Friday, January 22, 2016

Devil's Work

Here’s my theory. When stupidity rules over the minds of people, ideas and things that are hard to understand are often perceived as works of the devil.

Galileo Galilee was excommunicated because of his theories. The Large Hadron Collider in the CERN has been demonized by many. Gay marriage has been preached as a threat and social plague. Female leadership was considered the end of civilization. Our bishop in Rome suspended me because many ministers could not fathom my humor, saying that it was unbecoming of a respected (?) deacon and ungodly.

And just to give you another example to emphasize my point, here’s a remarkable work of man that has been branded as work of the devil.

The Devil’s Bridge of Borgo a Mozzano, province of Lucca, also known as Ponte della Maddalena is a masterpiece of medieval engineering, commissioned by Countess Matilda of Tuscany circa 1080-1100. After almost a thousand years, people call it the Devil’s bridge, simply because the techniques employed during its construction was quite advance during the time. So instead of learning more of the innovation in building, people simply passed on the legend.

That's me on the top. Miraculously, the bridge didn't collapse, LOL!

It was said that the master builder wasn’t able to finish the bridge on time. That night he asked the Devil for help. The Evil One promised that he would build a strong bridge over night in exchange of his soul. The master builder agreed and to his surprise, the devil raised an impressive and mighty bridge. The following day the builder felt so guilty that he confessed his sin to a priest. The priest suggested him to make a pig cross the bridge first, and so the devil took the pig’s soul instead of the builder’s.

And why is it that in every story the pig is used as the alternative for human soul? 

And come to think of it, we never demonized these squabbling pigs....

or this absentee messiah in congress...

or this....

Anyway, this is supposed to be an entry about by Tuscan escapades, and  I still ended it about politics. Well, what else can you expect?

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  1. Scary pala ang back story ng The Devil's Bridge. Interesting.

    May natatanggap na akong email notification from you. What did you do ba?
    Thank you anyway.


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