Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Downton Junkie

This is my latest bisyo- Downton Abbey.

This addiction started a month ago. I am not sure when. I remember seeing one episode of its fourth season. Bumilis agad ang tibok ng puso ko dahil nagustuhan ko agad.

Downton Abbey is a series created and written by Sir Julian Fellowes. It was aired in September 2010.

I know. I am 5 years late to rave about it. But what can I do? I never have the time to watch it on television due to my crazy and unbalanced working schedules. Pero eto na!

My intention was to rave and review Game of Thrones. Pero next year na lang. Eto na muna.

This series is about the life and struggles of a British aristocratic family, the Crawleys, during the Edwardian years (1900-ish?), and how the social and political tides of changes have affected British society, in particular, the powerful class of aristocrats and the rise of the middle and working classes.

All the things that I like are all there- history, aristocracy, elegance, and social issues, mixed with brilliant actors, handsome actors, glamour, and above all, the witty and snobbish remarks of my favorite character The Dowager Countess of Grantham, Lady Violet Crawley (I love long titles and long names).

So I beg the indulgence of my few loyal readers. Please do not mind my feverish raving in the next few weeks about Downton Abbey.   

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