Thursday, December 03, 2015

Downton Junkie Season 1, Ep. 7- End of Love at the Beginning of War

The discovery of Lady Cora’s pregnancy has quite stirred up everybody’s future and possibilities- from Matthew Crawley’s inheritance to the budding love between him and Lady Mary.

Lady Cora’s pregnancy meant one thing, the possibility of passing down the earl’s coronet to the main bloodline, and Matthew Crawley’s disappearance in the inheritance scheme. This shouldn’t have been a problem for between Matthew and Mary, but then other members of the family started to meddle in this affair, injecting fears in Mary’s heart.

But then Lady Mary was such a bitch to even consider the loss of inheritance and title over her feelings for Matthew.

Indeed money can change many things with one snap, even the minds of people. But Matthew was steady with his feelings. But he was broken-hearted when he understood that Lady Mary was influenced by his possible removal from the inheritance line.

But here’s what happened, Lady Cora lost her baby boy (her maid O’brien’s fault) and Matthew Crawley was back on track on being the next earl of Grantham. Lady Mary tried to patch things up again with him but Matthew was now confused if he was loved as he is and not for his future inheritance.

This season really ends so badly. The break-up and at the end, the beginning of the First World War that would bring about lots of changes in the grand house of Downton Abbey. 

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