Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My 2015

I thought it was going to be a boring year. I had some ups, a lot of downs, but it was a good year filled with promises and challenges.

The Philippines

I started the year by coming back to the Philippines. I visited marvellous towns and cities of the Ilocos region, did my Laguna road-trip and rediscovered its beauty, and finally met blogger friends in person. This was the year I unveiled myself to some, and even prompted meaningful new friendships.

The Weddings

Lots of weddings, lots of surprise proposals and engagements, and of course, a lot work to do as host for my friends’ weddings. It just convinced myself that it was ok because that was the only chance for me to sing in front of an audience and perform as if I were a professional singer. Of course, there were lots of people asking the question, “Kailan ka magpapakasal?”

The most special was my sister’s wedding. I spent a great deal of money to get them a carriage pulled by a white horse that took them around the city of Florence. People all over the city saw them and cheered for them, congratulated them, gave them applause, as if it was the wedding of the decade. Priceless.

The Promotion
I conquered Rome. And by that, I mean I was able to pass the required test on management, and I got an increase in my salary and enjoyed the perks and privileges of being on the higher ranks of the hierarchy.  


This is the year when I turned 30. I was so excited to be 30. I planned to throw a big party in Santorini, Greece. I ended up celebrating my birthday with my beloved sister in a quiet little town in Lucca and in Pinocchio Park in Pistoia. It was a nice summer road trip, just me and my sister.

The Books

As a book nerd, I failed to reach my goal to read 30 books this year. I only read just 25. The reading experience wasn’t a great one because I’ve read many boring ones.

New Branch

This year I was sent to another branch. Had some difficulties coping up with the employees and the director. But the male clientele is like a roster of models, one beefy hunky employee, and one cute co-worker, and less responsibilities now, so less stress for higher wage. Life is… not so beautiful, but better than hell. So it’s ok.

Downton Abbey

I discovered Downton Abbey. The rest is history!

The Second of My Name- R.I.P.

Three months ago, my sister found out she’s pregnant. The child was supposed to be born on the same day of my birthdate. She promised that she would give my name to her child. I was really happy and looked forward to the coming of my dear nephew (our hunch was that the child would be a boy).  But there were some complications and she lost the child. It was a very sad moment for all of us in the family. But she’s ok now.

Debt Free

Finally gave the money to my dear creditor. Wala na akong utang!

Roman Holiday Revisited

I spent the last days of 2015 in the magnificent Eternal City- Rome, with my two bestfriends. Binge eating, lots of walking, lots of stairs to climb (we went all the way up to the top of the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica), and lots of laughs and good vibes with my besties and new friends.

2016, here I come!

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

PNoy Placards

Nung tinanong ako ng bestfriend ko kung gusto ko sumama sa group ng mga Pinoy papunta sa Rome para ma meet ang Presidente ng Pilipinas, naisip ko na magbaon ng mga placards or mga protest materials. Goodwill delegation dapat kasi yon, at dahil sa gago at iba-iba ang trip ko minsan, naisipan kong basagin ang trip nila. But unfortunately hindi rin natuloy.

Ganito sana ang mga ibabandila kong mensahe kay PNoy-

Eto pang welcome...

My favorite. Hahaha!

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Monday, December 07, 2015

Choserang Pnoy at Choserong mga Pinoy

Masyado na yata ako nagiging “apolitical” these days. By now, I’m supposed to have posted the list of candidates I’m going to support in the upcoming elections. Pero hanggang ngayon wala pa din.

I’ve lost all that passion for the bullshits of society like politics and social issues. Nagiging concern ko na ngayon ang matulog. Virtue ko na ngayon ang pag embrace sa conventional.

What really disturbed me the most is my lack of enthusiasm or interest when my friend working in the Philippine Consulate invited me to join the delegation of the Filipino community who will welcome PNoy in Rome, during his visit to Italy. Dati nung Vice President pa noon si Noli De Castro at nagpunta siya noon dito, sinugod ko talaga ang Consulate para makita ang second most powerful man of the Philippines. I even had myself included in a formal dinner held in his honor, and I wasn’t even formally invited.

Ganon ako ka-tenacious pag dating sa ganyan. Politicians are celebrities to me. Juskopo kahit baranggay captain hahabulin ko as if I were a groupie.

But this time, with President Noynoy, I was like, meh.

Philippine President Dickhead with Italian Asshole Prime Minister Renzi

Tapos nabalitaan ko ang speech ng mokong. Dinaig pa si Kristy Fermin at Lolit Solis combined pagdating sa pag-share ng mga blind items. He had a lot to say about the presidentiables. He’s the fucking president of the Philippines. He can be the most powerful man of the country and yet he acted like a wimp. Sa pagkakataon na ito, mas humanga pa ako kay Kris Aquino at sa kanyang courage sa pag share sa publiko ng kanyang STD o anumang mga petty issues niya sa buhay.

In fact, I would vote for Kris Aquino if she ever runs for the presidency. Because right now, our political culture is all about drama, emotions and entertainment.

So hindi ako sumama sa mga politial groupies na ito kasi may trabaho ako noon, at isa pa, nawalan na rin ako ng interest at enthusiasm para sa Liberal Party at kay Pnoy.

I think nagpunta doon ang iba naming mga local community leaders. Ito yung mga tao na kung tawagin namin ay “parsley people”. Parsley is usually used as a garnish to almost all Italian dishes. At itong mga parsley people na ito ay laging present sa mga photo-ops sa kahit anong event, at kasama kung sinu-sino. You see them denounce the President’s inefficiency but when they are in his presence, they were like bff’s for a long time.

Grabe, tangina this talaga! I’m trying to shake off all the negative vibes this season. Malapit pa naman ang Pasko…..

Sour mood lang kasi… wala pa rin ang Christmas bonus at ang sweldo. 

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Downton Junkie Season 1, Ep. 7- End of Love at the Beginning of War

The discovery of Lady Cora’s pregnancy has quite stirred up everybody’s future and possibilities- from Matthew Crawley’s inheritance to the budding love between him and Lady Mary.

Lady Cora’s pregnancy meant one thing, the possibility of passing down the earl’s coronet to the main bloodline, and Matthew Crawley’s disappearance in the inheritance scheme. This shouldn’t have been a problem for between Matthew and Mary, but then other members of the family started to meddle in this affair, injecting fears in Mary’s heart.

But then Lady Mary was such a bitch to even consider the loss of inheritance and title over her feelings for Matthew.

Indeed money can change many things with one snap, even the minds of people. But Matthew was steady with his feelings. But he was broken-hearted when he understood that Lady Mary was influenced by his possible removal from the inheritance line.

But here’s what happened, Lady Cora lost her baby boy (her maid O’brien’s fault) and Matthew Crawley was back on track on being the next earl of Grantham. Lady Mary tried to patch things up again with him but Matthew was now confused if he was loved as he is and not for his future inheritance.

This season really ends so badly. The break-up and at the end, the beginning of the First World War that would bring about lots of changes in the grand house of Downton Abbey.