Friday, November 13, 2015

Downton Junkie Season 1, Episode 4- Budding Love Upstairs, Budding Love Downstairs

In this episode the Crawley Family is dealing once again with it’s Great Matter- the estate, the inheritance and the future of the eldest daughter of the Earl of Grantham.

Of course, it’s always the great matter of the rich. While our great matter and struggle is how to keep our budget up until the last day of the month and save the last penny for our future, their great matter is how not to become less rich, not becoming poor, but less rich.

But what I really got interested here is the budding love upstairs and downstairs.

Budding love upstairs
  1. Matthew Crawley was asked by the Dowager Countess to look into the inheritance laws for any loophole that will favour her granddaughter’s claim- a move that was quite spiteful since it was Matthew Crawley’s right to have it. But cute cousin Matthew did what Lady Violet asked and couldn’t find anything to save Mary. But he was very sympathetic towards Mary, so sympathetic that he was showing too much emotion for an Englishman. In fact, he was showing signs that he was starting to have feelings for heartless Mary, who was crying all over again because dear old papa wasn’t doing anything to put up a fight for her claims. That is probably because cousin Matthew was already warming up to the Lord of Grantham.
  2. Lady Sybil and all her talk of women’s rights and politics made the new chauffeur, Branson, get interested in her. It will soon develop into something that we will look forward too. And besides, if I were in Lady Sybil’s shoes and elegant frock, I would fall for a cute Irish who is very political.

Budding love downstairs
  1. Anna has taken a sick leave for the day, and Mr. Bates brought her dinner. It’s hard to be romantic with someone like Mr. Bates. He’s not the handsome fellow that could brighten your day. But when a guy is very gallant, sympathetic and kind, one might also fall for that. Besides, Anna is like someone who is pure of heart. She is really a kind person. Perfect match!
  2. The William-Daisy-Thomas love triangle is starting to build up. William is making advances to get Daisy’s attention, who in turn is making advances to get Thomas Barrow’s attention who is not making any effort to be loved but does everything to aggravate other people’s dilemma.
  3. Elsie Hughes meets her former suitor who was a widower in this episode. She was delighted to meet her old flame. This is the part of the story that I really liked. There’s something about it that makes me feel euphoric. She may have loved him but she chose service. Will there be ever a Mr. Hughes?

And once again, the battle of wits between Isobel and Lady Violet!

Now off to the next episode!


  1. For some reason, hindi to ganun kahyped pero marami akong kilalang nanunuod. May certain selected audience ata? Pero ang tanong ng bayan, maganda ba talaga? Like riveting levels?

    1. Sa tingin ko wala siyang strong fan base sa Philippines. Dito madami. This is a costume drama. Mahilig kasi ako sa history at isa akong certified social-climber, kaya nagustuhan ko ito. hahaha! For me it's riveting, but if you're not fascinated by dashing aristocratic gentlemen, palatial homes and history, then you will find this terribly boring.


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