or at least a vision in life, maturity (I need someone who is mature because I am immature and helpless), and a good sense of humour and common sense (because it’s not like I only need sexual gratification when I get back from work. I need a good conversation too).   

This could be me- the rich mature guy and my young man-slut
Now that I am in my late twenties (because 30 is in the late twenties, hahaha!), I think I’m becoming the mature daddy. But I don’t mind. I’d like to be one. I’d like to be rich and powerful, have a young husband who will live with me in my villa here in Florence, and keep a lover hidden in some apartment in Milan, and have wild sex with my boytoy in some house, near the Apostolic Palace, in Rome. The ultimate Italo-Filipino Latin Lover! Hehehe! But for now, I must comfort myself with  the acquaintances and male friends I have, my best friends and my hand, and my bleeding wallet and quasi empty bank account.


  1. kawawa naman ang iyong husband to be, ang dami mong sidelines hahaha

    1. Joke lang yun. Stick one ako... one at a time. Hahaha!

  2. Merry Christmas po Ninong Tripster! hahahaha...

    Oh.... Angara... So talino and so crushable!

    1. Sorry kat, madami na ako inaanak. Hahaha! Cute talaga ni senator no? Pero mas yummy pa rin si governor.

  3. ay akala ko kasama ako sa boys na yan. lol

    1. why not? lol

      ang hot ng pic header mo ah lalo sa right pag binaba mo. choz

    2. hmmm.... i might change this header. Quite inappropriate. hahaha!

    3. Hahahaha! inappropriate ba? pleasing to the eyes nga eh. lels


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