Sunday, November 22, 2015

Downton Junkie Season 1, Ep. 6- Season of Love and Politics

Lady Sybil is beginning to get more involved in politics and the movement for women’s right to vote. Of course, it was unthinkable for an aristocratic lady to be involved in politics and have interest in it. So as the Dowager Countess puts it, “…her husband would tell her what her opinions are.”

Lord Grantham and the Dowager Countess were troubled by this, especially the Dowager Countess who thought this could be a problem when Lady Sybil would be presented to Their Majesties for the debut season.

I thought it was romantic the exchange between Branson and Lady Sybil in the car when they were talking about politics. I love guys who talk about politics.

She’s actually helping out a housemaid, Gwen, to get a job a secretary. When Gwen was losing all her hopes and dreams of a better life, Lady Sybil said, “And that’s why we must stick together. Your dream is my dream now. And I’ll make it come true.” And she’s not saying this as a charitable aristocrat but as a woman who struggles for the same dream- to be an emancipated creature.

As for the emotional weather report regarding the romance between Matthew and Lady Mary, well, they kissed! Finally, they admitted to themselves that they love each other. Lady Mary reported it to her mother who was delighted because her eldest child’s getting married AND the estate would not be given away. But Lady Mary decided that she would still tell Matthew of her secret, of what happened to her Turkish escapade.

But it seemed all too easy. Something’s about to happen here that will abruptly hinder the growing love between Matthew and Mary.


  1. That girl, i think that's ygritte of Game of thrones? oh my, these stars are getting breaks (i think) outside GOT! :)

  2. Yep.... she is. She eventually died, which is not surprising in GOT. hahaha!


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