Saturday, November 21, 2015

Downton Junkie Season 1 Ep. 5. Sibling Rivalries

This episode highlights the desperate attempts of the Crawley family to marry off the eldest daughter, Lady Mary. And I do have to something to say about the matter in another entry.

So in earlier episodes, the heartless Lady Mary has dismissed Matthew Crawley as her possible husband. So here comes Lady Edith who is now investing in cousin Matthew. The problem is, blonde cutie Matthew’s feelings for Lady Mary are getting deeper by the day. And so the rivalry intensified.

In London, there was a rumour about Lady Mary’s misbehaviour with the handsome Turk, and this was shared by the malicious lady’s-maid O’brien to the bitter Lady Edith- an information she carefully concealed to herself, waiting for the right time to unveil it to destroy her sister.

In the meanwhile, the Crawleys invited the rich old bachelor, Sir Anthony Strallan, hoping that Lady Mary would entertain him and become a prospect. Of course, Lady Edith was there to get the old guy’s attention. I mean the two ladies were all over him after dinner at the drawing room. Lady Mary wasn’t just going to give in and leave the old man to her sister, and Lady Edith wasn’t going to let her sister have the last laugh.

And in all of this, poor Matthew was left in one corner, like a doll thrown away by a spoiled little girl when she found a new toy to play with.

Obviously, Lady Mary won this round of their sibling battles, but for Lady Edith, it wasn’t over. She wrote a letter to the Turkish Embassy- a letter that could possibly devastate the future of her sister.

Other highlights:

  1. Barrow and O’brien tried to frame Mr. Bates of stealing His Lordship’s snuff box.
  2. Anna confesses her love for Mr. Bates
  3. Mrs. Patmore caused a disaster at the dinner table because of her failing eyesight.
  4. The enmity between Lady Violet and Isobel Crawley, as the latter questions the frequency of the former’s victory at the village’s flower competition.

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