Friday, November 20, 2015

The Grand Debacle of Praying for Paris, or Those Motherfuckers Who Criticized the #prayforparis Movement, or Pray for Paris Thingy And I Fucked up The Title Because This Is Not Going to Be Something Deep and Serious

The City of Lights was bathed in blood and smoke. Tragedy and tears all over. Confusion and heroism. Hopelessness and determination to live. Paris was burning.

For some reason, everybody was affected. Some Filipinos started posting their pictures of their cool trips to France, selfies in some Parisian cafe, and many other shits that are quite disturbing. I mean it would’ve been appropriate to post pictures of the Eiffel tower and your face if the city of lights were destroyed. There were attacks and there were HUMAN casualties. There was something inappropriate about those photos.

But what I’m ranting about here is the call for prayer for Paris. I wasn’t really enthusiastic about calling for prayers. Muslims do that on Fridays, I think. And Christians have designated days and feasts with interminable prayers to saints and angels and David’s tower. But I did whisper a prayer the moment I saw the news on TV.

On Facebook I wrote something like- not just prayer, justice for Paris. I was calling for government action, community action, diplomatic protest, and such. And obviously, being an ignorant jackass, I was quite paranoid when there’s an ugly Arab guy around me (because I wouldn’t be if he were hot and handsome like the prince of Dubai). By Monday at work, we had a minute of silence for atheists and agnostics, a minute for prayers for the religious, and a minute of peaceful rest for the lazy assholes. 

#prayerforparis started trending eventually and the idea of putting the French colours (which is quite similar to the Filipino flag colours, only that we are so festive, we added stars and the yellow colour) on one’s profile photo was simply genius. And you know humans, it’s all about solidarity and unity and the common good. Until….

#prayforparis has brought from the shadows of anonymity all the ignorant assholes, the political animals, fear-mongers, the political-correctness police, grammar Nazis, genuine heroes and advocates of right causes, the religious righteous, the peace-loving-Islam-loving haters of Christianity, frustrated haters of the west who are living and benefiting freedoms and rights in the west, and of course, you, and me.

So now, a prayer can be a big issue for the great Internet Police Force of Political Correctness, also known as internet trolls and all those presumably big shots of the internet (a.k.a. internet trolls).

They were all like “Why not pray for Nigeria?”, “why didn’t you pray for Lebanon?”, and all other cities that were attacked by terrorists and warlords, and on and on they spewed out bullshits. These bastards started bitching bitterly in the internet over the appalling ignorance of many people who prayed for Paris.

Really now. All this time, what were they doing to diminish people’s ignorance about the terrorist attacks in Africa and Middle East? NADA. NIENTE. NOTHING. WALA. They didn’t even have the intention to do some information campaign, not even tried to educate friends and family. Instead they liked Facebook pages and criticized their fellow bastards. And I bet, they haven’t even donated a coin to help any humanitarian organizations. Husto lang sa Likes, kumbaga.

Most people are ignorant, not because they’re stupid, but because they are sometimes misled, and sometimes you really need to fan into flame their interest for certain issues. I think it should be their responsibility to inform people of the tragedies that are happening elsewhere, and it should be their fault if ignorance abounds.

Right now I am really confused because I can’t decide whether I should hate those pretentious PC fools or the general ignorance of the majority. But then, I hate humanity in general, so I guess I won’t take any side at all on this matter.

To end this shitty entry, I would like to share with everybody the words of most righteous girl of all time in the history of Philippine show business, Deniece Cornejo-

“I will still pray for you… na sana gumaling ka….”

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  1. I wouldn't join the badwagon when I do not understand the purpose of it. Some people probably clicked and changed their profiles to show solidarity. I will do so but maybe in a different manner like a written plea to world leaders. As a teacher, I look at how the younger children I teach can live this world in the future and I can only do what I can, to teach compassion, empathy, tolerance, and understanding.


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