Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Gaga Moment for the Versatile Blogger

Lady Gaga won a Golden Globe Award and all the little monsters around the globe went gaga. I went gaga.

At the same time, I was awarded, maybe for the third time, the Versatile Blogger Award and I still went gaga for it!

image from Artistic World blog by Stevevhan
I feel honoured to be awarded with this recognition because it means that there are still people out there who actually read my shit and appreciate the work I have been doing for the past 6 years.

Yes, this month my blog turned six! The progression was slow and steady and I am still looking forward towards more fruitful years of blogging.

I would like to thank Stevevhan of Artistic World for this recognition and for those five or six people who frequently leave their comments here, and to all other readers who keep on looking for a gayuma recipe in this blog but found a shitty recipe for an early death.

To the culture of blogging, to the printed word, to us! Cheers!

As for the 7 random facts, here they are:
  1. I am a blessed virgin.
  2. Number 1 is not totally true though.
  3. During the 2010 elections, I gave a considerable amount of money for the political campaign of a certain politician.
  4. I am planning to ask certain individuals to create a black propaganda online against the politician and his party mates whom I supported last elections. I am planning to offer these propagandists twice the amount I gave to that asshole.
  5. I dated girls and I loved it.
  6. I dated a guy recently and realized that guys are truly boring.
  7. One of my fears is that I might become a bisexual.

Unfortunately, I can’t tag 15 bloggers because I haven’t followed any other new bloggers. And besides, I want to keep this for myself. Hehehe!

Ok, I'm not sure if he has received this but I nominate this blogger.....

Jep Buendia of Korta Bistang Tibobos

And if you have any suggestions on which blogger to follow, please leave the link in the comment box. Thanks! 


  1. Congrachumaleyshens ☺

    the facts about yourself is amazing haha

  2. Sinong politiko ito?! Kwentooooo....

    Steve nominated me as well and Jan din ang anniv ng blog ko.. Wooohooo! We are so meant to be! Meant to be bloggers! Hahaha

    Crush mo si Cersei or yung napangasawa ni Joeffrey from the House of Tyrells? Her lola is such a badass. I wanna have a lola like her.. Cant suddenly remember both their names... Hehe.

    1. Cersei that bitch! I am reading book 1... and I think you're talking about Margaery of House Tyrell and Lady Olenna.

  3. You're a bit confusing. A gay man who doesn't like men's personality that much? Maybe bisexual ka nga. Pero hindi rin kasi for sure ayaw mo naman ng vagina. Confusing talaga. haha

    1. It just happened that i went out with the wrong guy. I don't want to say he's shallow. Perhaps we totally have different interests. And now, i can't be bisexual. I refuse to be one. I have nothing against bi's. It's just that I am already stressed with a lot of other complications in life. Hehehe!

    2. Now I understand you. Siguro pareho tayo, choosy pagdating sa lalaki. We may get attracted to hundreds of men by their looks at first, but it takes a lot of qualifications for us to be convinced that he is the one, the right guy who is deserving for the love we can give.

    3. Hindi naman. Makita ko lang na malaki, maligaya nako. Hahaha! Joke!

    4. Anubayan ang serious ng sinabi ko tapos magjo-joke ka lang. Alam mo bang ang tagal kong pinag-isipan 'yang English na 'yan mapaganda lang? haha
      O siya sige. Ako na. Ako lang pala ang choosy.

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination, I want to close the nomination and I second the motion hahaha :)

    Sana makagawa ako asap! :)

  5. "And if you have any suggestions on which blogger to follow, please leave the link in the comment box. Thanks! "

    please follow me.
    ang pathetic lang to drop by and beg for following. haha

  6. naguluhan ako sa mga pangyayari!! teka ha, teka lang. tumalsik kaluluwa ko sa 7 keme about you! shetty.


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